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Is This SGD 13,000-suite Worth the Splurge for Postpartum Mums?

Is This SGD 13,000-suite Worth the Splurge for Postpartum Mums?

We all know what new moms face after unloading their bundle of joy at the hospital. Household chores piling up, practically no time for self-care, and yes, sleepless nights. But what if you could somehow skip all these (well, at least for two weeks) and make your adjustment to early motherhood as smooth as it could be? This is the promise of staying at Kai Suites, a postpartum hotel designed to let mothers rest, heal, and rejuvenate after giving birth.

Located in a former maternity hospital, Kai Suites is an ultra-luxurious hotel that operates pretty much like a luxury hotel but with medical personnel’s help. Its host of rooms, facilities, and amenities are designed to make this a one-stop facility that provides pre-and postpartum care for new moms.

Now this experience will cost you plenty. A two-week stay costs approximately SGD 13,000, which is nothing to sneeze at. Naturally, you will wonder if the much-lauded Kai Experience is worth the pretty steep price tag.

A posh postpartum vacation

Expectant mothers who would like to partake in such a pampering experience will have to book at Kai Suites about six to eight weeks before the baby is due. Once the hospital permits the mother and baby to leave, Kai Suites will take it from there by sending a limo to pick them up to depart in style.

The new mom will be ensconced at one of Kai Suites’ contemporary Japanese-inspired suites, which is outfitted with amenities that will fulfil the hotel’s promise of quiet luxury – a plush bed with nothing less than 600-thread count Egyptian cotton linens, a full-size refrigerator, and individual temperature control.

Herbal baths do wonders for postpartum care, so Kai Suites provided showers with Japanese-style wooden buckets in their bathrooms so that the new mom can pamper herself with a complimentary daily warm herbal bath.

During her stay, the new mom will be taken care of by the hotel’s hospitality staff and doctors, who are tasked to make regular visits and make sure that she and the newborn are recuperating well.

Speaking of hospitality, Kai Suites went all out in ensuring the high quality of care that their guests are entitled to. The hotel adapts omotenashi or the concept of Japanese hospitality, aiming to go above and beyond expectations in terms of service. Take a look at Kai Suites’ full spectrum of maternity care to understand what it means.

24-hour hands-on care

As a guest, the new mom gets mother and baby care after birth, postnatal nutrition and nourishment, and body rejuvenation. The whole Kai experience means getting 24-hour care for both mother and baby, provided by experienced nurses and supervised by qualified physicians. They will also make sure that mom will be getting the nourishment she needs, courtesy of in-room dining services serving the hotel’s signature cuisine.

As if that’s not enough, she will also get complimentary breast massage twice a week during her stay, which will ease the difficulties of breastfeeding.

Essential bonding with other moms

All photos: Kai Suites

Kai Suites also understands that a mother’s stay here is also essential for family bonding. Spouses and partners are allowed to spend the night, while extended family members are welcome to visit. The hotel also understands that forming a community with other new parents will give them the feel of care and support they need. It is also helpful in reducing the risk of postnatal depression, which has become more common among women after childbirth.

With this in mind, Kai Suites took a step further and provided a Private Mothers’ Lounge, a dedicated area where the new mothers can socialise. The lounge houses a modern nursery, complete with camera surveillance that can monitor the baby’s activity via a mobile app. Moms can take it easy knowing that their little ones are safe while they relax with other guests.

While the babies are tucked safely in the nursery, the moms can get some much-needed me-time at the lounge’s spa, salon, and multi-purpose yoga studio.

So is this worth the splurge for postpartum mothers? It is if you can easily afford the SGD 13,000 rate. Having a new baby means a huge adjustment to a family’s finances, so it’s understandable if the notion of spending that kind of money on a luxury experience can be off-putting for some.

However, for those with generous allowances to spare, taking a “vacation” after the ordeals of childbirth and giving yourself time to adjust to hands-on child care is something to consider.

Experience the level of postpartum care that only Kai Suites can provide. Find similar niche hotels and more when you download the SmooveX app!

Kai Suites

Price: From SGD 12,000
Address: 26 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 309423 (Map)
Contact: +65 8855 6183

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