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City Views, Lakes, and Dreamy Bathtubs: 5 Affordable Luxury Stays in Hanoi’s Top 5 Districts

City Views, Lakes, and Dreamy Bathtubs: 5 Affordable Luxury Stays in Hanoi’s Top 5 Districts

If you’ve ever visited the capital of Vietnam, you’ll know that this Northern city can get a bit crazy sometimes. If you’re a newbie, I’m sure you’ve heard many tales of Hanoi’s crazy busy streets filled with motorbikes, hooters, cars, buses, people, street vendors, dogs… you name it.

You’re also on your feet a lot of the time so nothing beats coming back to a totally luxe stay, right? We’ve found some of the best in different areas of the city – because always staying in one place is pretty boring anyway! Happy travels, ladies and gentlemen!

1. Hoan Kiem – Hanoi’s Upmarket Tourist Hub 

Many don’t realise that the Hoan Kiem stretches out past the Hoan Kiem lake if you head out of the Old Quarter and if you’re not keen on staying among the thumping hustle and bustle of backpackers, you’ll find peace, quiet and elegance among these luxe stays.

Expect more boutique-like shops around, fancy fine-dining restaurants, upmarket malls and locals dressed to the nines.

The perfect combination of Renaissance and modern design: La Sinfonia del Rey Hotel and Spa

  • Incredible rooftop bar with city views? ✔
  • Luxurious bathtubs? ✔
  • Stunning interiors? ✔

As you can tell, this hotel has got it all, and we’ve fallen in love with the romantic, dark interiors that almost feel like you’re somewhere in Italy. Expect the rooms and suites to follow…

And is it just us or is anyone else reminded of Michaelangelo’s rooftop masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel when you check out these bedroom ceilings??

PS: Try to book the Junior Suite if available, its outdoor balcony is a dreamy addition.

La Sinfonia del Rey Hotel and Spa

Price: From USD 43

Address: 33-35 Hàng Dầu, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 10000, Vietnam (Map)

Contact: +84 243 212 1155


2. The Old Quarter – The Heart of Hanoi 

Did you know? The Old Quarter is made up of 36 streets, which back in the day were known for various trading points, and it’s how they got their names.

Hoan Kiem Lake and the surrounding areas technically are not in the Old Quarter. But if you are looking to stay amidst the action, the OQ is where it’s at (and where most (younger) tourists choose to stay).

The streets are spilling with people, tables and chairs, street vendors, balloons, motorbikes, local snacks, screaming chi oi’s, kids running everywhere, beloved bia hois (local drinking holes basically) and a whole bunch of hostels, hotels and homestays.

If I had an actual apartment that looked like this…: Veque Homestay (VEQUE APARTMENT 08) 

Apartment or studio stays are quite a trend in Hanoi, and it makes sense with the monopoly of skinny, tall houses and buildings all around.

Case in point; another penthouse option, and can we just talk about this setup for a second? Sporting 360° city views from your giant built-in jacuzzi, a living space, kitchen… And beautiful city views from the indoor/outdoor patio space with its Balinese hanging chair – you may just never want to leave – and we don’t blame you!

Veque Homestay (VEQUE APARTMENT 08)

Price: From USD 64

Address: 31 Phố Hàng Giấy, Hàng Mã, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam (Map)

Contact: +84 866539991


3. Tay Ho – Homeland of the Expats

So get this, the word tay in Vietnamese literally translates to western and this area is often referred to as West Lake (as this lake also sits in the middle of the area and all of the houses and streets are built around it).

Today it’s home to thousands of expats and so it’s catered to its market. Looking for any sort of western chow, or an epic night on the town, you’ll find it all here! There are tons of cool cafes and bars around, and there is an event happening every night of the week somewhere!

Tay Ho is also known to be quieter than the Old Quarter and with a few parks around and the lake in front, it’s an awesome choice if you don’t want to get sucked up in the city.

For incredible lake views: InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

This area is somewhat of a sacred spot even in Tay Ho because it is just so peaceful down here. Plus, the sunset from this corner is awesome, and you can watch the locals fish around here too – it makes for the prettiest pictures!

The hotel is built on the water, and so it boasts some of the most spectacular views looking out onto West Lake. The suites here are just gorgeous, and really spacious, reflecting elegant Vietnamese designs and traditions.

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

Price: From USD 96

Address: 05 Tu Hoa, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam 10000 (Map)

Contact: +84 24 6270 8888


4. Ba Dinh – Trendy Local Life 

Considered one of the trendy areas in the city by young locals, get a taste of local living in one of the less touristy areas of Hanoi.

There’s a certain charm to this part of town as the streets are lined with trees, little parks and close to tourist attractions. Bridging onto the French Quarter, you’ll see the strong influence in the building balconies lined with hanging flower pots, hip roadside cafes and lovers strolling around the lake hand-in-hand.

PS: It’s also an ideal location in the middle of the Old Quarter and Tay Ho.

Experience luxury in a quieter part of town: Aira Boutique Hanoi 

Are you the type of traveller that prefers accommodation that’s not the biggest, but rather more intimate? Aira feels like you’re stepping into a grand entrance hall and this boutique hotel has managed to use interesting design elements in a really cool, contemporary way.

Oh, and not forgetting the rooftop pool as well as the bar with amazing city views at night. There’s also a restaurant, fitness centre and small clothing boutique store inside the hotel, so do take advantage of the facilities!

Aira Boutique Hanoi

Price: From USD 45

Address: 38A Tran Phu St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam (Map)

Contact: +84 24 3935 2485


5. Truc Bach – For a Taste of French Vietnam 

This gorgeous little lakeside area epitomises how beautifully French and Vietnamese design come together, and you’ll spot many pretty and super photogenic roads, homes and alleyways around Truc Bach Lake.

Charge your cameras and go exploring these streets filled with bridge-ways, locals having coffee, street art, cafes and remnants of the past.

PS: It’s a two-minute drive from both Ba Dinh and Tay Ho.

A totally insta-worthy stay: Truc Bach Luxury Lakeside (Luxury 2BRs) 

This apartment totally suits its location and we’re loving the open, spacious area, spa bathroom and dreamy outdoor patio right on the lake!

The walls are filled with art, the interiors are made up of pastels and creams and it’s like someone has taken a full-on Pinterest board and replicated it into this trendy little abode.

Got cooking skills to show? There’s a full-on kitchen here, too!

Truc Bach Luxury Lakeside (Luxury 2BRs)

Price: From USD 55

Address: 124 Phố Trấn Vũ, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam  (Map)

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