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Snack Like a Local: 22 Unique Snacks to Try in Singapore That Are a Must-Buy

Snack Like a Local: 22 Unique Snacks to Try in Singapore That Are a Must-Buy

Every country is known for their own traditional snacks and Singapore certainly isn’t short of its scrumptious savoury bites – most of which are stocked at local supermarkets and minimarts such as 7-Eleven. 

Best of all, they seem to really celebrate the true, authentic flavours of Singapore too – which is probably why they’re so addictive to the locals that love them. From unique salted egg skin flavours to spicy corn bites, you’ll be coming back for me!

1. Have you got a craving for a salted egg flavoured snack?: The Golden Duck’s Salted Egg Fish Skin

This gourmet snack brand is a super popular choice when it comes to their Salted Egg Fish Skin (which they became well-known for originally). 

Apart from their fish skin crisps, you can buy Salted Egg Seaweed Tempura and Potato Ridges, Chill Crab Seaweed Tempura Crisps and their latest product, the Bangkok Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix (includes crispy lotus roots, baby shrimp chins and oyster mushroom bites. 

The Golden Duck

Price: From SGD 7.90


2. If you’ve never tried this snack before now’s the time: Mushroom Kingdom’s Shitake Mushroom Crisps

Found a recent addiction to mushroom chips or snacks? It’s been gaining immense popularity in the country over the last few years. 

Photos by @mushroomkingdom_sg on Instagram

Cue Mushroom Kingdom where you’ll find Shiitake Mushroom Crisps in three flavours including a sweet version too; Honey Butter Shiitake chips right here in Singapore! 

PS: They also sell a scrumptious Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Sauce. 

Mushroom Kingdom

Price: From SGD 6

Contact: +65 69694997


3. A favourite Tze Char dish now in snack form: Wok Wok’s Cereal Prawn Potato Chips

If you’re sitting at home and have a sudden insatiable craving for Singapore’s famous Cereal Prawns, you can now get the snack version of it – in potato chip form. 

Photos: @janelkuuu, @wokwok.sg on Instagram

FYI: Cereal prawns are prawns that are covered in a batter made from crushed and toasted cereals (usually an instant cereal) and fried in a lot of butter, curry leaves and chili.

Wok Wok Cereal Prawn Potato Chips

Price: From SGD 24

Contact: +65 9112 1819


4. For authentic flavours of Singapore: The Kettle Gourmet’s Popcorn

There’s something so nostalgic about the smell of popcorn, and you can never go wrong with the snack choice. But forget about the traditional salt, butter and caramel seasonings. 

Photos by @thekettlegourmet on Instagram

For a true taste of Singapore, this brand offers kettle popcorn in an array of local flavours including kaya butter toast flavour, as well as nasi lemak!

The Kettle Gourmet

Price: From SGD 15


5. Gourmet noodles in an instant: Prima Taste’s Chilli Crab instant noodles

We all know how many instant noodle brands there are to try, including hundreds of options from outside of Singapore. 

But if you’re looking for a quick meal, that’s slightly different from the usual instant noodle pot, try Prima’s Chilli Crab noodles, which take six minutes to cook as the noodles are authentic to the real dish, plus they contain no added MSG!

Prima Taste

Price: From SGD 9.95

Contact: +65 6559 2393


6. Or opt for the traditional two-minute pot: Nissin’s Chilli Crab instant noodles 

Photos: @eatsdelectable, @kainbaboy on Instagram

If you don’t have that much time to wait and you actually want your noodles in an instant, try Nissin’s Chilli Crab pot of noodles for all the authentic, sweet and salty yumminess that makes Chilli Crab such a popular dish in the first place.


Price: From SGD 1.50


7. The perfect midnight snack: F.EAST’s Potato Chips 

Celebrating the diversity of Singapore, here comes a potato chip brand that personifies popular local dishes! 

Photos by @feastchips on Instagram

Find all your favourite street food dishes including Singapore Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Egg Prata with Fish Curry and Crispy Beef Rendang which pays ode to Indonesia.

F.EAST Potato Chips

Price: From SGD 2.95


8. The first beancurd skin crisps brand in Singapore: Fupi’s Beancurd Skin Crisps 

Beancurd is something that you either love or hate, and thanks to its sweetness it’s been adapted and used in a variety of dishes across cuisines, such as sushi for example. 

Photos by @fupi.co on Instagram

For those that enjoy their savoury sweet snacks, you’ll love this soybean rendition that takes the tofu skin, fries it up and is seasoned in two delicious local flavours: Sichuan Mala and Hot Pot Tomato!


Price: From SGD 4.88


9. Be careful, you might just become addicted: ItsyBitsySpicy’s Roasted Corn Belinjau

Did you know that the Belinjau tree is native to Southeast Asia and it’s one of the few tree species that produce both flowers and conifers (cones) and its leaves and cones are used as vegetables? 

Photos by @itsybitsyspicy on Instagram

They’ve got a very unique and distinctive aftertaste that’s salty/bitter but with this snack it’s perfectly balanced thanks to the sweetness of the corn!

ItsyBitsySpicy Roasted Corn Belinjau

Price: From SGD 13.50


10. For a mala extravaganza: Ooh

Are you the type of snacker that prefers to always go for something spicy? Here you’ll find mala-flavoured everything from prawn crackers to green peas, peanuts and cassava chips. 

Photos: @oohsg, @ihhm_min on Instagram

And if you’re looking for an interesting pairing, try the Ooh Mala Marshmallows!


Price: From SGD 3.50

Contact: +65 88680368


11. You’ll go nuts for these: King of Melon Seeds 

A popular snack for those on-the-go or if you require a quick boost of energy, choose from all sorts of nuts, seeds and other popular packet snacks. 

Photos by @kingofmelonseeds on Instagram

For local favourites, try their Szechuan Mala Broad Beans – if you can handle your heat – or try flavours from around the world such as their Thai Tom Yum Soup snack-pack. You’ll find traditional dry ingredients such as ikan bilis, cashews, peanuts and even dried Flying Fish.

Photo by @kingofmelonseeds on Instagram

King of Melon Seeds

Price: From SGD 12


12. A super popular Singaporean brand for a reason: IRVINS’ Salted Egg Snacks 

One of the country’s most beloved snack brands, if you love your salted egg flavour your tastebuds will be salivating, as it’s not just traditional fish skin that you’ll find made from salted egg, but a range of goods too including their new Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin. 

Photos @irvins.sg on Instagram

PS: Try their “dangerously addictive” Salted Egg Crunchy Rolls or Salted Egg Gyoza Skins, and they also stock the flavour as potato chips.


Price: From SGD 6


13. Artisanal popcorn: Magi Planet’s Spicy Sichuan Pepper Popcorn

Get ready to hold onto your tastebuds – and if you can’t handle your spicy things, we suggest keeping a glass of milk/yoghurt drink/milo nearby. 

Photos by @magiplanetsg on Instagram

“Spicy, Fiery, and Numbing”, the moment you open a bag of these you’ll get a load of the fiery red kettle-popped popcorn and it certainly delivers on heat and flavour.

Magi Planet

Price: From SGD 9.20


14. A literal flavour explosion in your mouth: Mala Mala’s Mushroom Chips

Mala is somewhat of a staple flavour in Singapore (even though it originally hails from Sze Chuan, China!). For those that aren’t familiar with it, Mala is extremely hot and can be mouth-numbing thanks to the mix of Sichuan peppercorn and chilli pepper. 

Photos by @malamalasnacks on Instagram

Honing in on the staple mushroom ingredient these guys have created the best of both worlds offering an inspiring, delectable mala flavoured mushroom chip and you can choose your spice level – ranging from Mild to Crazy Spicy!

Mala Mala

Price: From SGD 9


15. Bite-sized tastes of Singapore and around the world: Uncle Sabas’ Poppadoms

For some, eating a curry without poppadoms is kind of unheard of, but as it’s usually cooked in boiling hot oil, it’s not always the healthiest. 

Photos: @unclesabassg, @eat.nonstop on Instagram

Here to offer a (gluten-free, vegan) alternative, you can enjoy the yummy lentil snack at any time offered by Uncle Saba in a chip version. And get this, they’ve taken inspiration from other local flavours and used these as seasonings, for example, their Hot & Spicy Masa Poppadom crisps. Do try their Korean BBQ and Thai Tom Yum Seafood options too.

Uncle Sabas

Price: From SGD 2.50

Contact: +65 6291 7866


16. What sounds more delicious than a piece of hot, buttery, kaya toast first thing in the morning?: Ya Kun Kaya’s Homemade Kaya 

A household name for when it comes to serving actual kaya toasties, this business also serves their own range of delicious kaya – which they use in their menu in-stores too. 

Photos @_bbullseye, @herawaty_lu on Instagram

Note: Kaya jam is traditionally made from coconut milk, eggs and sugar and kaya toasts are somewhat of a breakfast staple in Singapore!

Yakun Kaya

Price: From SGD 9.60

Contact: +65 6222 4567


17. Providing the snacks since 1938: Lim Chee Guan’s Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa is a dried, barbecued meat product that’s both sweet and salty in taste – almost like a type of meat jerky. 

Photos @beeauteous, @groupbuyssg, @peter_dxm on Instagram

At Lim Chee Guan you’ll find the options of pork, beef and chicken, and in fact, they also have a prawn and fish option for our pescatarians out there that still want to enjoy the divine BBQ’d smokey flavour.

Lim Chee Guan Bakkwa

Price: From SGD 15.60

Contact: +65 6933 7230


18. Flavours and ingredients inspired by Singapore’s tropical fruits: Straits Preserves’ Singapore Sling Jam

The Singapore Sling is famous for a reason and its combination of pineapple, lime and cherry has become a staple cocktail found on most bar menus. 

Photos @panda_momo, @straitspreserves on Instagram

If you’re not a big drinker, or simply want your favourite cocktail in jam form (minus the alcohol), you’ll love this marmalade spread on toast in the mornings, evenings or any time of day! Plus it’s all vegan, dairy and gluten-free, and 100% au naturale.

Straits Preserves

Price: From SGD 15


19. Imagine your favourite instant noodle, but made from potatoes!: Nissin Cup Noodle flavoured potato chips!

For many, instant noodles is the number one go-to snack perfect for in between meals, travelling or chilling..and there’s something so comforting about the soupy noodles.

Photos @stellallr, @lonercrystal, @rekyue, @horofoodie on Instagram

What if we told you that there’s a potato snack out there that’s actually cup noodle flavoured! And get this, it’s offered in three traditional instant noodle flavours, including Laksa, Tom Yum and Black Pepper Crab.

Photo by @minatrix on Instagram

Nissan Foods

Price: From SGD 1.50


20. Calling all tea enthusiasts: Ette Tea’s Pandan Chiffon Tea

Although pretty popular throughout SouthEast Asia, pandan chiffon cake is a staple in Singapore.

Photo by @ettetea on Instagram

Also known for its love of tea, it only makes sense that this teahouse and brand serves the traditional flavours but in tea form. 

Photos by @ettetea on Instagram

PS: This brand also offers an epic array of other tea flavours including Nasi Lemak and Ice Kacang.

Ette Tea

Price: From SGD 28 for 16 sachets

Contact: +65 6908 5354


21. More than just the usual salted egg fish skins: Crusty’s Fish Skin 

We love our salted egg fish skin, and if you’re hooked on the snack, try one of their seasonings other than the original. 

Photos @wanderwomanman, @dong_michelle, @crustyssg on Instagram

Choose from Truffle, Mala, Tom Yum and Hot & Spicy Chicken Salted Egg Fish Skin flavours or try their Soy Skin Salted Egg Crisps for something a little different. 

PS: Check out their new Medicated Ointment Scent Soy Skin Crisps too!


Price: From SGD 5

Contact: +65 6538 3559


22. Enjoy the famous cocktail at home from the original hotel: Raffles Arcade Boutique’s Singapore Sling

The famous cocktail to come out of Singapore all the way back in 1915, you can now enjoy the original cocktail right from where it originated at Raffles Hotel where the drink was first ever created. 

Photos @raffleshotelsingapore, @rafflesarcade on Instagram

Buy their mix kit and shake yourselves up a Singapore Sling (that’s pretty much the original) from anywhere in the world.

Raffles Boutique

Price: From SGD 32.90

Contact: +65 6337 1886


What are you waiting for? It’s time to get snacking!

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