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Susan and Bill’s Journey: A Family with Young Kids

Susan and Bill’s Journey: A Family with Young Kids

Bill and his wife, Susan, are on their couch at home in Shanghai drinking wine and discussing their vacation plans for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays. They’re not sure where to travel to, so Susan takes out her phone and launches the SmooveX app, an app that allows her to easily plan and manage trips via comprehensive travel tools, curated content, local deals and promotions, wireless payment and more. The app and its contents are available in Bill and Susan’s native language, Mandarin, which makes it easier for Susan and Bill to navigate through the information. 

She taps on Discover Singapore to check out curated travel guides and stories and stumbles on articles like “Most Kids Friendly Restaurants in Singapore”, and “20 Things to To Do with Kids In Sentosa”. As she continues scrolling through the page, she sees other users’ feedback and shared itineraries. Susan and Bill get excited about going on a holiday after reading the reviews and decide to travel to Singapore for their Chinese New Year holidays. 

They look for recommended family hotels on SmooveX, and get their flights and hotel booked. They spot the Visa Service tool in SmooveX, and conveniently proceed to make an appointment for their visa applications to travel to Singapore. Their trip is easily planned in one night, and now Bill and Susan just need to relax and wait till it’s time to fly to Singapore.

Five hours before departure, a SmooveX notification flashes on Susan’s mobile phone, reminding her to check in to the airport for their family’s flight to Singapore 

They smoothly check-in and land in Singapore hours later. Bill collects the family’s luggage and walks to a coffee stall to get a coffee and makes the payment using the QR code on the SmooveX app in his phone, thanks to the Multi-currency e-Wallet function.

Minutes after they reach the pick-up point at Changi Jewel Airport, the taxi that Susan booked on SmooveX app has arrived and whisks them off to the hotel where they settle in for the night.

The next morning, their son Liam, 7, is very excited about the day’s activities that Susan showed him on the SmooveX app the night before. The family is getting ready to head out, but just before that, Susan checks the route planning function on SmooveX that immediately displays the various route options available to Universal Studios Singapore. Susan selects the quickest commuting option, books a taxi on SmooveX and the family commences on their journey.

When they arrive at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore, Susan takes her phone out, and redeems the family’s e-tickets she pre-purchased at 20% off on SmooveX.

After a fun day, Susan and her family are having a meal in a kid-friendly restaurant that other users had recommended on SmooveX. The rest of their trip flies by seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently.

It’s finally time to leave Singapore, but before that, Bill takes out his phone and applies for their tax refund on SmooveX. The process is simple and fast, without the family having to join the tax refund queue at the airport prior to boarding their flight.

Susan, Bill, and Liam are back home in Shanghai, extremely happy with their family holiday in Singapore. Susan has met up with her sister, Susie and is sharing all about her Singapore trip with her. She shares her customised kid-friendly Singapore itinerary with her sister through the social sharing function on SmooveX, and highlights how easy everything was from the visa processing to getting around, tax refund applications and more.

Journalist, yoga instructor, animation producer, and Smoovex Chinese Editor -- Lilian enjoys the challenges and fun of different jobs. She's a fitness enthusiast, a food lover, and now a new label: NEW MUM! In the meantime, Lilian continues to express her zest for life through her 15-inch MacBook.