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10 Fun and Family-Friendly Urban Farms to Explore in Singapore

10 Fun and Family-Friendly Urban Farms to Explore in Singapore

Over the last year, gardening has become quite a trend in many cities worldwide. If you’re interested to see how urban farms look like in Singapore, read on for more! 

Our list below is filled with places where you can not only explore these urban farms, you can also buy the local produce fresh from the garden!

1. This may just be the future of farming: Sky Greens 

Forget ordinary garden beds and plants growing in straight rows, instead get a load of Singapore’s first rotating vertical garden where in fact, all of the plants and herbs that they sell is grown in a vertical greenhouse, where everything grows upwards, instead of on the ground. 

Photos: @funfarming2019, @hairizadbool, @ratih_kd13 on Instagram

These vertical systems are 9 metres high and consist of around three levels in which various greens grow from – it’s also pretty cool just to check out, as well as super inspiring! 

Sky Greens

Price: Produce sold at: Fairprice and Fairprice Finest

Address: 200 Lim Chu Kang Lane 3, Singapore 718804 (Map)

Contact: +65 6898 4858


2. The first and only urban rooftop farm in the city: Comcorp

This began in big cities like New York and Amsterdam. Now we have a rooftop garden farm here in Singapore that cultivates herbs and veggies to sell to the local community! 

Photos by @comcropsg on Instagram

Utilising hydronic technologies in their grow setup, they’re able to produce their greens using minimal resources – making it ideal for an urban setting. Shop for herbs like chye sim, basil, Green Emerald lettuce and more! 


Price: Produce sold at: Redmart, Fairprice Finest

Address: Rooftop, 15 Woodlands Loop Singapore, Singapore 738322 (Map)


3. From live microgreen boxes to edible flowers: Edible Garden City​

Community gardens are pretty common in Singapore, except you’ll usually find them at ground level. These guys have chosen to make use of rooftop spaces in the city, growing their beds of herbs, flowers and produce up here instead. 

Photo by @alison_wilson_artist on Instagram

And get this: they’ve formed a grow-your-own food initiative through their Foodscape project, offering their services in helping you to create and maintain your own food garden. 

Photos: @kimmiehoon, @alison_wilson_artist on Instagram

If you’ve got green fingers, you can also volunteer at the garden, and learn a whole bunch about cultivation whilst you’re at it, and how to harvest your own produce! 

Edible Garden City​

Price: Produce sold at: Edible Garden City website

Address: 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375 (Map)


4. Stocking an interesting range of herbs and leafy greens: CITIPONICS 

If you’re fussy about knowing where your food comes from, particularly on the environmentally-friendly front… 

Photos: @citiponics, @theminimantis on Instagram

You’ll be stoked to know Citiponics only uses sustainable farming practices adopting a zero-waste policy, letting off minimal carbon emissions, and all their produce is completely pesticide-free. 

Photo by @citiponics on Instagram

They stock an interesting range of herbs, all grown within their vertical rooftop garden system, cleverly made from linked PVC pipes!


Price: Produce sold at: CITIPONICS website

Address: 700 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6,Multi-Storey Car Park Level 6,Singapore 560700 (Map)

Contact: +65 9777 0520


5. Specialising in producing the tastiest, freshest spinach in town: Artisan Green

Sometimes the risk you take with growing any plant outdoors is it becomes subject to outside, natural forces such as bugs, disease, and unclean air. 

Photos: @artisan.green, @ray.in.sg on Instagram

Taking extra care, Artisan’s fresh greens are grown indoors in a controlled environment, using hydroponic technologies and they’ve opted for a vertical garden system as well. They’re also eco-conscious, making sure to use 90% less water than most soil-based ground farms!

Artisan Green

Price: Produce sold at: SF Food & Beverage, Ryan’s Grocery

Address: 16 Kallang Place, #04-19/20, Singapore 339156 (Map)


6. With a serious focus on sustainable growing practises: Hydro Urban

This is another farm that has chosen the indoor route, allowing them to quality control everything, and they only grow produce that is 100% free from pesticides. 

Photos by @pure4usg on Instagram

Although their farm is 3500 square feet, they are able to use less water and energy but still provide more produce than many large-scale, traditional landscapes. And they specialise in growing Asian leafy greens and herbs too!

Hydro Urban

Price: Produce sold at: Hydro Urban website

Address: 55 Ubi Ave 1, #03-09, Singapore 408935 (Map)

Contact: +65 9228 1298


7. Operating in the farm fresh egg business since 1987: Seng Choon Farm

It’s always great to know where your food is coming from, especially products that are produced on a mass scale, such as eggs for example. 

Photos: @ntuhall4, @airkinzo on Instagram

These farmers make sure to provide their hens and babies with love, feeding them a superior diet that includes beneficial nutrients like lutein and Omega 3. 

They sell a variety of eggs from Golden Corn eggs to 1st Born and Carrot eggs, as well as quail eggs, century eggs and salted ones too. 

Seng Choon Farm

Price: Produce sold at: Fair Price, Cold Storage

Address: 1 Jln Gemala 2, Singapore 718798 (Map)

Contact: +65 6762 2858


8. The one and only surviving goat farm in Singapore: Hay Dairies 

Back in the days, there were quite a few goat farms around. However this is the one and only surviving one around today. 

Photos: @ladyshalyn, @samanthasweets_ on Instagram

If you’re travelling with kids, they will love it here. You can not only visit the goats, but you get to milk and feed them as well! Don’t leave without buying a bottle of fresh goat’s milk, and try the ice-cream! 

Photo by @fangqi.heath on Instagram

If you love by-products made from goat’s milk (or are simply curious to try it for the first time), do pay them a visit. 

Hay Dairies

Price: Produce sold at: Goat’s milk sold at Redmart and Cold Storage

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859 (Map)

Contact: +65 6792 0931


9. If you think this is just an average farm visit think again: Bollywood Veggies

Not just a farm, there are so many activities to do and see down here that will get your green hearts pumping! 

Photo by @mumuee on Instagram

From farm tours to indoor culinary classes, a food museum and a stunning on-site bistro, Poison Ivy serving farm-to-table style foods – there’s much to discover at these grounds in Northern Singapore.  

Photos: @mumuee, @lucywanders on Instagram

You’ll get lost exploring their tropical paradise filled with all sorts of fruit, veggies, herbs and more, and don’t forget to check out their shop selling goods from the farm here too. 

Note: All group trips and activities have been suspended due to Covid-19, please check their official website for the latest news.

Bollywood Veggies

Price: Produce sold at: Bollywood Veggies

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026 (Map)

Contact: +65 6898 5001 


10. For a truly authentic farm-to-table experience: Open Farm Community

There’s something so joyful about going to a restaurant and knowing that your food comes right from the gardens beside it. 

Photos: @turtleism, @eat_play_love on Instagram

This is the concept behind this urban farm and eatery. Before or after your meal, don’t forget to take a gander around the veggies and fruit orchards that are growing around you.

Photo by @annsylvania on Instagram

Open Farm Community

Price: Produce sold at: Delivery from Oddle, Grabfood, or Deliveroo

Address: 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819 (Map)

Contact: +65 6471 0306 


These urban farmers and gardens are becoming more and more popular around Singapore, not to mention super interesting to check out too! 

For more nature-inspired things to do around Singapore, download our SmooveX app today and keep updated wherever you are in the city!

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