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A Pink-Themed Ice Cream Museum Is Opening in Singapore This August 2021

A Pink-Themed Ice Cream Museum Is Opening in Singapore This August 2021

Did you know that situated in New York stands an entire museum that’s completely dedicated to ice cream…? The pink building houses different interactive exhibits that aim to provide a multi-sensory experience, and the entire exhibition looks amazing in photos.

Well, the Museum of Ice Cream in New York, USA is now opening a second branch right here in Singapore, come August 2021! Read on to discover more of what it holds…

1. The only other Ice-cream Museum outside of New York City! 

Situated smack bang in the middle of New York’s trendy meatpacking district, the building that shines bright pink – and holds the most magical museum inside that looks like it belongs to Willy Wonka… This museum is NOW in Singapore, making it the museum’s second-only ever location around the world! 

Photo by @reddotdiva on Instagram

The NYC branch has made its way across social feeds, including visits from many celeb names like Kim Kardashian, known for its funky themed installations. There are currently 13 of these at the New York location, and guess what, the Singapore one will host 14!

Photos by @hime_yinxue on Instagram

2. Explore 60,000 square feet of a pink fantasy world!

With just a few more months to go, the Singapore Museum located in Dempsey will house 14 ice-cream themed creative spaces, similar to some of the installations in NYC.

Photos by @may_6reen on Instagram

Of course, the entire setup is themed pink with each of the spaces paying ode to the tasty treat.

Photo by @yili914 on Instagram

3. What to expect, ice-cream lovers? 

Inside you’ll find the world’s largest Sprinkle Pool filled with rainbow coloured “chocolate candy” or discover the ‘Dragon Playground’ inspired by Singapore itself.

Photos by @joceylace on Instagram

Go literal bananas on the photo-front when you check out the Pink & Yellow Banana Jungle filled with more than 10,000 pastel bananas!!

Photo by @nikita.kadakia on Instagram

4. Interactive scenes and activities: 

Not only an exhibition and photo opportunity, the point of the museum is to create an interactive and multi-sensory space. Within the different exhibits and rooms, there are interactive activities to explore.

Photo by @joceylace on Instagram

We know the American version sports features like a pink subway train, a giant ice-cream spoon, an ice-cream school and even a pink wishing-wall! We’re only left dreaming about what the Singaporean version will hold!

Photos by @official_.kimberlyn on Instagram

5. Unlimited sweet treats along the way, yes please

As if the whole experience wasn’t Willy Wonka enough for you, along the way through your guided tours, you’ll be gifted unique housemade sweet treats and goodies to enjoy! 

Your tour guides will help you through the exhibition and are there for any questions or assistance – and they are a requisite when visiting the museum.

Photos: @jovelyn_mirambel, @janatewhat on Instagarm

6. Free entrance to the coffee shop, bar and souvenir shop

Surely after ALL that ice cream talk, you’re now drooling for a delicious bite or lick of the soft stuff…Go and indulge yourself at their cafe which serves their signature flavours. 

Photos by @reddotdiva on Instagram

Apart from the Museum of Ice Cream, there’s also an on-site restaurant, bar and shop and if you’re not keen on visiting the museum – you can just stop by the F&B spaces or check out the shop instead, admission is free!

Photos: @puedepasar.te, @hime_yinxue, @jovelyn_mirambel on Instagram

Note: Details below are applicable to the grand opening slated for 13 August 2021.

Museum of Ice Cream

Price: From SGD 38 (Online booking rates only); Free for kids aged 2 years old and below

Address: 100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837 (Map)

Opening Hours: Wed-Mon from 10am to 11pm (Closed Tuesdays)


We’re not going to lie, we’re super excited for this attraction to open, and as if the pink coloured walls, cutesy interactive spaces and unique themed interiors weren’t enough… 

You can enjoy ice-cream, and more afterwards too! 

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