Have You Got Dad a Present Yet? Here’s Our Father’s Day Gift Guide + Where to Shop for Them in Singapore
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

With Father’s Day right around the corner, if you haven’t already bought dad the perfect present to show him how just much he means to you and/or your siblings, we’re here to help alleviate some of the last minute stress (especially with latest restrictions) with 13 gift ideas, many of which you can enjoy together or as a family!

Whether your pops loves his tech gadgets or prefers something more sentimental related, you’ll find something to tickle his fancy this Father’s Day! Happy shopping…

A gift you can enjoy building together: Terrariums


Ever heard of a terrarium before? It’s basically a mini indoor garden built within various glass shapes and sizes and filled with different indoor plants and/or succulents! Plus, they’re a standout feature in any home, especially when you’ve built it yourselves!

If you and pops both sport green fingers, or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby to try together, you’ll love putting together your own. When ordering, terrariums come in different shapes and sizes, from geometric domes to glass bowls filled with cute fantasy scenes and characters.

Experience an Online Cooking Class together!


Why not spice things up in the kitchen and battle it up, pretending like you’re two contestants going head to head on Masterchef…right from the comfort of your home! With the recent lockdown it’s a great way to have some family fun at home and try something different!

These online cooking classes offer a few freebies, such as important skills to learn in the kitchen if your father does take his food seriously, check out some classes like the Complete Knife Skills class OR get the whole family involved and learn how to make the Perfect Pizza at home!

Try your hands (literally) at a Family Painting Experience


This gift presents the perfect opportunity for some serious quality time between you and your dad because if you’ve ever tried your hand at painting before, you’ll know that it requires some time and attention to complete – plus it’s a great craft for chatting in between or working in comfortable silence if that’s the way your relationship rolls.

The great thing is that you can choose exactly what you want, from the canvas’ shape and size, to the type of medium such as oil, acrylic or water paints, and don’t forget about paint brushes!

P.s. If you’ve never painted before we’d recommend starting with Painting by Numbers for something more guided, or try acrylic or watercolour if freestyling. Oils require extra mediums to paint properly like linseed oil for thinning the paint, or turpentine for cleaning your brushes correctly.

The future of puzzles: 3D and Lego Puzzles


Puzzling has been around for hundreds of years, seemingly increasing with the times and technologies – although old-school puzzles are still a joyous treat – and there’s something so satisfying about physically putting together and creating a final product with your own hands!

Skip to the year 2021 and 3D puzzles are somewhat all the rage. This is a super cool pressie to get your dad, with intricate designs for sale like a 3D Pirate Ship, Model Car, mechanical vitascopes and even Hogwarts Castle! Moms if you’re reading this and you’ve toddlers, a great option could be Lego’s 3D range, like their Lego Expert Bonsai Tree!

An Online Tea Tasting Course!: Tea Chapter


With Tea Shops run by their Grand Master, spend a relaxing afternoon at home taking part in the art of tea and a tea ceremony workshop online (via Zoom), all the while learning about the history and philosophy behind the ancient art of Chinese tea appreciation.

Before you take part in your private session, Tea Chapter will deliver a kit to you prior consisting of two sets of tea fragrances, teacups and porcelain teapot, utensil set, justice cup and the choice between seven types of tea leaves. Sessions usually run for around one hour.

Customise personal items: BYND ARTISAN


Does your father work in corporate? This may be the ideal gift to get him this Father’s Day as with the option of personalising notebooks (from start to finish, even including the type of paper and binder you want) as one example, your dad will think of every time he writes a daily entry.

Not just limited to stationery, you also have the options of customising wallets, card holders, and keychains with a special engraved message.

The best book surprise your dad will receive: Photobook Singapore


Has anyone else noticed that since the rise of social and digital media, actual photographs (and the albums that came along with them) kind of got lost along the way and only our parents still have masses of photo albums tucked away…Why not bring back the joy and treat your dad to a gorgeous, customised photo book – ideal for even the coffee table!

Remember it’s the modern times, so instead of photographs, the photos are printed as a page in the book, and you can choose all the details from the cover to size, the amount of pages, and the pages’ look and feel, e.g. premium silk, gloss, matte, etc.

We promise these won’t get put to waste: Noise-cancelling headphones!


These days all gadgets are forever advancing and one the most convenient offerings to come out of the last few years is definitely noise-cancelling headphones, allowing complete and utter relaxation, or peace of mind for when you need it!

They’re ideal for exercise enthusiasts if dad is a runner, cyclist or loves working out and totally lets you zen out, or they may just come in handy at home with a busy, loud household…Covid has forced many to work online and from home in recent times and sometimes when deadlines need to be met and you’ve got squabbling kids in the background…well we know how it goes.

Recommended item: BOSE QC25 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Perfect for dads that travel often: E-book reader


If your dad loves reading but leads a busy lifestyle, grant him the perfect gift with an e-book reader, like a Kindle (although there are many other affordable options to shop from).

They’re perfect for on-the-go and it means your dad won’t need to lug around any more books with him, especially if he says, travels frequently…OR even just has bad eyesight and refuses to wear his glasses (talk about my dad here teehee).

Recommended item: Kindle reader

DIY Homemade Pizza Kits: Amò


How much fun do the Italian Masters look like they’re always having as they stretch, flip and spin their pizza bases around creating the perfectly rounded shape! Put your skills to the test and have the most epic Pizza Night, making everything yourselves, entirely from scratch!

These pizza kits come with everything you need to make a 12 inch pizza, including their signature slow fermented master dough, choice between three sauces (San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Pumpkin Sauce and Truffle Cream Sauce), and an entire handmade buffalo mozzarella cheese ball for true authenticity. You also have the option of adding on toppings like cured meats, different cheeses and more!

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Set: The Fullerton Hotel


Who served experiencing an afternoon of luxurious High Tea was just reserved for Mother’s Day celebrations??? Dads deserve spoiling too, especially if yours has a mega sweet tooth or enjoys a foodie-experience!

The three-tiered set arrives in a custom designed box set, and one of the tiers is solely filled with two types of scones, the other two filled with sweet treats and fancy savouries. Plus, they’ve got a specially themed one for this Father’s Day filled with inscribed macarons, salmon, tiger prawns, truffle, choux and so many more delightful sweet and savoury bites!

P.s. The Father’s Day Afternoon Tea Set is available from 18-20 June 2021.

One for our foodies, check these grilled steak sets: Bedrock Bar & Grill


Founded with a vision of only serving the finest steak cuts and meats, go on and utterly spoil dad this Father’s Day with a sumptuous steak FEAST!

Choose between their specially curated menus for this year’s special occasion mixing surf and turf (Tomahawk Surf & Turf Wine Set) and they comfortably serve 4-6 people, or opt for one of their ordinary Celebration Sets which have different meat cuts to choose from, all woodfire-grilled.

FYI, the Father’s Day Tomahawk Surf & Turf Wine Set is only available from 12-20 June 2021.

What’s a celebration without a Hot Pot Takeaway?!: Haidilao


Hotpot is one of those meals that’s fantastic for sharing amongst family, or large groups, and at a time when dining out is once again restricted, takeaway hotpot is just as great to enjoy at home together to be honest.

This restaurant has been immensely popular in Singapore for a number of years, with tons of different soup base options to choose from, such as pork belly and chicken soup, local laksa, and sichuan pickles, it’s no surprise why. They also provide a hotpot stove rental option.

It’s safe to say there’s something on this list for all types of dads, so have fun spoiling him this Father’s Day – they deserve it!

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