Eco-warriors: 15 Local Brands to Shop for Sustainable Fashion in Singapore + Where to Find Them
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


We’re living in times when the word sustainable is big on everyone’s lips. And it makes sense really as our world as a whole has gone through somewhat of a dramatic shift lately, changing our perceptions and the way we look at things.


If you’ve felt the need to make a lifestyle change in a more eco-friendly way of living, or perhaps you’re already a green-warrior and are wondering where to find fashion labels that match your thinking? We’re in love with these local fashion brands that are governed by ethical practises and that give back to communities and our environment at the same time. Happy (sustainable) shopping!

Timeless, classic pieces that never go out of trend (but are SO on-trend right now): Sans Faff


As a sustainable label, the fashionable clothing pieces that you’ll find at Sans Faff are manufactured in small quantities, and so each piece of clothing that you buy is sort of a limited item you could say.

They’ve ditched harmful methods affecting our environment on all fronts. They only use bamboo fibre in their clothing (instead of rayon or viscose which is often made from trees in endangered forests) and all of their packaging is eco-friendly, from their label tags to their biodegradable mailing bags. And get this -1% of total profit shares is donated to a non-profit organisation that protects SIngapore’s home environment.

Browse their fashion by category, from hand-broided pieces to herbal dyes and hand printed pieces: Sui


Did you know that the word sui means needle in Hindi? Adapting this word into the company’s ethos, their goal is to “connect the threads of nature with sustainable fashion.” Using sustainable fabrics like hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials they offer an extensive range where you can shop for jumpsuits, tees, trousers, dresses, and even masks.

Created through slow-fashion, we love the actual design of their clothing, which gorgeously showcases a fusion of Singaporean and Indian design aesthetics. Expect loads of flowy cuts, and regal prints.

Whilst you’re at it, make sure your sports wardrobe is sustainable too: Rangoon


Changing the tracks ever so slightly, this is actually an activewear brand, and being created by a yoga teacher and mega fitness enthusiast, each piece is designed to be comfortable, functionable and long-lasting.

Whether choosing a sports bra or leggings, all pieces match with each other, and we love their no-print approach which makes each garment versatile too. Stocking a range for both women and men, they also now have a small streetwear and accessories range, so do check it out!

Does your fashion sense lean more towards the minimalist vibes?: Paradigm Shift Label


Clean, sleek and ultra chic, all of the clothing that this label creates is minimalist in design and easy to wear, some pieces even created for both him&her to wear. All about responsible practises, this slow fashion house doesn’t worry about keeping up with the latest trends, instead they aim to create timeless and beautiful clothes.

They’re also here to break stigmas and show that just because garments are ‘made in China’, it doesn’t always equal mass production. They go to lengths to bridge the gap between the consumer and manufacturer, working with a small production team of six on an intimate level, who are based in China. (If you hop onto their website you can ‘meet’ some of the team members too.)

Do you like to make a statement with your clothes?: Oliveankara


Bright colours and bold prints, we’re pretty obsessed with this local slow-fashion brand that celebrates and showcases traditional vibrant African design.

Created by Nigerain designer now living in Singapore, her aim was to create a range that celebrated the diversity of Singapore’s country, whilst introducing African prints and structural designs (taking inspiration from the Italian masters in this regard). From skirts to dresses, jumpsuits and awesome accessories like bucket hats, headbands, bags, backpacks and more, they cover most categories in fashion.

Only using materials found in nature: WoonHung


Swapping clothing for jewels, check out WoonHung’s epic geometric, block-shaped approach to jewelry, ditching metals, silver and gold for wood instead, adding to the naturalistic feeling that the brand exudes.

Each piece, whether its a pair of earrings or necklace, undergoes a lengthy process before the final design is finished and every single bead is washed and sorted, hand-dyed and polished by hand, using no machines here, just traditional skilled craftsmanship (and all craftsmen are from Cebu, Philippines).

Ever owned a bikini made from single-use water bottles?: August Society

We’re covering all fashion categories and next up we’re serving you sustainable swimwear – and that includes for both women, men and kids!

The best part is that every single item that you buy from these guys is actually made from recycled materials (if you didn’t know prior, the material and fabrics used to make bikinis for example is really bad for our environment!). They place a strong emphasis on creating quality swimwear too, that doesn’t need replacing often from stretching out or fading thanks to sunny beach days!

Where to cool kids come to do their fashion-hunting: Nonmainstream


Are your favourite places to shop for fashion among the second-hand varieties and thrift vintage stores? Sustainable for obvious reasons, these sorts of shops are often where you’ll find not just bargain prices, but you may even walk away with rare designer names from a runway collection years before.

Nonmainstream offers more menswear, but that’s not to say anyone can’t wear the vintage graphic tees, flannel shirts or retro hoodies either!

If you’ve been searching for an eco-friendly children’s range…: Esse


Why not do your clothes shopping under one roof, and this fashion house has recently introduced not just a kids clothing range, but one designed for both mom and baby!

The brand was started when its founder felt the sudden urge to reduce her wardrobe size and only buy pieces that can be reworn over the years, not just a once-off fad. Apart from the mommy things, their womenswear is made up of classic and minimalist design that seems to take inspiration from both the East and West, using a lot of flowy and organic fabrics, such as organic cotton, linen and tencel.

The perfect gift: By Invite Only


It’s not that often that you hear of a fashion brand, let alone a jewellery label that actually focuses on creating products for sensitive skin, right?! Each piece here is manufactured free from the three major toxins oftentimes found in jewels, and these are lead, nickel and cadmium.

We love their elegant and refined designs, using precious stones in many of the ranges, such as Birthstone, which includes a necklace and bracelet variation. Not just looking out for the body, they also make sure that throughout production they only engage with ethical practises, from their factories to their shipping emissions.

Creating classic tees and garments for men and ladies: Source Collections


If you’re a fuss-free sort of dresser that prefers plain fabrics and classic and simple cuts, you’ll probably gravitate towards this eco-friendly brand. They also offer a range of underwear for women which carries the same design aesthetic.

Their clothes are made from sustainable fabrics, plastic-free packaging is assumed (including deliveries) and they’ve gone to great lengths, and spent many months making sure they’ve found the best factories to work with that take care of its employees. Nice one guys!

Boho designs that remind of of the dresses worn by Flamenco dancers <3: Whispers and Anarchy


If you’ve ever travelled to Spain you may notice some of the similarities in the clothing line over at Whispers and Anarchy, combining Spanish heritage with Southeast Asian culture, and their gypsy theme has been slightly elevated, minimized and modernised.

Thanks to their flowy designs, their dresses, and accessories, made from naturally-sourced fabrics are complimentary on all body shapes, and with their slow-fashion approach, you won’t find many others with the same outfit as you! Other eco-friendly pluses include their sustainable packaging, like their compostable mailing bag, and they work with a family-run workshop in Bali on the manufacturing front.

Unique, standout accessories that represents African design: Ashepa


Honing in on fashionable accessories, add any one of these bags, statement jewelry pieces or pair of shoes to your wardrobe, and know that you’re helping to give back to local communities.

This African brand sources their artisanal pieces from artists across the continent, and as founder Chetna Bhatt was born in Kenya, the business works closely with a grassroots organisation, SHOFCO, to provide for areas in need in the country.

Giving clothes a new home: THREADLIGHTLY


If you’ve landed on this page in the hopes of hunting down thrift store deals, this second-hand shop not only has items that have been owned once before, but they also sell a bunch of reworked fashion pieces.

On the racks you’ll discover clothing for all genders and we would recommend checking out their page regularly to see when their next crazy sale is, where they bargain off items for super-duper cheap prices!

Eco-friendly AND vegan: Zhai


Yup, that’s right, this fashion and accessory label is in fact all vegan, only using natural materials that don’t harm our environment, nor the living creatures on it in the process!

Shop for ladies dresses, skirts, pants and tops, or check out their men’s tees – and all garments are manufactured from natural fibres like bamboo, eucalyptus, linen, and tencel. Ditch the plastics and also review their homeware range, we’ve ditched the plastic wrap and have a material cover for your bowls at home too and we’ve never looked back, they’ve got ones in really pretty designs too!

Feel good about the clothes and accessories you wear, knowing that at least if it’s in some small way, you’re contributing towards a greener earth <3.

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