Frozen Delights Delivered to Your Doorstep: 9 Ice Cream Deliveries in Singapore to Order Online
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Been around for decades, it’s one of those treats that’s enjoyed and love by both young and old, and ice-cream for many is a go-to after dinner treat or snack…But with many of our favorite gelato shops and dessert bars closed with the mini lockdown…Where to get your fix?

Not to worry, the city has you covered and there are multiple ice-cream stores that deliver straight to your door! Check them out and happy ordering! (And eating)

Handcrafted from scratch: Apiary

Wildflower Honey ice-cream (with cocoa nibs) anyone? Or how about Blue Milk, infused with Blue Pea flowers and Himalayan pink salt…? These are just a few of the really unique and delicate flavours you’ll find on this menu.

Shop their tub sizes, or try their Bundle set which is delivered with five mini tubs and flavours are made up of their best sellers!

Unusual flavours like you’ve never heard before: FatCat


Feeling indecisive? Leave it up to the professionals and opt for their Mysterious Flavour and be surprised when your delivery arrives, or if you’re not one for taking chances, choose from the likes of Butter Beer, Hay & Honey, Earl Grey Lavender, etc.

Here you have the option of ordering a single scoop or pint, or if there’s a group of you, there’s a bundle option too. Make it a dessert party and top up your order with one of their signature brown butter waffles too!

Fresh and creative takes on the classics: Monarchs & Milkweed


Are you somewhat of an adventurous eater? You’ll love the concept behind this brand, which was started by two actual cooks – so you know they know their way around a kitchen, and they’re all about innovative flavours and creating interesting pairings whilst doing so.

Expect the likes of Soursop Mint, Brown Butter Sage, Goma, or Chocolate Pandan…are your mouths watering yet too???

Who said indulging in ice-cream had to be unhealthy?: Mrs Plumps


When the cold, sweet stuff tastes this good you won’t even realise that you’re also getting in plenty of superfoods at this same time (which every single flavour includes), and if you’ve got any strict dietary requirements, chances are you’ll find something that’s easy on the stomach and body.

Shop by range and choose from categories such as Cheat Day, Keto Range, and their Superfood Range including popsicles! And the options are delicious with Vietnamese Coffee, Chocolate Kale, Cinnamon Coconut and Acai as a few teasers for you.

For a wonderland of fusion flavours: Dopa Dopa Creamery

If you consider yourself somewhat of a gelato snob, you’ll find yourself seriously impressed with the actual texture and quality of the ice-cream at Dopa Dopa, which is just so luxuriously creamy, but still holds the perfect shape.

Playing around with a fusion of inspirations, indulge yourself in the likes of Coconut Pandan with Gula Malacca, Brown Butter Crumble or Mango Pear Sorbet…Apart from artisanal ice-cream, try their specialty coffee.

You probably wouldn’t believe it if we didn’t tell you this is 100% vegan: Kind Kones


We’ve got something for everyone on this list, and apart from serving you al naturale, totally vegan ice-cream, there’s also a gluten-free section, as well as keto-friendly.

Mouth-watering flavours will tantalize you with the likes of baklava, or almond brittle fudge, snickers, durian, charcoal vanilla…the list goes on and on…And do check out some of their vegan treats before paying for your shopping cart online.

Showcasing local flavours like Cereal mai pian and Muah chee : No Horse Run


Honing in on local inspirations, choose from a range of classic and premium gelato that celebrate traditional flavours and heritage, but using premium and sustainably sourced ingredients from other parts of the globe, like Uji Matcha and Australian strawberries.

Their ice-cream also claims to be made with lower fat and less sugar than most and if ordering any of their pints online, you receive a 15% discount (use the promo code 15OFF, but do check their website to see if it’s still applicable at time of ordering).

It’s ice-cream and waffles time: The Humble Scoop


Oh to be a child again, when everything is still innocent and unknown…Aiming to recreate these feelings and the fleeting moments that come with it, this ice-cream shop is all about bringing back the nostalgia of being a kid eating ice-cream BUT this time round, their gelato is free from colourings, flavourings or additives.

They’re another brand that’s locally inspired and their flavours reflect this too, all made from scratch. Try for their Inkuehdible Pint (Salted Coconut and Gula Malacca), or the Atas Ripple Pint (Homemade blackcurrant jam swirled in a creamy gelato).

P.s. Add on brownies, waffles or banana pie.

The perfect after-dinner dessert for date night: Udders Ice Cream


Whilst bars and restaurants may be temporarily closed, if you’ve cooked your loved one a delish meal, finish it off with a nightcap and dessert in one at home as Udders specialises in alcoholic ice-cream!

Try one of their liquor-type flavours like Baileys & Bourbon or opt for something non-alcoholic such as Himalayan Salt Lemon Sherbet!! If you’re watching your calories, check out their New Nuude range, all natural and made with lower calories.

Ice-cream is ALWAYS a good idea, and now you can order-in and still enjoy it when that craving hits!

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