The Perfect Proposal: 8 Boutique Picnic Providers Offering One-stop Picnic Services and Food
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

Looking for something new to do in Singapore? Have you ever considered a picnic experience? There’s just something so whimsical that surrounds the concept…even utterly romantic. And guess what? In Singapore you can hire out the professionals that will set up the entire thing for you, transporting you far, far away (these are also ideal choices for special occasions…wedding bells anyone?).

On top of that, we’ve found a bunch of stores/dining spots that actually offer Picnic Basket type sets and boxes if you want to recreate your own moments of magic…

You’ll find yourselves falling in love with these dreamy-themed options: Picneeds


Whether you’re hosting a classy afternoon where everyone dresses in white linens, or a picnic that suits your more laid-back, gypsy personality…’A Class Act’ sees your picnic set up under a white canopy with soft finishings, whereas if you choose their ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ theme, expect a more colourful, rustic and relaxed affair.

Planning a particular event like a birthday party or proposal? Check out their add-on features where you can customise your picnic with extras from fairy lights to floral arrangements. Bookings are simple and easy, and the entire process can be completed online.

Picnic decor: They offer a Basic Picneeds package which comes with the standard sitting mats and cushions, plates, cups and utensils and depending on your preferred theme (or Feelter as they call it), the picnic is set up accordingly. For our boho-lovers, there’s a cute teepee tent, and the classy picnic option takes place around a low picnic table.

After the basics, you can choose a Curated Package for any special events, like the Bachelorette Party Package to suit the occasion, or you have the choice of also just placing add-ons like balloons, canopies with white sheets, and more.

Picnic food options: You have three options to choose from when it comes to their menu, 1, 2, or 3 (however you are also allowed to bring your own food and beverages too). Opt for their pizza menu or indulge in a cheese-platter instead.

FYI. They only provide food for up to ten picnic-goers.

Opt for the high-end experience: Wondrous Picnic


Whether it’s “Elegance” or something more ‘Luxurious’ that you’re seeking, look no further because those are literally the title names of the picnic packages available here – and a dead giveaway too as what to expect.

They’ve aimed to create a “boutique picnic” experience, fusing nature and a bit of worldly glamour together, perfect for partners, or family and friends. Choose your ideal location and leave the rest up to the professionals.

Picnic decor: Looking at the two different packages, if you’re planning a special romantic evening with your lover, or even close girlfriends, we’d recommend the Elegance Package, better suited for small gatherings. It comes with a teepee tent, fairy light curtain, fresh florals, cushions, pouffes, lantern lights and more.

Their Luxurious Package better suits larger soirees, with bigger marquee tent, a long table and cushions for 6-8 people. Other extras include a curtain stand dripping in fairy lights, flowers, lanterns and other insta-worthy moments.

Picnic food options: Instead of finger foods they offer hearty snacks like chicken wings and crispy chips, burgers and a variety of mini cakes.

P.s. Their menu, although it isn’t extensive, changes every few months to suit the seasons/time of year.

Pop up picnics at the destination of your choice: Pie in the Sky Picnics


This is a fantastic option considering the recent lockdowns, and you don’t need to head outdoors to enjoy a luxury picnic experience…They will also setup everything for you indoors, from the comfort of your home…(This is ideal if you’ve been wanting to plan a secret, romantic proposal but these crazy times haven’t allowed for much inspiring scenes.)

You’ll also notice that in comparison to some of the other options, these picnic professionals really equip the setting fully, adding the extra bells and whistles. You’ll find bluetooth speakers and even insect repellant, ice-buckets and LED lights…it’s the small things that make the difference!

Picnic decor: Not one but seven different themes to choose from, you’ll find a suitable package to fill not only your needs but match your group size. Check out Bohemian Rhapsody Ochre for a slice of Bali, or On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink is a complete girly affair. Other packages include Baby’s Breath, A Walk in the Park, Arabian Nights and more!

Whichever theme you opt for, they well equip you with the usual picnic things, like teepees, fairy lights, tables, mats, cushions, etc but you’ll notice they’ve spent a bit extra when it comes to design…expect loads of trendy finishes and actually, gorgeous interior moments!

Picnic food options: Just like the decor and different theme options, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to their menu. They include staple foods like pizza, garlic bread, and fried chicken, and you can also order exquisite desserts such as cupcakes, or fruit tarts. On the drinks menu, there are alcoholic beverages too that they offer including wine, cider and beer.

The devil is in the details: Estilo & Co.


On the hunt for something more upmarket, but still with a picnic-type feel? Estilo & Co is an excellent choice if you’re planning a work-bonding experience, or a fancy luncheon with the girls…And in fact, they specialise in tablestyling!

Swapping grassy floors for elevated tables, they set up an elegant picnic table for you at home, or in the workspace, or other public areas, leaving the parks and oceans for another time. Thanks to their speciality, you can expect quite an extravagant and well-thought out table setting.

Picnic decor: Setting a high standard, pun intended, they will style your picnic to suit your setting, wants and needs, and there are different decor packages to choose from. Each includes a low wooden table, tableware, linen dining handkerchiefs, cushions, a carpet, dried flowers and so on.

They also offer a super cute Teepee Tent package where they set up individual mini teepee tents for each guest! But things haven’t just been thrown together and each element is carefully thought-out, like you’ve hired your own event organiser.

Picnic food options: If ever you’ve dined at a fancy restaurant, you’ll know that cheese and cold-cut mezze platters are always on the menu. Sticking with the upmarket vibes, they offer both options here, as well as a vegetarian platter option.

They’re filled with multi-grain biscuits, homemade roasted nuts, high-quality chocolate, fruit, hand-made dipping sauce, edible flowers and more, all of which taste as good as it looks!

It even comes with your very own woven picnic basket: Konditori


If you’ve ever traveled to a Scandinavian country, you’ll know how much they love their danishes and all things pastry. This artisan bakehouse is brought to you by Swedish cafe, Fika.

They also sell Premium Picnic Basket sets (basket included) filled with croissants, lava cakes, dirty buns, cheese tarts and more! Apart from their other traditional bakes and cakes, they offer a Box of Treats set with either an assortment of sweet or savoury baked goods (with quiches, croissants and more).

*All can be ordered online.

For gourmet ingredients: Lush Platters


As a catering company in essence, they’ve adapted things slightly and instead of bringing the canapes and finger foods to you, Lush sells picnic boxes, and a variety of them to choose from at that!

Choose the Lunch Boxes for One which includes a gourmet sarmie, salad, chocolate bark, and fruit or add on a selection of cheeses. We recommend the lush Platter Boxes though (even made for one) filled with all the picnic-y goodstuff, from strawberries to raspberrries, cold meats, cheeses, roasted nuts, crackers, homemade dips like hummus, and more! If it’s a special occasion, they aslo sell gorgeous foodie Gift Boxes.

Create a gastronomic experience at home: Lush Grazing Tables


Set-up by the same company, you could say that they are the pioneers of ‘grazing tables’ in Singapore, first bringing the catering trend/concept to the city back in 2018.

Here, they set everything up for you, creating a gorgeous tablescape that celebrates and highlights the food on hand, and they also provide the tableware for the occasion – extra decor is not included, they solely focus on the table set-up, and they provide the table. They design grazing tables for both intimate gatherings, or larger events.

P.s. If you do require the extras, you can get in touch with Lush Platters and they can help to organise this for you, including a bar, or wine selection, decor, floral arrangements, etc.

In the mood for fancy fast food?: Bee’s Knees


Suitly the name of this restaurant so aptly, the Bee’s Knees offers Picnic Buzzkets, with the option of choosing something snackish, or a main meal.

The Light Bites option has a choice of reuben sliders, salmon croissants, truffle fries,dessert and more, but if you’re hungry they serve a Brunch/Dinner basket too. This comes with a choice of either pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, dessert, and more.

P.s. Their picnic baskets feed from two to four people only and include picnic mats, a foldable table, battery-operated candle Light, and cushions. So you can choose exactly where you want to picnic!

Transport yourself to Italy: Oh Deli

Whilst travel isn’t the easiest at the moment, recreate your own romantic scene, and if you can’t sit somewhere leisurely on the Amalfi Coast for now, this is a great second option.

Order one of Oh Deli’s Italian-inspired (and filled) gift baskets which come with an array of baked goods, wine, tea, jams, condiments, snacks, sweets and other foods from Italy. Whilst you’re at it, you can also select from their online store a selection of imported cheese and meats to go with it.

Picnics are a great way to shake things up, and with plenty of options, there’s something here to suit all picnic-goers’ needs.

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