Cycling Is the New Thing: 13 Biking Trails With Sparkling Water Views in Singapore
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


Anyone else noticed the cycle trend that seems to be taking Singapore by storm at the moment? And we’re so into it, it’s not only a great way to get in some exercise, but it also relieves a lot of stress and tension, plus cycling is always fun! (We’ve loved to bike since kids after all).


Looking for amazing Biking Trails around Singapore? Why not opt for paths that also happen to have sparkling water views! From the coast to forested jungles, these trails are also really beautiful!

The best of both worlds: Coney Island


Head on over to the Northeastern side of the island and spend a few hours exploring the area here by bike, that has both a forestry and coastal vibe about it.

Trails lead you along both areas, as well as through grasslands and sandy pathways, and half the fun about cycling down at Coney Island is the adventure that comes along with it!

Have you visited this hidden gem before?: Rower’s Bay Park


We highly recommend choosing this spot for an evening cycle, particularly just as the sun begins to set, because the views over the water as the sky illuminates it all is rather spectacular.

The area that surrounds it is made up of wetlands, and there’s a boardwalk built among it that stretches on and on, ideal for cyclists, or an evening run. The nature and wildlife here is stunning too.

An ideal cycle spot for sunset: Lower Seletar Reservoir Park


Thanks to the size of this huge man-made lake, the sparkling waters follow you wherever you go, and this is another incredible park to go biking during sunset hours, with waters so clear the clouds and light reflect off it.

Recently upgraded by the National Environment Agency make sure to end your cycle off down at the end of the pier which stops in the waters, and just as an FYI, it’s also a popular spot for canoeing, fishing and running.

Looking for a slight cycling challenge? Upper Peirce Reservoir Park


This park feels like it belongs in North America, and with the turquoise lake reservoir area surrounded by forests of trees, you’ll feel instantly transported…All that’s missing is a campsite…

Still perfect for a post-cycle picnic, the area is awesome for cyclists and seems to be a hub for them – probably thanks to the wide spaces, as well as few hills and inclines to cover, making the track not just flat, with a bit of exploring involved.

Tons of wildlife and nature, you won’t feel like you’re in the city anymore: Hindhede Nature Park


Making your way along the trail, with a few hills involved, at the end of the park you’ll reach the Hindhede Quarry where the water is so clear you’ll be able to spot the fishies swimming below.

The entire area is surrounded by masses of trees and so the space feels dence and ultra lush, making it a fresh escape out of the city and a peaceful place for a rendezvous between you and your bike!

Pulau Ubin


This next trail is already popular among the locals for a reason, and with views like these that are just so insta-worthy, Pulau Ubin brings in the crowds.

The entire area of this little island is well known for its many cycling trails, and to reach it you simply hop on a 15 minute ferry, bring along your bicycle for the journey. However, there is also the option of renting a bike once you reach Pulau Ubin, from a company like 25 Pulau Ubin Bicycle Rental.

One for the nature lovers: Upper Seletar Reservoir


We absolutely adore the big, wide open spaces down at this reservoir, giving you freedom to cycle without having to worry about the oncoming traffic of other bikers, runners, joggers, or families for that matter.

But just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it doesn’t get busy, especially with cyclists, and apart from the fresh waters, there’s an abundance of flora and nature around you, all 15 hectares of it!

Pretty blue ocean views: Labrador Nature Reserve


This nature reserve is certainly intriguing, what with the jungle-y spaces with decrepit buildings overgrown with greenery, and the bright red steel lighthouse structure at the end of the pier…Oh, and it’s found on the rocky sea-cliffs in the Southern part of Singapore!

Bike along the oceanic boardwalk or venture off further into the tropical trees. Watch out for little squirrels along the way though, and avid birdwatchers, you’ll find many different species fluttering around, including the Oriental Magpie-Robin!

Singapore’s oldest reservoir and with 20kms worth of trails: MacRitchie Reservoir


If you’re secretly a mermaid and find your heart most happiest when near any body of water, wait until you get a load of the pretty emerald blue waters here, that almost reminds us of a jungle trek scene out of Thailand…

The reservoir of water is super calming, and with the walkway running right alongside it, you’ll feel totally rejuvenated after an after cycle here.

I mean, it’s cycling next to the ocean!: Changi Point Coastal Walk


Made up of a 2.2 kilometre stretch, this boardwalk offers six different trails that all end up reconnecting to the main walkway and each of them show off different natural sights along the way, and are namely aptly according to their surrounding.

Try the Beach Walk for amazing direct ocean or the Cliff Walk for a more rockier terrain.

Ever been inside one of SIngapore’s rainforests before?: Lower Peirce Reservoir


You’ll feel totally hidden away from the world here, and if you’ve had a crazy busy day of work, or shopping, this is an ideal location to unwind and listen to the sounds of nature as you cycle along roads and boardwalks surrounded by forests of trees.

There is also a 900 metre long walkway that runs directly next to the dam water.

P.s. It was formerly known as the Kallang River Reservoir

Coastal scenes and awesome views of The Johor Strait: Woodlands Waterfront Park


Get this; this is actually one of the few spots on this side of the island where you can get a direct Northern viewpoint of the ocean in front of you.

Do take advantage of the 1.5 kilometre waterfront promenade and you’ll taste the salty air as you ride along the coastal strip. Many cyclists enjoy coming here around evening and stopping off at the pier for a quick water break and to catch the city lights across the waters at nightime.

The secret park not many know about: Tampines Quarry


If you’re after a spot in nature where chances are absolutely no one will be around to both you, you may want to check out this secret spot on the water right near Bedok Reservoir.

The entire area is surrounded by lush greens that grow around the quarry, and if you enjoy your mountain-biking/ off-road trails, you’ll simply love it here and it’s definitely off the beaten path!

Cycling and biking have become somewhat of a trend in the last year in Singapore, with the desire (and need) to be outdoors and exercise in full force at the moment. And it doesn’t hurt either that you can enjoy the calming, sparkling waters whilst you’re at it with any one of these trails!

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