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Daniel’s Journey: The Business Traveller

Daniel’s Journey: The Business Traveller

Thirty-nine-year-old entrepreneur Daniel Knox pores over his sales report for March and happily zeroes in on the figures reflected at the bottom of the paper. Corgift, a company he owns that sells corporate gift items, overshot their target profit for a year straight. The Melbourne, Australia native beams with pride inside his chic suburban Brunswick home as he translates what the numbers mean: he now has enough capital to set up shop in Singapore, one of the leading financial hubs in Asia.

Daniel starts to put his plan into action by whipping out his mobile phone and launching SmooveX, a lifestyle and mobility app he downloaded last year. As a businessman who values time and productivity the most, he’s been using the app to plan and manage his overseas journeys via its comprehensive travel tools such as curated content and digital payment, to name a few. 

With various border controls and constantly changing travel protocol being reported in the news, Daniel chooses to tap on the Tourist Essentials section on the SmooveX app where users find regularly updated travel-related news and advisories for every country. He discovers that quarantine-free travel between Australia and Singapore will begin in July 2021, so he decides to fly to the Little Red Dot in August. 

It would be the Corgift founder and CEO’s first time to travel to Singapore, so he has no clue which hotel to book for his week-long stay. He doesn’t fret, though, because SmooveX helps him make an informed decision again. The app possesses a wide array of accommodation listings via the Search Bar and the For You section. Daniel could browse various hotels there that are rated and reviewed by travellers themselves. He settles on a three-star hotel located in Raffles Place, which is known as Singapore’s financial district, according to locals’ recommendations. 

Daniel then proceeds to set appointments with potential business partners. After confirming their availability, he tries to decide which meeting places in Singapore are the ideal venues to seal deals. While Daniel finds SmooveX’s database of restaurants and cafes helpful, he also dives into the app’s Discover page, where he can read up on a myriad of travel-related content that touches on a diverse range of topics from traveller tips to riveting travelogues. Daniel finds this feature extremely convenient because the in-app articles are already there, ready to be devoured. 

Daniel departs Melbourne by the first of August and arrives in Singapore on a humid afternoon as scheduled. While taxis are available at the arrival area, he prefers to skip the queue and orders a cab via SmooveX’s Maps feature. His ride picks him up shortly and drops him off at his hotel without a hitch. He doesn’t need to download other ride-hailing and street-mapping apps for the rest of his trip because the same tool helps him get around Singapore with just a few taps on his phone and without surprise hidden charges. 

Before Daniel’s business trip comes to an end, he thinks of bringing a piece or two of Singapore with him. However, the idea of squeezing into crowded malls to buy souvenirs worries him due to pandemic-related reasons. Thankfully, SmooveX has online retail stores where Daniel could choose from a wide range of local products and have them delivered at the comfort of his hotel room. He taps on the Shop icon, browses through a comprehensive collection of local brands to buy from, purchases the items he likes, and pays for them using the platform’s Multi-Currency Wallet. All were done in a matter of minutes and within the app. 

Daniel comfortably settles on his flight back to his hometown in Melbourne and reflects on his trip to Singapore. It was smooth and productive, just the way he wanted it. As soon as he landed at Tullamarine Airport, he revisited the travel itinerary he created using SmooveX’s smart itinerary function and shared it with his fellow entrepreneurs who are also planning to find business ventures in Singapore

In 2012, Ara packed her bags and braved Singapore to start a new life outside her comfort zone and hometown Manila, Philippines. She is a writer by heart, hip-hop dancer by passion, and jetsetter by choice. On her downtime, Ara is caught either chronicling her millennial adventures on her Instagram account, or curled up in quiet corner reading books on her Kindle.