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17 Beauty and Skincare Brands in Singapore That Are Surprisingly Affordable

17 Beauty and Skincare Brands in Singapore That Are Surprisingly Affordable

Tired of using harsh chemicals and synthetics as part of your daily beauty and skincare routine?

We’re pretty obsessed with these local beauty brands and guess what, they are all completely natural, most made from superfoods in fact, and of course, are vegan-friendly. 

Some of them even look so delicious and good enough to eat them! And we’re here (and so ready) for all the clean beauty vibes.

1. You mean to say it’s a skincare product, not food?: Rooki Beauty 

Did your mom and dad always have to force you to eat your greens? 

Photos by @rookibeauty on Instagram

The older we get, the easier it is for us to appreciate fruit and veggies, but it’s not just our tummies that love the good stuff, the same can be said for our skin. 

Photo by @shopdesignorchard on Instagram

Young, hip and trendy, Rooki’s products are absolutely packed with superfoods, from chia seeds to kale, carrots and matcha. All products are also completely free from chemicals and parabens. 

Rooki Beauty

Price: From SGD 59


2. The magical, affordable, vegan brand: Sigi Skin 

If fairies had to use an all-natural beauty product, I feel like this is the range they’d go for. I mean, all the products are packaged so prettily in different pastel shades.

Photos: @beauty.and.thebrain, @sigiskin, @danial.baharin on Instagram

In fact, the brand is becoming so popular it’s even being used by some celeb makeup artists! 

Photo by @sigiskin on Instagram

This brand focuses on superfoods fantastic for skin, including acai and avocado – their range offers three to five specialised products under the brand. Dew Potion Hydration Essence, anyone?

Sigi Skin

Price: From SGD 38


3. 100% organic and manufactured in small batches only: Frankskincare

If you had to visit an apothecary shop in the 1800s, you might find products sporting something similar and we’re super into the old-school herbalist vibes here. 

Photos by @frankskincare on Instagram

Specialising in oils for men, women and babies (very cool), don’t expect to find any lotions, gel-based products or creams – keeping things completely free from chemicals. 

Photo by @susannahjaffer on Instagram

PS: They also sell crystal facial rollers, including Rose Quartz.


Price: From SGD 40


4. Buying a beauty brand that gives back: W.ANT Skincare 

Created using purely botanicals and minerals, every single ingredient that goes into a bottle is absolutely free from any sort of chemicals and you won’t find any synthetic ingredients used either. 

Photos: @wantskincare, @beautyemporium on Instagram

With a strong business focus on sustainability and ethical trading – with every purchase that you make, proceeds go towards supporting local communities and women in both Indonesia and Africa.

Photo by @wantskincare on Instagram

PS: Check out their Bee Honey Cleanser made with 60% honey.

W.ANT Skincare

Price: From SGD 12


5. Trying to achieve that glorious ‘mochi skin’?: RE:ERTH

The abbreviation here in fact stands for ‘re-encountering earth’ – don’t you just love that – and these beauty brains have made a point of trying to do just that. That connection back with Mother Nature through its careful selection of only natural ingredients. 

Photos: @re.erth, @theacboutique, @shermainexk on Instagram

Although a Singaporean-born brand, they use White Turmeric from Kyushu Japan for that effervescent, soft skin glow and get this – they’ve won 20 different beauty awards… I mean, they must be doing something right!


Price: From SGD 42


6. The kind of greatness that happens when mother and daughter come together: Two Halves 

It also helps when your mom is a veteran beauty insider. Offering customers a completely vegan, eco-friendly range, you’ll find a mix of botanical extracts and a blend of antioxidant ingredients in the makeup of these products.

Photos by @twohalves.skincare on Instagram

The minimalist, clean design they’ve used in branding is reminiscent of Japanese influences and really adds the finishing touches.

Two Halves

Price: From SGD 75


7. Only using non-GMO, organic and water-based products: Kew Organics 

If you’re carrying a little one, or simply looking for a brand that celebrates only the freshest ingredients, and all vegan at that… Get a load of this beauty brand. 

Photos: @keworganics, @papillon.skin on Instagram

Also, for expecting mothers, all Kew Organics’ beauty items are safe for pregnancy! Not just that, they offer a really extensive range of products from cleansers to serums, sunblock and Sugar K organic peel bars. 

Photo by @keworganics on Instagram

We’ve also got to give a shoutout to the informative (and trendy) labelling found on products – so you’ll know exactly what’s been used in the manufacturing process.

Kew Organics

Price: From SGD 23


8. A brand that is 100% about clean beauty: ANIA 

If you haven’t considered hopping onto the clean-beauty trend train by now, it could really benefit your skin to look into it.

Photos by @aniaskincareofficial on Instagram

ANIA creates clean formulas that use botanicals as well as ingredients from rare regions of Africa, including moringa and argan oil. And get this, they were the first local Singaporean beauty brand to be verified by the Environmental Working Group.

Photo by @aniaskincareofficial on Instagram

Whether it’s their Prickly Retinol Serum or the Orange Bourbon Mist, the bottles remind us of delicious tropical fruits, and they smell as good as they look too!


Price: From SGD 39


9. For beauty products that are completely waterless: Katfood Skincare 

Fun fact: When developing these skincare products, the intention was for every single ingredient used in the makeup to be edible, and that they are! 

Photos by @vchongxo on Instagram

From chamomile to matcha, hibiscus, rosehip fruit and even jasmine rice, these are just a few of the scrumptious foods you’ll find that formulate each product. 

Photo by @ilovekatfood on Instagram

Plus, by eliminating water completely from their product, you’re getting up to three times more of the concentrated ingredients with every use, that hasn’t been diluted down.

Katfood Skincare

Price: From SGD 54.90


10. Affordable as well as totally trendy (and uses low-waste products): Oasis 

Candy? Beautiful botanicals? Completely vegan, this beauty and skincare range looks so delicious, you’ll probably want to eat your shampoo bar instead of using it. 

Photos by @soft_landing, @oasisbeautykitchen on Instagram

Apart from the incredibly funky design, their ingredients are just as tantalising and they boast an impressive array of botanically-infused products. You can expect to find the likes of Acai & Lavender, or Rose & Thyme, as well as Blue Pea and Tumeric bars. 

Photo by @oasisbeautykitchen on Instagram

Their Magic Powder Wash looks like you simply need to add a glass of almond milk to it and you’ve got yourself a yummy hot drink, but alas it’s in fact a bath milk!


Price: From SGD 10


11. Representing local heritages: Pera Skincare 

Seeing as this is a local beauty and skincare brands list, it makes total sense to honour Pera, who are in fact, the world’s first skincare brand inspired completely by Peranakan and The Straits beauty traditions. And that goes for the ingredients and types of items that they offer. 

Photos: @missrachelrawr, @peraskincare on Instagram

Interested to learn more? Try their Bedak Sejuk Fusion mask which is made from fermented rice water (the same used in making bedak sejuk, a type of cooling powder that consists of rice and pandan leaves).

Photo by @peraskincare on Instagram

Pera Skincare

Price: From SGD 29


12. Founded in Singapore using ingredients from Australia: Oh Hello Bae 

Searching for a beauty company that focuses on offering soothing products specifically designed for cleaning and restoring the face? 

Photos by @ohhellobae on Instagram

Created using absolutely no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances and colourings – it’s not just their vegan products that hero sustainability but all their packaging does too!

Oh Hello Bae

Price: From SGD 35


13. The country’s first premium, natural cosmetic brand: Liht Organics 

Although there are many skincare brands that cater for all the natural, organic enthusiasts, there are actually only a few around that focus solely on cosmetics. 

Photos: @jennacbear7, @lihtorganics, @lihtorganicsmena on Instagram

Claiming that their products are safe enough to eat, they’ve also cleverly created a range of cosmetics that are safe for multi-purposes and uses. Imagine a mascara made from coffee, carrot and rice powder using coconut oil as the base… Well, they’ve got it!

Photo by @lihtorganics on Instagram

Liht Organics

Price: From SGD 35


14. Creating vegan and 100% biodegradable products from uncommon ingredients: PSA Skin

If you’re the type of person who prefers to stick with one skincare brand that you trust and that you know works for you… You might be delighted to hear that local skincare powerhouse, Allies of Skin, has now created a sister brand selling 100% organic and natural products. 

Photos: @libertybeautyteam, @bykamela_, @ardonni on Instagram

Although quite a focused range, the items they produce use unusual ingredients from cantella and kombucha (known for its firming properties), to tomandelic and liquorice which is known to cleanse pores and enhance your natural glow.

Photo by @psaskin on Instagram

PSA Skin

Price: From SGD 28


15. If you’re looking for affordability and variety: Handmade Heroes 

This is one brand that keeps up to date with all the latest beauty trends. 

Photos: @handmadeheroes, @handmadeheroesmy on Instagram

Oat cuticle oils…Cocolicious lip scrubs…Collagen Boosting Lip Masks, it’s not just the names they’ve paid close attention to, but the packaging too, and their products are really, super informative. 

Photo by @thisisizza on Instagram

You’ll also find a dedicated Mama + Baby range and they ship internationally too!

Handmade Heroes

Price: From SGD 9.90


16. Pucker up: Solos Cosmetics

Let’s start by listing all the things you won’t find; palm oil, gluten or any artificial fragrances. You can be rest assured that this cosmetic brand truly stands testament to their vegan stance.

Photos: @zerrin_com, @soloscosmetics on Instagram

Focused on making sure your lips look great at all times, you’ll find a vast variety of lipsticks, and lip tints that can be used by any gender, plus, it’s a real winner that all cosmetics are affordable too.

Solos Cosmetics

Price: From SGD 12


17. Inspired by the Himalayan mountains: Rough Beauty 

Sucker for anything made from essential oils (don’t worry, we are too)? You’ll get lost in a dreamworld of different oil blends and roll-ons designed specifically for skin use (remember, not all essential oils can come into direct contact with your skin).

Photos: @rough__beauty, @silverypinn on Instagram

Each item is handmade and has a strong focal point in botanicals and their crafted soaps made from plant oils, herbs and spices are simply to.die.for.

Photo by @rough__beauty on Instagram

Rough Beauty

Price: From SGD 9.50


How good do all these brands look?! Honestly, we’re already on our way to trying many of the different clean, natural and organic local beauty brands out there – and we’ve been really impressed! 

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