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Julia’s Journey: Young, Single, and Carefree

Julia’s Journey: Young, Single, and Carefree

Julia Ow Yeong, 26, is having brunch with three of her girlfriends – two ex-pats living in Hong Kong, and another Hong Kong local like herself – as they discuss going on a long-anticipated holiday. As relatively young, single and carefree individuals, they’re trying to find a travel destination in the region that allows them to relax, shop and enjoy good food and drinks together, but have yet to decide on a destination.

Julia whips out her phone and launches SmooveX app, a free multi-industry lifestyle and mobility platform to check out the top-recommended travel destinations and sees Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries listed in the app.

The ladies (two who are fluent in English, and the other two in Mandarin) take turns looking through the various travel guides and stories listed under the different destinations they’ve been considering – toggling the language preference from English to Mandarin as they read on. 

As individuals who appreciate customisable itineraries, flexibility and value-for-money products and services, they stumble on information about several places they’d like to dine and shop at, as well as other activities and wellness packages that have caught their interest, and decide on going to Singapore.

Further utilising SmooveX’s comprehensive travel tools apart from the curated content; the ladies check out more tourist resources such as the regularly updated travel news and advisories – and discover that the quarantine-free travel bubble (for travellers who have been vaccinated) between Hong Kong and Singapore will begin in November. They decide to travel to Singapore in December. 

Excited to book a beautiful hotel for their trip, but not sure which available hotel best meets their criteria for hotel rooms with connecting rooms inclusive of bathtub and balcony with a view, they conduct another search through SmooveX via the Search Bar and the For You section. They browse through different hotels that have been reviewed by other travellers and decide on the perfect hotel that meets their needs.

In the days leading up to their trip, the girls put together a customisable itinerary on SmooveX app based on the activities, cafes/restaurants and spas they have bookmarked on the app.

Julia and her friends finally arrive in Singapore in December as scheduled. In order to maximise their vacation time and avoid queueing for a taxi, they book a cab via SmooveX to their hotel, and once in the cab, excitedly track their journey to the hotel via SmooveX’s Map.

Once they’ve checked into their hotel and settled in, they open up their pre-planned custom itinerary on SmooveX to check their first stop of the day. They see that there’s a deal available for the cafe they’re planning to dine at and purchase the voucher before heading down. They book a cab via SmooveX to head down to the cafe for a late lunch. Upon arrival, they place their order. The food and drinks arrive, and they enjoy lunch before heading to make payment. They redeem the voucher that had been purchased prior to coming and have a substantial discount on their final bill thanks to the deal on SmooveX.

The rest of their trip generally consists of looking for interesting cafes to dine at and activities to do in Singapore, as well as available promotions on the SmooveX app, and they fully enjoy a fun, relaxing and value-for-money getaway. 

A day before they are scheduled to fly home to Hong Kong, the girls realise that they’ve forgotten to get some snacks and souvenirs for their families back home, and scramble to purchase these from the wide and unique range of local products and souvenirs listed on SmooveX’s shops. Thankfully, SmooveX provides a Multi-Currency Wallet that allows them to easily purchase items off the app.

Their purchases are promptly delivered the next day, just in time for them to pack up and head back home to Hong Kong. 

Julia and her friends are on the flight back home to Hong Kong and sharing the memories and images they’ve taken during the trip in Singapore. It was fun and they always knew exactly where to go, what to do and the best deals available thanks to the curated recommendations on SmooveX. They managed to make the most of their time and get around easily in Singapore due to the convenient transportation booked on SmooveX. 

When they settled down back in Hong Kong, they shared their customised itinerary on SmooveX with friends who were also interested in visiting Singapore via the social sharing function so they could easily plan a holiday to Singapore, too.

With a boheme outlook on life, Dawn loves exploring and immersing herself in all sorts of weird and wonderful adventures. Coupled with a persevering fondness for sharing her quirky finds, Dawn has a passion for documenting her experiences through her photos and writing. When not busy working away on her MacBook, you will find Dawn going on more adventures or simply cuddling up to her darling cat, Nyx.