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4 New Updated Travel Policies in Singapore – Including Open Travel to Germany and Brunei from 8 September 2021!

4 New Updated Travel Policies in Singapore – Including Open Travel to Germany and Brunei from 8 September 2021!

We’ve got some good news!  As of the 17th August 2021, 77% of Singapore’s population have received both of their two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination, and a reported 82% of residents have received at least one dose so far! 

With the increase in vaccination rates, Singapore will gradually start a new normal, and by that, we’re specifically referring to the travel industry…Music to our ears!!! Get ready for it…The now long-silent tourist city is about to take on a new path in order to revitalise its glory working-days with other countries. 

Let’s check out the four new policies/updates that have been issued recently related to tourism:


New Policy #1: Countries/Regions entering Singapore are divided into four categories

Firstly, before anything, if you want to enter Singapore you will first be checked by border control as to where you’ve spent the last 21 days before entering the country. This is to ensure the region you’re arriving from meets the epidemic prevention guidelines. 

Based on epidemic-control, vaccination rates, risks, etc, Singapore has now provided a travel guideline, broken into four categories, which determine and explain which regions are allowed in and what are the requirements.

First category

Dubbed as the Fast Lane, passengers from this country or region do not need to complete a quarantine period upon entering the country. However, they will need to undergo a rapid PCR Covid test upon arrival. Whilst waiting for your result you only need to self-isolate (not book a quarantine) and if the result comes back negative you’re left to move and travel freely. 

This category of countries/regions includes:

China (all regions except Jiangsu Province), New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Second category

Passengers from this country or region are required to perform a 7-day quarantine period after entering Singapore. Local citizens, permanent residents and long-term document holders only, have the option of choosing to complete their quarantine period at their home residence. All other travelers will need to book a quarantine in the designated local facilities/quarantine accommodation.

This category of countries/regions includes:

China’s Jiangsu Province, Australia, Canada, Germany, Brunei

Third category

Whilst the vaccination is widely available in many countries around the world, it isn’t mandatory for all citizens to get the vaccine. Any visitors from countries or regions who have not been vaccinated against the Covid-19 Virus will need to comply with the 14-day quarantine regulations (in the designated local facilities/quarantine hotels) immediately after arriving in Singapore’s airport.

If you are a passport holder from one of these countries, but you have been vaccinated already and meet the other border control requirements, you have the option of completing your stay-home notice (SHN) as it is termed here, i.e. your quarantine period, at a residency/accommodation option of your choice.

This category of countries/regions includes:

Austria, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Japan and South Korea.

Fourth category

All other countries and regions fall into the fourth category. Visitors entering Singapore from these countries are obligated to undergo the 14-day SHN quarantine at one of the designated facilities, as well as comply with inspection regulations such as random visits and calls. You do not have the option of choosing your quarantine accommodation at all. Please remember, Singapore takes their quarantining rules super seriously.

This category of countries/regions includes:

All other countries worldwide, except for those applicable to category 1,2 and 3. Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are not included.

Countries or regions where entry is prohibited

Singapore does however have a no-entry list where entering the country for these travellers is completely prohibited. These countries include Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

As a result, these countries do not fall into any of the above categories.


New Policy #2: Xingang Airlines ‘travel bubble’ canceled

Firstly, an air travel bubble refers to a temporary agreement made between two countries in terms of travel-flow. If you hadn’t heard in the news, an air travel bubble has been ongoingly discussed  between Singapore and Hong Kong since the second half of 2020. But just when things seem like they’re about to get going every time, the epidemic hits us with another round, and unfortunately this time the bubble has been forced to “pop” for good.  

Taking into account the differences in the strategies currently adopted by the two places in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Hong Kong and Singapore announced on 19th August that they would abandon the promotion of the “air tourism bubble.” However, things are still on good terms between both sides and they will continue to promote personnel exchanges between the two countries in accordance with their respective entry prevention and control measures.


New policy #3: Hong Kong and Macao are exempt from isolation

Although the travel bubble with Hong Kong has been cancelled, as of 21st August, short-term travellers who have stayed/live in Hong Kong or Macau, China for the past 21 days can apply for an Air Travel Pass for arrivals into Singapore starting from 26 August 2021. 

Upon arrival into the country you’ll only be required to take a quick PCR test at the airport and if you test negative you are allowed to freely enter Singapore without any quarantining. 

Local Singaporean citizens, PR and long-term pass holders who return to Singapore from Hong Kong or Macau, China will also only need to undergo a rapid PCR test when arriving back at the airport. If your test result is negative, you will not need to complete the stay-home notice (SHN) and you can carry on with life as normal.


New Policy #4: “VTL”- Vaccine Travel Channel

Under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) program announced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore on the 19th August, local citizens and permanent residents who have completed their full COVID-19 vaccination will be able to take designated flights to and from Germany and Brunei! 

The best part about it all is whether you’re arriving in Germany or Brunei, or when you return home from either country, there will be absolutely no need for tests or to quarantine at all. You can land in Singapore and head straight home – just like it was in the good ol’ days and vice-versa. The VTL program will be open for applications from 1 September 2021, and will take effect from September 8th.

At present this is the only travel channel like it that’s been made between Singapore and other countries, being Germany and Brunei. However, if all goes well, more countries will join the VTL list in the future. After two years of nearly no travel, we honestly cannot wait!


Whilst it seems like Covid-19 virus isn’t going away any time soon, there are at least 

countries moving towards a new normal, each adjusting at their own pace. Singapore has been working hard, steadily and safely to reconnect with the world. Hopefully, it’s not long now until things get back on track! 


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