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Here Are 6 Places Where You Can Spot Life-Sized Dinosaurs in Singapore

Here Are 6 Places Where You Can Spot Life-Sized Dinosaurs in Singapore

If marvelling at the sight of massive, towering dinosaurs is one of your life’s joys, then Singapore has lots in store for you. There are several exciting spots where you can get your fill of life-sized dinosaur statues, actual fossils and skeletons, and inflatables that will surely bring out the kid in anyone.

These dinosaur attractions are made for both young and old, making them perfect spots for great family bondings. Check out these spots where you can find life-sized archaic reptiles in the Little Red Dot.

1. Jurassic Mile

Photo: Danny Teh on Instagram

You can find the city’s largest permanent indoor display of giant dinosaurs along the Changi Airport Connector. Jurassic Mile is home to the biggest T-Rex, which stands at more than four metres high! Other colossal creatures aside from the T-Rex include velociraptors and parasaurolophus.

Make sure to check out the massive eggs where the baby dinos are hatched, as well as the other nine species distributed along with the one-kilometre jogging and

Jurassic Mile

Price: Free
Address: Changi Airport Connection, Airport Blvd., Singapore (Map)
Contact: +65 6595 6865
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

2. Fu Shan Garden

Photo by @bigsmall_b on Instagram

Kids would want to spend the whole day here at Fu Shan Garden’s playground, where they can get real close, climb, move in, and run around the dinosaur sculptures, which are not usually allowed at other dinosaur installations.

Join in on the fun and help the little ones identify the triceratops, pteranodon, sauropod, dimetrodon, and the tyrannosaurus rex scattered all over the garden. What’s more, there are tunnels that the kids can explore and dinos with hollowed-tummies where they can hide in.

Fu Shan Garden

Price: Free
Address: 81 Woodlands St. 81, Singapore 730827 (Map)
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

3. Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Singapore

Photo: Sebastian Siah on Instagram

Universal Studios Singapore is the closest you can get to the Jurassic Park experience, at least in the Little Red Dot. It is one of the best places to be for dinosaur-themed thrills, where you get to enjoy adrenaline-fuelled attractions for both kids and adults.

Among the favourites are the Dino-Soarin’, where children can ride on the back of a flying pteranodon; the Canopy Flyer, which gives you a prehistoric bird’s eye view of the entire park; and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, an exhilarating river raft ride in which you will pass through primaeval dinosaur habitats.

Universal Studios Singapore

Price: From SGD 55
Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269 (Map)
Contact: +65 6577 8888
Opening Hours: Daily from 2pm to 8pm

4. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Photo: Choo Yut Shing on Flickr

If you prefer to look at real dinosaurs (well, their skeletons, at least), then visit Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which houses diplodocid sauropod fossils discovered in the town of Ten Sleep in the US. Expect to see something authentically massive, as the dinosaur is among the heaviest and largest creatures to roam the planet.

The museum is surrounded by four gardens, including the Phylogenetic garden, which features the evolution of plants and habitats. You will also want to explore the gallery, where you can see 15 thematic zones that display plants, fungi, mammals, and a lot more.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Price: From SGD 13
Address: 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377 (Map)
Contact: +65 6601 3333
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri and Sun from 10am to 6pm; Sat from 10am to 7pm (Closed on Mon)

5. Kim Keat Playground

Photo: Wilson Ng on Instagram

Some say that the dinosaurs at Kim Keat Playground are the oldest in Singapore, as they were installed way back in 2000. But what makes this spot a delight is that it’s an old-school heartland playground easily accessible by everyone.

It may not be as extensive as Fu Shan Garden, but you do get to gaze at a tyrannosaurus rex that is three metres tall, as well as a baby version nearby. Kids will enjoy playing hide and seek in the green platform shaped like a stegosaurus.

Kim Keat Playground

Price: Free
Address: 27 Toa Payoh E, Singapore 310027 (Map)
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

6. Punggol East Container Park

Photo by @uncleringoclub on Instagram

If you find yourself dining and drinking in far-flung Punggol’s riverside container park, you might as well check out the life-sized dinosaur and dragons tucked away amongst the pubs and eateries in the area. Taking photos with these dinos is good enough entertainment while waiting for the re-opening of operator Uncle Ringo’s carnival rides.

Punggol East Container Park

Price: Free
Address: 50 Punggol E, Singapore 828824 (Map)
Contact: +65 6312 6200
Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm to 1am

Indulge your dinosaur fascination by checking out these spots and more using the SmooveX app! Some opening hours may vary because of COVID-19 regulations.

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