Resin Art, Leathercraft, and Indoor Gardens: 13 Adult Craft Kits Under SGD 45 in Singapore
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


Spending more time at home over the last year has got some of us wondering what else there is to do – when everything outdoors is closed or off limits for now…Have you considered taking up a new hobby like an arts or crafts, and hey, often these activities can be enjoyed between you and your loved one making them ideal for a fun date night!


From resin play to leather craft, couple tote painting and more, check out these places to buy (affordable) Adult Craft Kits in Singapore!

Not just arts and crafts, learn a new hobby instead: Make Your Own


Your one-stop shop for all sorts of unique crafting ideas, choose between the various interesting DIY kits and we love that their kits require a few hours and some skill to put together/use.

Choose from different Acrylic pour sets (there’s nothing more satisfying watching the paint run), a mini DIY Copper Lamp kit (which seem to be back in fashion in the interiors-world), opt for a Moss Terrarium DIY kit, or their Art Jam pack which comes fully equipped with canvas, paintbrushes and paint!

For all things resin art: Resin Play


If you haven’t heard about resin art up until now we suggest you get involved as not only is it super fun, but you can create some stunning pieces for your home, or as gifts (your friends will be just as mesmerised).

Their Resin Play Kits come with sets of three different colours following a similar colour palette, but you can also purchase the extras such as powder pigment for resin art to give it some shine. You can also opt for one of their floral resin trinket tray or earring kits instead!

For all-level embroidery enthusiasts: Deer Folks


If you had to tell women around 100 years ago that all ladies would grow up knowing how to sew, well they probably would have been flabbergasted, but how the times have changed.

But embroidery is back, and not just a pastime for our nans and grans, increasing in popularity over the last few years especially. Choose from all different sorts of embroidery kits here, from a full on Starter Kit including all you need like a wooden embroidery hoop, needle, floss, needle threader, and cotton fabric). If you’ve got all the goods, opt for one of their many embroidery designs patterns – and some funky ones too!

Grow your own microgreens at home: Urban Farming Kits – Super Farmer’s


If you haven’t realised your green-fingers potential just yet, the idea of gardening for some can be quite a daunting idea…where does one begin?

Luckily, this trendy gardening shop is here to the rescue, offering you an all-in-one Urban Farming Kit, inclusive of everything you need to start growing your own produce including organic soil, and seeds such as Kang Kong, Chinese Kale (Kailan), Chye Sim, Beetroot or Broccoli. Plus, they arrive in the cutest grow-pots ever!

A great hobby for those that can’t keep their hands still: Knoette


If you’ve ever tried your hand at macrame before, you’ll know how absolutely therapeutic it is- not to mention satisfying after you check out the end product that your hands created!

Here you’ll be able to find the individual tools that you need to get going on your macrame journey, from twisted ropes (in all sorts of colours) to bamboo rings, and wooden dowels, after all, there isn’t much else you need to get going! If you are looking for patterned options, they do sell a few kits like the DIY Coaster Kit, DIY Mask Chain Kits and even ones for ornaments!

Good luck deciding which crafting kit to choose, they cover many categories!: Epic Workshops


If you’re already a crafting fanatic dive head first into this store that sells a variety of different hobby supply kits, including Leather Craft and Clay Art for those that really like to get their hands working and dirty!

If you’ve seen all the terrazzo-style interior items popping up in stores, make your own marble tray coaster, or try your hand at painting on tiles instead. Build your own terrarium, purchase an Art Jamming Kit or test out fabric painting and craft your own tote bag!

Take up the art of candle-making and create something unique for your home space: Sally’s Room


Is it just us or have you noticed that candles (and ceramics) are like the latest trend in interiors? But it’s not just ordinary straight sticks we’re talking and wax creations in all sorts of shapes and sizes are back in fashion…

If you’re dying to try your hand at the artform yourself (instead of paying a couple hundred for an artisanal candle) grab this eco-friendly Candle Making Kit. It comes with soy wax, cotton wicks, fragrance oil, and instructions. If you’re hooked, they also individually sell other accessories which can be bought separately.

Ever given Textile Crafts much thought? Get involved!: With Autumn


This shop as a whole is really interesting and they solely focus on creating different pieces of art using various textiles such as different yarns, as well as various techniques, from macrame to loom weaving.

They also stock kits for all of the above mentioned, and a few others like their DIY Bundle Dye Silk Scarf Kit, and you can choose between different patterns to weave or sew.

Try your hand at Woodwork: Mu Yu


An ancient practise that’s stood the test of time, Mu Yu has somewhat modernised the concept of crafting and working with wood and their kits are made up of items you’d use every day, take their For the Love kit where you can either create a geometric-shaped necklace, or pair of earrings instead.

Other cool kits include coasters, or construct your own frame – all made from upcycled woods.

Making knitting fashionable again: It Takes Balls


For some reason knitting is always associated with our elders but stigmas need to be broken and many young and old love the hand-crafting activity. This company is also here to show you that knitting in general IS cool and they’re a funky, young and fresh brand.

Firstly, they sell amazing DIY kits where you can construct your own bucket bag, tote or even clutch – and it includes everything you’d need from leather straps to the bag pattern. They also sell individual knitting items, like special yarns, mini bag and snap bag clasps, and much more!

Forget a stretch canvas and easel, try painting fabrics instead: Streaks n Strokes


If you’ve felt your inner Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock itching to come out and play, or you’re just keen on learning how to paint, or painting on a different medium, check out these DIY Fabric-painting kits.

Purchase either plain tote bags and go wild, or ones with a design printed on already and all you’ve got to do is fill it with colour. They also sell individual items such as fabric paints, paint brushes, plain tote bags, etc.

The name pretty much gives this one away: Crafts for Green


So then, come and get your green fingers to work and build your own terrarium for indoors.

There are different shapes and sizes to choose from, and that goes for the various plants and succulents you wish to include inside. But you may come across some difficulty in deciding which one to opt for because they’re all really cute and pretty, especially the Dried Flowers Mini Dome!

Leather, Clay, Terrarium Kits and more: The Fun Empire


Whichever one you decide to go for, all of the home kits from The Fun Empire are done professionally, and you’ll like a pro yourself upon receiving it and we love how well equipped they are.

For example, when purchasing the Art Jamming Kit you won’t just receive paints, canvas, etc but pencils and an eraser too, and with their Terrarium Making Home Kit they even include different coloured miniature stones!

P.s. If you’re an entire family, you may want to opt for the 4-In-1 Home Kit Bundle which includes all the various kits they offer in one!

It’s time to get those fingers crafting folks! Pick up a paintbrush, knitting needle, or craft hammer and have fun trying something out different to do at home!

If you’re in need of more home-ideas, or even things to do outdoors and around Singapore, download our SmooveX for all the information you need wherever you are.

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