Go Green: 18 Sustainable Stores in Singapore to Shop at for Eco-friendly, Organic, and Zero-waste Shopping
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


What many don’t realise is that eco-friendly products are designed to work with not only mother earth but with our bodies in a completely natural, and organic way – this is, after all, the goal of sustainable shopping is all about. And so the two go hand-in-hand.


We’re also at a crucial point in time when we do need to become more aware of our habits, and the long-term effects it could potentially have on our world. If you’re already on your way, or want to join the green team, here’s a guide to sustainable shopping in Singapore for everything zero-waste, including foods, homeware, beauty, pets, baby products, and so much more!

For those that live a completely conscious lifestyle: The Social Space


Not just bound to one shp, this is actually a multi-concept space where you’ll find a fair trade shop, conscious cafe and a refillery, all under one roof! So if you’re a full eco-warrior and only do your shopping at similar type stores, you’ll find everything you need under one spot – as well as a delicious cuppa afterwards.

From home decor, to skincare and lifestyle products, they’ve got an awesome selection of zero-waste products for sale at their store.

You won’t find a drop of plastic here: Scoop Wholefoods


Whilst this may not be the famous Wholefoods brand from the States, Scoop does originate from Australia where the latest trends are all about eco-friendly living and so refineries are popping up everywhere over the country…now on their way to our city!

Equipped as a refilery, you will need to bring your own container and you can choose from rows and rows of loose products which you scoop up into your home-bought container #plasticfree. Including a soapery and fermentry (fill up on Kombucha or Water Kefir) and all sorts of healthy, delicious and vegan-friendly foods.

Are you looking for eco-friendly alternatives?: The Sustainability Project


If you’re looking to make a complete lifestyle change, and by that we mean hopping onto the green conscious train, you can find everything you need to run a house and home without any harm being done to Mother Earth in the process.

From laundry detergent to plastic-like durable containers for the kitchen made from environmentally friendly, degradable materials…Whether looking for drinking cups, shampoo, or even second-hand books, they’re fully kitted!

Enter a world of reclaimed wood: CREUSE


It seems like woodwork is back in fashion, particularly for the home, kitchen and garden – and we love it!

The name stands for ‘creative reuse’: and that’s how exactly they’ve utilised their application of reclaimed wood, upcycling them into varying eco-friendly goods. Expect all sorts here from plant and herb box holders to furniture, accessories, botanical and wooden coasters, and so much more!

FYI: They also host various upcycling workshops (virtual sessions too!), where you can learn how to make products such as pallet coasters and fridge vase magnets!

DIY you own body/skincare products at home: The Castile Soap Shop


If you’ve got a thing for natural beauty and skincare products you’re going to lose your mind here!

Apart from its Refilery of raw ingredients for creating your own natural, botanical soaps at home, you can stock up on essential oils or earthy shampoo and conditioners (for your pets too). They also stock a range of body and beauty naturals including deodorant, moisturises and even eco laundry soap bars.

Homeware items made from minimum-waste materials: Chokmah


Have you noticed recently the amount of Terrazzo-style homeware items starting to appear in trendy homeware stores? (Terrazzo is a style where bits of broken materials are added together to create an end-product such as a mosaic tile.)

Taking cue, homeware brands like Chokmah have taken cue except you’ll find these items are made from jesmonite which is an eco-friendly material and can be easily manipulated to create shapes like ashtrays, or candle holders.

Vegan and low-waste skincare products: Oasis Skin


Is this candy? 100% vegan, this beauty and skincare range looks so delicious, you’ll probably want to eat your shampoo bar instead of using it.

Apart from the incredibly funky design, their ingredients are just as tantalising and they boast an impressive array of botanically-infused products. You can expect to find the likes of Acai & Lavender or Rose & Thyme, as well as Blue Pea and Tumeric bars.

Their Magic Powder Wash looks like you simply need to add a glass of almond milk to it and you’ve got yourself a yummy hot drink, but alas it’s in fact bath milk! Dreamy…

Kids, Garden, Clothing and Home: The Green Collective


Whether it’s wellness, utilities, wearables or garden and homeware that you’re seeking, this green brand stocks a wide variety of different niche items and goods.

Not only offering their own products, in-store they also stock a range of different eco-friendly brands and their goods, like the period.co’s menstrual cups, or slow-fashion items from You Living.

Save our trees: Ana Bookstore


If you’re like some of us, just the smell of old books is enough to get you going, so the idea of an entire book store filled with novels, books, and pages from a time before is amazing!

Known as one of the oldest second-hand book stores in the city, you’ll find a great selection of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as comics too! Categories range from the spiritual world to crime, and you can rent some books too!

Trendy, repurposed fashion and accessories: It Takes Balls


We love a cheeky brand and just by the name you know to expect some funky designs and items for sale.

Focusing on items that are hand woven and knitted, you can choose from an entire range of fashionable products from hand-knit clutch bags to shopping bags, backpacks, bracelets, beanies and more! You can even purchase your own DIY kit AND they also offer free knitting lessons!

From Austria to Hong Kong, the USA and now Singapore: Vom Fass


It’s not only food stores in Singapore that offer a refillery experience, and if you’re tired of buying bottle after bottle of liquor, drinks and other liquids for the kitchen such as oils and vinegars, only to chuck the bottle in the bin each time, you may want to consider Vom Fass as an alternative.

Actually a global brand with stores in countries across the world, the idea is to bring your own empty bottle and fill up on wine, spirits, vinegars, etc and they do have refills of gourmet foods too.

Looking to spruce up your accessories-game?: Two Baked Buns


Selling rattan headbands and handbags, bamboo face masks, homeware goods and more, all of offerings under this brand are made from either land and sea materials, like the adorable jewelry plate made from seashells.

Other collections are available from designers from around the world that only use sustainable practises, such as BE MAAD French Jewelry, designed in France and handcrafted using traditional techniques.

The first and original local zero-waste grocery store: UnPackt


If you hadn’t noticed prior, refilleries and zero-waste shopping outlets are becoming a real trend around the city, but many of them are international names, or they stock many imported products.

Back in 2018, UnPackt was actually the country’s very-first completely zero-waste shopping outlet that offered all local products from food to beauty products, household, cleaning and pantry items for a full restock experience, just like any other grocery store. And still do today!

The dreamiest (and softest) of fabrics: POETS + PROSE


Ever owned clothing made from bamboo materials before? If your answer is yes, you’ll know how absolutely wonderful any clothing items manufactured from the material feel on your skin…super light, airy and soft to the touch…

Utilising the extremely sustainable material, you shop for dresses, shirts, trousers, and more in gentle colour shades and their collections are regularly updated.

For the largest selection of health and wellness goods: Wellness Within


What started as a large online store has now turned into a physical store after gaining mass popularity, buyers and site-traffic and just as large as the online version, the actual store stocks absolutely everything.

Looking for baby and toddler goods that are eco-friendly? Or items to stock up on in the pantry? They got em’! Although they do have their own range, you’ll also find other wellness and natural health care brands and products for sale.

Shopping for foods or DIY supplies?: Eco.le


Completely organic and fair trade certified, bring a container, or five, along of your choice and get shopping for all things al naturale. On the food-front shop for grains and cereals, nuts, condiments, herbs, spices, and so much more!

We love their essential oils range, and they also offer tons of personal care items, including many vegan options. There’s also a candle decantering station, so bring your glass jar, pick and choose and stock up on DIY candle supplies or start a new hobby!

Got old clothes you want to get rid of and gain new ones whilst doing so?: The Fashion Pulpit


Have you ever taken part in a clothes swap before? Think of it like second-hand shopping, but instead of actually going to a shop and using money to buy clothes off a rack, you get to swap your clothes for others!

It’s also tons of fun as you sift through the piles and the great thing about any second-hand clothing store shopping is yu know you’ll always find something unique, that cost you next to nothing! (In this case, no real money at all!)

Feel good about the shoes you wear: Indosole


This is one type of shoe style that’s probably the most world-widely worn, used by all genders and ages, however when manufacturing flip flops, they’re not always the most environmentally friendly of shoes, often made from plastic or synthetic rubbers.

Originating from Indonesia, these guys offer an alternative, repurposing and reusing old tyres to make their shoes! How amazing is that? And they’re available in a variety of styles and different colours!

At the end of the day, the sort of small change that you’re trying to make towards protecting our environment, and changing your habits into more sustainable ones, is one step forward, and if we can all do so in our small way, the future’s looking bright!

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