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10 Burning Questions Answered About Quarantine-Free Travel to Singapore

10 Burning Questions Answered About Quarantine-Free Travel to Singapore

More exciting times ahead are in store for Singaporeans with the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) launch. It is undoubtedly great news for those who can’t wait to travel and book holiday trips in the United States, South Korea, and certain countries in Europe. VTL will allow fully vaccinated travelers to return to Singapore without having to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

Of course, with great traveling power comes responsibility. Singapore has enforced clear and strict guidelines for travelers to qualify for the VTL, and it’s necessary to know them if you want to take advantage of safe, worry-free travel between the Little Red Dot and destinations included in the loop. Check out these FAQs before booking your tickets for your much-awaited holiday vacation!

1. What is a Vaccinated Travel Lane?

Applicable to fully vaccinated travelers, the vaccinated travel lane (VTL) is a returning flight path between Singapore and chosen destinations. If you’re a traveler returning to Singapore via a designated VTL flight, you don’t have to go into mandatory quarantine upon arrival. You’re free to roam the city once you have landed.

2. Who is qualified for the VTL?

The VTL privilege is for fully vaccinated travelers flying into Singapore, including citizens, Permanent Residents, Long-Term Pass Holders, and short-term visitors. 

If you are not a Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident, you are required to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass before your arrival. Children who are 12 years old and below are exempted from this rule.

Vaccinated overseas? You’ll need to take a serology (S-Protein) test to verify your health status, as well as register your vaccination records in Singapore. If you’re wondering where to take this test, you can do so via our very own SmooveX app, here!

3. How does the VTL work?

If you’re traveling to Singapore, you’ll have to book the right flight into the country. Otherwise, if you’re coming from a VTL destination and flying back to Singapore, you’ll need to get into a designated VTL flight to Changi Airport. 

Remember that these are direct or non-stop flights that will not transit into a non-VTL country. Not all flights are VTL-designated ones, which means that if you take a non-VTL flight, even if it’s on the same route as a VTL-designated one, you cannot avail of the quarantine-free travel privileges.

4. What are the requirements to be able to get into a VTL flight?

You need to be fully vaccinated, present valid vaccination proof, and have the final dose of your double-dose vaccine 14 days before your arrival in Singapore. Moreover, you should not have any travel history outside Singapore or any countries included in the VTL in the last 14 days.

5. Do I need to get tested before getting into a VTL flight to Singapore?

Yes, you are required to take two COVID-19 tests – one within 48 hours of your departure and another upon arrival at Changi Airport. Depending on which destination country you’re flying to, you’ll likely be required to take a pre-departure COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

Hot Tip: Seamlessly book your PCR test via the SmooveX app here

6. Are the VTL rules applicable to children?

Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 can travel quarantine-free on VTL-flights back to Singapore as long as a fully vaccinated traveler accompanies them. Kids between 3 and 12 years old have to take mandatory testing

7. What are the VTL rules for outbound travel?

It will depend on the testing requirements of the country you plan to visit. Each country will have its testing requirements, including the rules for children. Most VTL countries allow quarantine and test-free entry to fully vaccinated travelers coming from Singapore. 

Exceptions apply to certain countries, so it’s best to check the country’s rules you want to visit.

8. Is transit between two different VTL destinations allowed?

Yes, you can take a non-designated flight from one VTL destination to another, but you must book a designated VTL flight for your return to Singapore. 

For example, you can fly from Berlin to London on any flight, but you have to book a VTL flight back to Singapore – airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, and Scoot – to avail of the quarantine-free entry.

9. Can I transit in a non-VTL country?

Definitely not. If you do it, you will not be allowed to board a VTL flight since your travel history will be considered in the last 14 days. Your eligibility will become void if you transit to a non-VTL location. So even if you fly back to Singapore from a VTL country, you are required to go into mandatory quarantine upon your arrival.

10. Which destinations are included in the VTL list?

As of this writing, the countries included in the VTL lane are:

  • Brunei (one-way)
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

To be included starting 8 November 2021:

  • Australia (one-way)

To be included starting 15 November 2021:

  • South Korea

Adhering to these rules is a small price to pay for the privilege of skipping quarantine upon your arrival in Singapore. Airlines are providing massive discounts on flight tickets now, so make sure to take advantage of those and reap substantial savings on your vacation budget!

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