From Fashion to Homeware: Shop at These 14 Independent Designer Brands in Singapore
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

We all love a bit of luxury, one of the (many) reasons why independent designer brands have such a pull over people. On that note, being independent and not mass produced for mainstream crowds, you’ll often find that items are less expensive than major international designer brands – plus, items and pieces you purchase are often unique and once-off!

Singapore has its fair share of independent brands, both local and now all over international shores. Happy shopping!

Clothing – Fashion, fashion we love it all. Check out these independent brands for women & men.

A born and bred local brand, they now have flagships stores around the world, including NYC and London!: SABRINAGOH


With a playful take on geometric and minimalist design, this brand has won multiple awards and is known for its structural garment pieces that almost pay an ode and take inspiration from the classic and clean shapes of the 50s and early 60s fashion.

When the brand first launched, it was originally called ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh, but since it’s 12 years of opening, it’s now involved into the label SABRINAGOH, still with the same ethos and aesthetics.

Looking for once-off pieces?: Ong Shunmugam


Known for being a contemporary womenswear brand, the designer behind this label focuses on presenting colourful prints and funky patterns but using traditional Asian designs as an inspiration.

Don’t go expecting any fast-fashion items here, instead the brand uses a sartorial construction approach and every item is hand-tailored. Although focusing more on womenswear, they have a few collabs with unisex garments availble.

Versatile active wear that can be work for a workout or to run errands: Kydra


This next Singaporean designer specialises in luxe activewear – which if you hadn’t noticed is all the rage at the moment, probably with a bit of thanks to Kim K and hers Skims range which blew up across the world! (Not to mention we’ve all been home a lot more recently).

Sporting comfy, durable and soft clothing for both guys and gals, shop for yoga pants and sports bras, joggers, tees, and more! All designs are trendy and simple and come in an array of awesome colours, no patterns – so you can mix and match any activewear items together and they compliment each other!

Accessories – When shopping for designer brands it always means you’re going to find a) quality goods that last a while and b) something unique, which makes all the difference in the accessory game.

Each piece of jewelry tells a story: CARRIE K


Whether it’s a piece for everyday or something more along the lines of a special occasion, this upmarket jewelry store caters to all needs (although they are more slightly pricey but most items are made from either silver or gold).

What sets them apart though is that they create each piece to tell a stough through its make-up, such as their series inspired by Morse code, using dot and line elements in the pieces. And get this, they also offer a free 90-minute workshop where you can learn how to select the best diamonds and gemstones, cough cough, wedding bells.

Colorful jewels that will stand out at any occasion: Hadasity


For some reasons the accessories you’ll find at Hadasity remind us of mermaids and princesses, or at least, the type of jewelry you wish to wear on a care-free island like Greece.

Every single item is unique, using gold or or bespoke wires and the complex designs are also made with semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals and other raw stones and the colorful designs make them feature pieces with any outfit, including weddings – to which they cater.

When the sun shines 24/7, get serious about eye protection: The Rocket Eyewear Company


Created by a local brother and sister duo, shop for classy and trendy eyewear, including sunglasses and eyeglasses suitable for both him&her.

Unlike most eyewear shops in town, they actually only focus on one style in particular, inspired by a classical shape their mom has always worn. They’ve perfected the shape and offer them in over 16 specialised colours, allowing you to customise every last detail – even the shade of the lenses themselves! They also sell a blue-light blocking glasses range and get this, you can select either an Asian or European fit!

Loved by many celebrities like hip-hop singer Wang Yitai and Korean artist Lee Sung: HYPERGRAND


If you’re quite the fashionista you know that every last detail counts, like the type of watch you’re flashing that night, If you take these kinds of things seriously and dig your retro/fashion styles, get a load of this ultra-cool watch brand.

We love that you can purchase straps separately – which come in an array of funky prints, as well as different materials – and they sell watch faces in tons of different designs, styles and colours as well.

Sometimes, experience does make all the difference: KWANPEN


What started as humble beginnings back in 1938 has evolved into a shop that designs, manufactures and serves world-class leather goods that show off the stunning craftsmanship and skill behind the designs.

All leather goods are made of high-quality pure crocodile leather, from their chain bags, to clutches, wallets, belts, phone covers and even leather sandals!

Accessories – Some enjoy shopping for themselves, whilst others may enjoy sprucing up not their own looks, but their homes. This one’s for you!

Ong Shunmugam


Tableware, rattan, dishes, interiors. “Suvarnabumi breaks down the Ong Shunmugam codes to bring eccentric, beautiful and contemplative homeware to life.”

Loads of Asian influence which they say ethnic-style tableware and tropical fruit-themed home furnishing products.

This may just be our new favourite homeware brand: Scene Shang


It’s not often you find a homeware store that features and specialises in classic Chinese interiors – which can sometimes be known for being dull, old-fashioned and quite heavily placed.

But we’re pretty obsessed with this brand that uses classic Chinese elements but mixes it to create contemporary, on-fashion furniture pieces for the home that ooze clean design, and they use mostly natural elements. Plus it’s not just furniture but tons of other interior items they have for sale too, from essential oils to carpets.

Set up like an exhibition with gorgeous ceramics on display: Supermama


Have you got a thing for porcelain? Fill your cupboards and delight your dinner guests next time round with any of these homeware items, and we love the different prints that make up each one, from a map of Singapore to Peranakan tiled renditions!

Also check out their signature cobalt blue and white porcelain collection, “Singapore Icons” and they also sell a range of Japanese craft homegoods.

An aromatherapy brand inspired by Singapore and her surroundings: TEMPLE CANDLES


There’s nothing better than walking into somebody’s home, or any space for that matter, and the air is filled with luxury scents. Shop for gorgeously scented candles, diffusers, room and linen sprays, and hand & body lotions that are all created using essential oils.

Using botanical fragrances as an inspiration, all products are ethically sourced and manufactured within Singapore.

Gifts/Souvenirs – Remember your holiday forever, or buy something special for your loved ones!

A tribute to the traditional Singaporean perfumes back in the 1960s: Singapore Memories


Did you know that Singapore’s national flower is a Vanda Miss Joaquim, or as it’s also called, the Singapore orchid! These carefully curated bottles of perfume pay homage to the country’s precious flower – which is known to bloom pretty much all year round!

Creating perfumes, room sprays and diffusers, including unisex fragrance options, they use native orchids as the base notes, combined with other popular Asian plants, fruits, herbs and spices.

Support a sustainable cause and stock up on home items at the same time: The Animal Project


Not only are you walking away with unique gifts or souvenirs, but every time you purchase any painting, mug or accessory from this homeware store, the sales go directly to the artists themselves, all of whom are autistic.

Not only limited to the above items, shop for placemats, tote bags, backpacks, pencil cases and even travel mugs and we love that there are many different styles from the various artists.

Why dress like everyone else, or own the same household items as every Zara Home store in town, when you can own one of a kind pieces?

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