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It’s Wine O’clock: 6 Wine Bars in Singapore With Natural Wine Menus

It’s Wine O’clock: 6 Wine Bars in Singapore With Natural Wine Menus

Planning a night out with the gals, or your next date night? Instead of the usual restaurants, check out one of these trendy bars offering a natural wine menu – including wines from around the world! 

(If you’re not quite sure what natural wine is, check this out!)

1. No snobs here, enjoy the relaxed, quirky setup and brilliant wine: Wine RVLT

This is the ideal spot for a night out with a group of friends if your aim is to enjoy some good tasting wine and light bites.

Photo by @bjornshen on Instagram

Founded by two local Singaporean sommeliers Ian Lim and Alvin Gho, the two got tired of seeing the same old types of wine bars, and instead wanted to create a new wine experience (revolution). 

Photos: @winervlt, @jujujujuju_liet on Instagram

They offer wines from around the world (check their FB page for the latest updates) – which they source from genuine winegrowers in countries such as France, Spain, Germany, and more!


Price: SGD 14

Address: 38 Carpenter St, Street Level 1, Singapore 059917 (Map)

Contact: +65 6909 5709

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri from 4pm to 10:30pm; Saturdays from 1pm to 10:30pm (Closed Sundays)

2. For leisurely wines from famous wine regions like the South of France or Italy: Le Bon Funk

The first thing we have to give a shoutout to (apart from the vino) is the ultra-trendy and classy wine bar that greets you as you step through the doors. With its mix of tropicals it reminds us of a scene straight out of South America. 

Photos: @hifoodiefoodie, @ask162, @i.m_jen, @melicacy on Instagram

Talking wine, you’ll only find natural wines on this list. The aim is to showcase unique wine environments and celebrate uncommon vinification methods (when you convert the grapes into wine) in their carefully curated selections!

Le Bon Funk

Price: From SGD 14

Address: 29 Club Street, Singapore 069414 (Map)

Contact: +65 6224 1490

Opening Hours: Tue-Thu from 5pm to 10:30pm; Fri-Sat from 12pm to 10:30pm (Closed Sun-Mon)


3. Thought-provoking selections, just like their inspiration Bowie: Rebel Rebel Wine Bar

Talk about an extensive wine menu! 

Photos: @ipeeglitter, @rebelrebelsg on Instagram

Take your time choosing from a carefully curated selection of wines that are made with as little additives as possible, so that the taste of the terroir (the natural environment where the wine is grown and produced) stands out. Remember, wine is grown in certain regions and countries for a reason! 

Photo by @rebelrebelsg on Instagram

If you’ve got any questions, even if it’s about the bottle label’s story, the staff will happily chat with you about their wines. And if you’re feeling peckish, they offer a variety of tapas-style snacks!

Rebel Rebel Wine Bar

Price: From SGD 75

Address: 14 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 08988 (Map)

Contact: +65 6224 5466

Opening Hours: Tue – Fri from 5pm to 11am; Saturdays from 3pm to 11pm (Closed Sun-Mon)


4. Venice in the 1960s or modern-day Singapore?: Bar Cicheti

Taking complete inspiration from one of the food capitals of the world, Bar Cicheti honours the traditional Italian combination of wine and pasta – which is a standard combination in the country! 

Photos: @msfunctional, @prettyfrowns, @teriyaki.papi on Instagram

Here, all pasta dishes are created to complement the wine selection, and they certainly don’t hold back on bold flavours in either department. Their menu is also cleverly categorised to make it slightly easier to find what you’re looking for. For example, a light red, sweet, orange, and more!

Bar Cicheti

Price: From SGD 18 (by the glass), 80 (bottles)

Address: 10 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089264 (Map)

Contact: +65 6789 9801

Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm to 2:30pm (lunch), 6pm to 10:30pm (dinner)


5. Inspired by the kung fu movie, Drunken Master, they take their art seriously: Drunken Farmer

You could say these guys have a passion for fermentation – and hey, as strange as that sounds, many drinks and foods undergo this process, including wine! 

Photos: @melicacy, @drunkenfarmer_sg on Instagram

Focusing on wine and sourdough (which is created from fermented culture), you may recognise the name from one of their pop-up events around the city. 

Photo by @drunkenfarmer_sg on Instagram

After gaining mass popularity, they decided to open up their first brick and mortar store. Here you can choose from a vino selection of natural wines from 18 different farms in famous wine regions including France, Spain and Italy. (if you hop onto their website you can check out each grower individually!)

Drunken Farmer

Price: From SGD 38

Address: 11/12 Stanley Street, Singapore 068730 (Map)

Contact: WhatsApp 8312 5427

Opening Hours: Tue – Sat from 6pm to 10.30pm (Closed Sun-Mon)


6. In-house wine cellar that houses more than 800 bottles of wine: Mezame!

Run by an award-winning chef who ran a Michelin three-star restaurant back in France (Les Amis), this dining spot takes their vino just as seriously as the food! And they have many vintage bottles on their menu to choose from too! 

Photos: @threeheroes, @marcpok, @mezame.eatanddrink on Instagram

Their wines are flown in from around the world, and so are the ingredients used in all of the dishes. Juicy figs from South Africa anyone?


Price: From SGD 18

Address: 150 Orchard Rd, #01-36 Orchard Plaza, Singapore 238841 (Maps)

Contact: +65 8891 9528

Opening Hours: Tue – Thu from 5pm to 10:30pm; Friday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm; Sat-Sun from 12pm to 2:30pm, 5pm to 10:30pm (Closed Mondays)


We love a great glass of wine, especially when it’s well-paired with delicious bites to eat, a lively ambience and enjoyed amongst friends.

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