Guide to Aromatherapy Brands in Singapore: Where to Buy Online and In-store
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


Are you already a firm believer in essential oils? Or maybe you’ve never tried any aromatherapy brands before but have heard the latest talk around all things natural and healing for the body?


Great news for all: Singapore has an absolutely incredible range of aromatherapy brands, with many of them produced right here on home soil. From incredible oil blends to rollers, face oils, hydros and more, you’re actually spoilt for choice. Shop these aromatherapy brands online or find their various stockists and platforms below!

A trendy brand that’s also 100% vegan: nenä


Putting all of their efforts into creating lifestyle remedies through the use of essential oils, nenä focuses on everyday wellness rituals according to our different needs/moods experienced in a day.

Immunity, Performance, Stress Relief, Sleep and Body are the different categories you’ll find products under, and speaking of, all of their essential oils, rollers, cleansing sprays, shampoos, sanitizer gels and washes are made from 100% pure essential oils, each varying in different oil blends per category.

P.s. In-store you’ll discover their nenä remedy bar where you can customise your own essential oil blend here!

We want more: Mmerci Encore


This brand sort of reminds of an ancient apothecary store where you’d come to find natural medicines, herbs and concoctions way back in the day, and the small-batch, handcrafted products really reflect the same vibes.

Not to mention the products on offer…Check out their roll-ons such as the Flow Elixir created to help you live in the now, de-stress and boost your libido, or some of their special essential oils like Hinoki made from the forests of Japan. Room Aura Mists, Body cleansers and lotions are a few other options to buy from as well.

The locals that cover all beauty products: HYSSES


With the option of shopping by either scent or skin type, you’ll find yourself in essential oil heaven with their extensive range of beauty products, each and every one of them made from HYSSES essential oils.

Their Speciality oils, like Chamomile Roman, are still affordable and so are their blends such as the Memory Enhancer made from lavender and frankincense. From body mists to aromatherapy accessories like burners, we love that you can find everything you desire under one roof.

We’re already sold by the botanical illustration labels: Ollie


Are you a long-time user (and believer) of aromatherapy products, and that includes your essential oils? If you’re looking to add to your personal collection you’ll actually delight in the different and super interesting oils and blends available at Ollie – and not just all the usuals. Think Queensland Buddhawood, or Himalayan Cedarwood.

Sourcing sustainable oils from around the world allows the owner, Ollie, to create such products, and here you can shop for oils for Him & Her. And here’s one for the yogis, try their Yoga Mat Sanitizer Spray.

Your one-stop-shop for everything aromatherapy related: Nila


Perfecting their products since 2013, there is an entire team behind this aromatherapy brand that specialise in the field, and you can see it in their products – of which there’s just so much to choose from!

From their popular roll-ons to essential oils in all types and blends imaginable, cleansing bars, face mists, hydrosols, washes and even DIY supplies if you’re wanting to make your own natural beauty products at home, there’s a whole world of aromatherapy that awaits you at Nila.

Crystals and essential oils, what better combination: Kintsukuroi Studio


It wouldn’t be far off to say that if you’re into your aromatherapy practises and healing with the help of Mamma Earth, you’re probably also a believer in the healing powers of crystals, and stones alike.

Well get this, Kintsukurio is one brand that agrees and here you will find essential oil rollers that are charged with various crystals, which are added to the roller, with flecks of 24K Gold leaves too. Choose from the likes of Compassion/Love Crystal Oil made with Rose Quartz or Creativity/Inspiration Crystal Oil containing Rainbow Fluorite.

Fill not just your body but home with sweet scents: Hush


Have you got somewhat of an aroma-candle obsession? If you prefer this application than applying essential oils directly to the skin, or maybe you simply want to fill your home, and not just body, with the wonderful scents of different plant and floral extracts, then get a load of this completely eco-friendly brand.

Their soy candles contain different essential oils from Rose Nutmeg to Ylang Ylang Clove. Apart from their handcrafted soaps, you can stock up on essential oils and roll-ons like the detoxifying roller made from Geranium, Grapefruit and Orange essential oils, as well as room sprays and repellents.

Based on personal experience using aromatherapy to heal: Sixth Sense Aromatics


Diagnosed in 2019 with rheumatoid arthritis, the owner turned to using Aromatherapy to treat herself and once astounded by the results, wanted to share the same experiences (and knowledge) with others.

From body mists to essential oils, you’ll find all the usuals here, and then some…Not found at many stores, they’ve created diffuser jewelry pieces, including ones for face masks, that you wear and they contain essential oils within them – there’s even a range of such accessories for the car.

“It looks too yummy, I want to eat it instead!”: Sugar and Spice


With handcrafted, cold-pressed soaps (made from essential oils of course) that look so good that you almost want to eat them, you can kinda see where the name comes from.

Other natural skincare products on offer include serums, moisturisers, lotions and your regular oils under the Sugar and Spice brand such as Tea Tree, Grapefruit and Rosemary essential oils.

FYI. Soap workshops are also on offer with customisable moulds and shapes – go wild!

Free shipping for all orders in Singapore: My Pure Earth


Claiming “straight from the farm to the bottle”, if you’re finicky about knowing where all of your ingredients come from when using beauty and healthcare products this brand will be right up your alley.

Focusing purely on essential oils, choose from a crazy extensive range of single oils and blends, essential oil accessory pouches, diffuser jewelry like crystal/gemstone bracelets. They’ve also produced three different types of Hydrosols which are basically manufactured by distilling fresh flowers, leaves, fruit and other plant material and are often referred to as ‘flower water’.



You will quite literally feel the urge to go absolutely wild at this store and they’ve cleverly created a sort of an aromatherapy guide on their online platform that categories different needs alphabetically, for example, Coughs & colds, Headaches, PMS, etc making it easier to find the exact product best suited to help you heal.

Take your time going through the long lists of oils that they’ve created including popular blends such as 4 Thieves to other much-seeked single blends such as Vetiver and Frankincense.

For a unique combination of notes: Flo Aroma

Feel totally empowered and ready to go after using any one of Flo’s unique essential oil combinations that blend 3 single-note oils.

And because they’re created in-house you’ll find creative titles to match such as Bloom (Neroli, Lavender, Rosemary) or Enchanted (Lemongrass, Geranium, Lavender) and Conquer is filled with Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Cedarwood. They’ve also teamed up with Fawn to create an amazing Face Oil!

If you’re looking for a variety of essential oil rollers to choose from: To Be Calm


If you’re wanting to change your entire lifestyle and head in a completely natural direction, at To Be Calm you can shop for many aromatherapy goods, all under one name.

You’ll be impressed with their in-house essential oils and rollerball range, and they use these same oils to create other by-products such as body washes, pre-post workout body/massage oil, salt scrubs, candles, and much more!

Inspired by the Himalayan mountains: Rough Beauty


Sucker for anything made from essential oils? You’ll get lost in a dreamworld of different oil blends and roll-ons designed specifically for skin-use.

Each item is handmade and has a strong focal point in botanicals and their crafted soaps made from plant oils, herbs and spices are simply to.die.for.

Create your perfect calming space: Kirona Scent


Did you know that not all essential oils can come into direct contact with your skin and it’s important to note that oftentimes essential oils used for burners or diffusers aren’t suitable for bodily application.

Luckily at Kirona that’s a big definition and they do focus on essential oil diffusers (and all the gadgets and accessories that go with it) for the home, which are in fact water-based. Choose from a wide variety of different scents from the likes of Watermelon to Gingergrass, or try a house blend such as Brooklyn with light floral notes for tranquility.

Providing relief for the body and home: Breathe Essentials


This is an aromatherapy brand that’s made sure it’s branding is just as appealing as the actual products themselves, sticking with the minimalist trend.

Shop their range of organic essential oils using ingredients such as Bergamot, Geranium and Lavender grown in fields in Europe but used for manufacturing here in Singapore, or try one of their Yoga Mat Sprays or cocosoy essential candles.

Not just beauty products but a homecare range made from essential oils too: Young Living


This might be one of the most well-known and used essential oil brands around the world, and the good news is it’s easily available here in Singapore.

Due to its mass popularity and being around for years there are tons of choices, whether it be a roller, massage oils, single or blends of essential oils and if you’re wanting to change your entire lifestyle, you should check out their eco-friendly homecare range, Thieves, for products such as Laundry Soap made from Bergamot, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamomum, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils.

If that’s not an amazing variety, as well as a starting point, to choose from…Like we said, we’re spoilt for choice over here in Singapore.

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