Relive Your Childhood Dreams: 13 Epic Arcades to Check Out in Singapore for a Full Day of Gaming Fun!
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

Who knew arcades were back in fashion, but it kinda makes sense when you think about it, given the current times and all, where we’ve had to find alternatives to say actual clubbing or festival-going.

Relive your childhood gaming dreams, revel in the nostalgia with your kids, or come along and check out what more modern gaming cafes have to offer these days! There’s a whole new world! (But we secretly love that we can still kick it back old-school too!) Have FUN!

Come get lost in the fantasy of flashing neon lights and colours: Cow Play Cow Moo


As Singapore’s largest arcade you can expect to find hundreds of different crazy games to choose from, and we’re just going to go ahead and point out the obvious, it also makes for a pretty awesome backdrop!

There’s both a mix of modern and vintage machines and games, so whichever you prefer you’ll find yourself leaving satisfied – and that includes their prize selection!

The largest arcade in East Singapore: Fat Cat Arcade


It looks like the Easties have a new arcade to discover, and it just happens to be this area’s biggest one to date where you’ll find over 100 different games, including many that are of the latest arcade games and technologies.

It’s not only the games that’ll have you buzzing but get this, there’s also thousands of prizes to choose from and we mean that quite literally, there are more than 1000 prizes in-stock!

P.s. There is also another branch, however Bedok is the biggest.

For all the nostalgic feels of a classic carnival: Timezone


Want to have an arcade experience like they were made way back in the day? Or perhaps even straight out of an American movie…But we’re loving the selection of (over 200) beloved childhood arcade games here.

Aptly zoned into different areas, discover the arcade themed section or have a go at racing retro style in the racers department. There’s also a bowling alley and bumper cars! (The kids will LOVE it just as much too).

If you’re a late- 80s/ early 90s kid: Arcade Planet


Forget all the latest technologies, are you still a total fan of 90s arcade classics like Dance Dance Revolution, claw machines and pinball?

The prizes up for grabs are just as nostalgic, and you’re gonna wanna try your hand at their Pokémon pinball machine! Also, just a heads up so you don’t get lost, this little arcade is tucked away before Cow Play Cow Moo in Suntec City – which just happens to be its sister company.

The ideal family arcade: Paco Funworld


If you’re hunting down an arcade that’s especially suitable for the younger ones, you’ll be delighted when discovering the many different games that are made for the younger ones to enjoy, and this playing arena even has a designated kid’s area, including kiddy rides!

There are EPIC prizes to be won, like a Nintendo Switch! And there are a few branches around the city to choose to visit.

It’s time to dance baby, dance: Virtualand Singapore

Has your body been itching to move over the last couple of months, especially as nightclubs and festivals seem further away in the future than imaginable…Well we’re here a solution and here you’ll spot all sorts of rhythm games where you can shake your booty!

(You may just feel like you’re in the club as they pump out all the latest tunes, including EDM fan favourites, always announcing their latest tracks on their FB page!)

And for our serious gamers – they in fact, host gaming tournaments!

More than 1000 claw machines!: Play United


You mean to say that there are more than 1000 claw machines to choose from? Not games, but all claw machines? That would be correct and the arcade is dedicated to the thrilling game that keeps you coming back for more until you catch that darn prize!

Machines vary in themes, claws, sounds, prizes, colour, you name it and it’s like standing inside some sort of electrifying wonderland as they’re all lined up in a row.

For all the fan favourites: Zone X

Zone X Singapore FB

Are you all about hunting down the best prizes at arcades around the city and looking to add a bit of retro to the collection? From Monopoly cards to Hello Kitty, Tsum Tsum plates and more!

Games wise, although this isn’t the biggest arcade in town, you can try your hand at racing, shooting the basket hoop (always fun no matter what age) or bust your moves and keep up the speed with DanceDance.

“Fighters…ARE YOU READY?”: Jakarta Radiant World


Was anyone else (or their siblings) obsessed with Street Fighter as a kid and would sit for hours on end playing TV games (as we called them back then)?

Delight in all your childhood dreams and among SF, you’ll find other beloved classics like King of FIghters, Metal Slug and more! There are really cute prizes to be won for ticket exchange, and the same goes for their selection of claw machines – if you dare to take the chance!

Choose your machine wisely: Prize Station Singapore

Have you got somewhat of a soft toy obsession, or maybe it’s your younger ones that are doing the gaming…? Kind of as the name suggests, delight in all sorts of plush, soft and fluffy characters and animals that are there for the (claw) catching!

Most of the games here are toy-catching ones, or although they do have the few odd classics here and there too for trying!

Always wondered what the future of arcade games would look like?: New World Carnival


Check this out, combining the old and new quite literally this gaming arcade has actually integrated both classic and VR games into one space, and things are really interactive, like the AR Car Racing using more modern racer stations.

There are currently eight VR games to choose from, tons of classics, and more than 1000 different prizes to choose from!

Not exactly your traditional arcade: NINETEEN80


This is definitely one for the adults, and there’s no kids allowed at this super funky bar come retro arcade space.

Lit up in 80s neon pinks, purples and blues, the moment you step through the doors you’ll feel transported, followed by a moment enjoying a delicious cocktail and battling your bestie at a game of Donkey Kong. Bar tables are the game screens so why not play a game of Pacman whilst you wait for your drinks to arrive.

The future is here: Zero Latency


Ever tried Virtual Reality gaming before? Becoming more and more increasingly popular, as well as advanced as each year goes by, although you won’t find any Crocodile Snaps or tickets redeemable for prizes, you won’t even remember.

Get lost in another world quite literally and they have various arenas for you to choose as a playing field, including one where you can roam around freely!

Are arcade bars becoming a thing or…?: Level Up


Calling themselves more of a bistro bar arcade, enjoy some wholesome and scrumptious food all the while getting your game on in between letting your food settle – that’ll be no more sitting on TikTok whilst waiting for your menu thank you very much!

Try your hand at old-school favourites such as Shoot the Hoop or Air Hockey. Not to mention, the entire set-up is like an amazing photo op, so best you do be leveling up before heading over!

Doesn’t it all just sound like an absolute world of fun? And we love that there’s actually an arcade for all ages in Singapore!

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