Calling All Green-fingers: 19 Affordable Plant Boutique and Nurseries in Singapore for Plant Shopping
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

It’s no surprise that Singapore loves its nature, it is after all, known as one of the greenest, most sustainable cities in the world…But being indoors more than usual over the last year or so has left many of us feeling the urge to bring nature indoors. One way of doing so – that just also happens to be a current global trend – is by creating your very own indoor jungle at home – or at least a touch of green here and there.

Looking where to start? This city has so many phenomenal nurseries and boutique plant stores (that will also have you gagging at how naturally insta-worthy each set-up is!) that there’s nothing left to do but get your green fingers going!

If you were plant-shopping in Bali: Potta Plantta


Don’t make the mistake of buying a forestry full of plants, but not having the correct spaces to hold them – remember, different plants have varying needs such as sun, shade and light requirements.

Here you’re sorted because among the plethora of stunning indoor plants for sale, there are also so many gorgeous plant storage options, with a lot of rattan and cane items available (which is all the trend at the moment) like large circular shelves, tables and more!

Speciality: Indoor plants and plant furniture accessories.

For the craziest, largest variety of plants: BLG Nursery


Things feel seriously other-wordly once you enter this nursery, and the setup kind of reminds of an old-school greenhouse found on an English estate back in the 1800s, and there are literally plants everywhere.

Their Garden Shop also sells loads of funky and hip plant baskets and pots for your perfect indoor jungle

Speciality: Alocasia and other Collector’s Plants

Tumbling out of here with hands full of indoor pot plants: Tumbleweed Plants


With a shopfront that’s just as dreamy as the plants themselves inside, your eyes won’t know where to begin…

From the walls to the ceiling, there is a variety of plants popping from every corner, many of which already come with trendy pot planters and baskets – all ready to go from their Instagram debut once they make it home with you.

Speciality: Indoor house plants

With most plants native to the forests, mountains and deserts of South and Central America: Pick a Plant


Fun Fact: Tillandsias, or more commonly known as air plants, don’t actually require soil to grow and just hanging in the air, they naturally grow.

As a lot of these plants hang out, the inside of this nursery is epic with plants trailing down from the tall nursery roof to the floors and you’ll want to make sure your phone batteries are fully charged because trust us, you’ll be snapping away and updating your insta-feed once here for sure.

Speciality: Air Plants (i.e. Tillandsias)

Fill your life with colour: Chin Ling Nursery


I think one of the many joys about plant shopping is you’re always astounding by what Mother Nature is capable of creating…and in this case you’ll love all the pops of colour from the different varieties of flowers (many in hanging baskets ideal for a balcony).

The same can be said for the fruit trees (many of these can be grown inside at the right conditions including citrus varieties) and the crazy cool selection of cacti and succulents – some of which bloom stunning, unique flowers once a year.

Speciality: Flowers, Fruit Trees and Terra Cotta pots and lids

Take a trip to the jungle: House of Plants

Well, it certainly feels that way you take a load of this wonderful nursery that has a MASSIVE selection of indoor plants, and the same can be said for the size of the plants!

From ginormous Monsteras to banana trees, some of the leaves will cover most parts of your body! Hunt down the Begonia Kingiana if you can spot it and the Monstera adansonii is a real beauty too!

Speciality: Monstera

Searching for something unusual?: Spa Flora Pte Ltd


Specialising in exotic looking and hybrid plants, if you’ve already got your green fingers in full swing and are looking to add to your collection something different, you’re going to go nuts here!

Think varieties such as Baby Necklace Crassula and hybrids like the T. pruinosa x T. ionantha Rubra. There are also these cool plant structure sculptures that you can purchase for festival times and special occasions.

Speciality: Hybrids

For those that take their gardening really seriously: Ban Nee Chen Nursery


If gardening is more than just an interest, but rather a passionate hobby of yours, you’ve gotta head on down to this nursery that has absolutely everything you need for a date between you and your plants/garden.

From indoor to outdoor plant varieties, gardening accessories, soils, fertilisers, and even seeds (home herb garden anyone?), they’ve made sure to fully stock up for your everyday gardening needs, and that even includes hangers and plant stands!

Speciality: Bonsais from around Southeast Asia

Carnivorous Plants, Tillandsias and Mini Gardens in jars, these aren’t the usual: A Tilly A Day


Have you walked into a plant shop before and seen those mini-gardens in glass jars in different shapes and sizes, filled with teeny tiny plants and succulents? Well, these are in fact called Terrariums and you’ll find many options available here – the great thing is they’re really fuss-free and low maintenance!

They also offer Terrariums Workshops where you can learn how to build and grow your own little garden.

Speciality: Terrariums

For crazily patterned leaves: Candy Floriculture


The main feature here has got to be the plants themselves, and by that we mean they’re just so incredibly insta-worthy you might just spend hours updating your social feeds with the many insane varieties available here.

They import plant varieties from around the world, such as the Monstera Albo from Japan which is the most insane mix of white and green delicious monster leaves!!!

Speciality: Imported Special Breed plants

The perfect hipster nursery: Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape Pte Ltd

A nursery and market space, sounds like our idea of perfection! Get your plant shopping done whilst browsing (and buying) artisanal foods and goods, as well as many incredibly local plant-y handicrafts such as macrame plant hangers and ceramic pots and vases with artistic creatures decorating them.

Talking greens they’ve got a lovely selection of house plants, including those suitable for urban gardens.

Speciality: House Plants

Specialising in plants from Japan such as Blue Orchids: Bedok & Garden Landscape


Macodes Petola, Japanese Mini Roses, Ananas Peach Pine and Hedera helix, are a few of the plants, trees and flowers for sale at Bedok, all of which are imported from Japan, so you’re definitely going to find a display of unusual varieties.

Not just the greens but their garden supplies and accessories are all Japanese products, and you can also shop around for different herbs and spices.

Speciality: Japanese plants

Possibly one the largest nurseries around: World Farm


For rows and rows (and rows) of plants, grab a trolley and get walking through the gigantic nursery that houses both outdoor and covered greenhouse sections.

From all the different types of cacti and succulents imaginable to the rows of huge monsteras and banana trees, there are so many different parts that make up the nursery we suggest dedicating at least an hour to look and shop around.

Speciality: Tropical Plants

Live plant figurines, house plants and even plant themed stationery: Rabbit Island


Whether it’s Monsteras or Orchids that you’re seeking, this next nursery seems to be just the right size space and everything inside is really well-organised.

Back to the orchids, you’ll find plenty of varieties and colours and the same can be said for their Monstera species, also stocking the striking white and green leafed version. For our eco-friendly warriors, they’ve created an eco range including accessories.

Speciality: Monsteras

Stop staring at your pinterest board and get growing: Song Lang Garden

Song Lang Garden

If you’ve been considering starting your home herb garden, this is a great nursery to use as a starting point – and remember, herbs can even easily be grown in small pots on your kitchen windowsill!

Apart from all the herbs and fresh produce seeds for sale, there’s all your gardening equipment for sale, and if you’re not keen on growing from scratch they also sell already grown herbs, indoor and outdoor plants, fruit trees, succulents, cacti, and more!

Speciality: Seeds and Herbs

Create your picture perfect, insta-worthy indoor jungle: Noah Garden Centre


This is one garden store that seems to be keeping up with the latest trends, and they’ve clearly noticed that the people are all into sprucing up their homes in stylish designs, which includes accents of indoor plants and greens.

Expect all the usual beloved indoor house plants, as well as a variety of exotic Tillandsias/air plants, or live plants as they’re also sometimes referred to.

Speciality: House Plants

Over 300 indoor plants to choose from: Fittomania


Do you have a succulent obsession? You’ll find yourself wanting to go wild at any one of Fittomania’s stores located inside a few shopping malls such as NEX.

Apart from the crazy-cool varieties of succulents and cacti, there are also 30 different types of potted terrariums to choose from in many different shapes and sizes.

Speciality: Succulents and Potted Terrariums

Your specialists in hydroponic grow systems: Easi Grow


Are you familiar with hydroponic growing? Basically it’s growing potted plants using a self-watering system that’s completely free from soil. Remember, these aren’t air plants, they’re normal indoor varieties just grown using these systems instead.

The store here itself also takes on a groovy ambience as shelves are lit up in pink neon and the shelves are lined with loads of fauna and flora.

Speciality: Hydroponic Plants

Imagine a room just filled with orchids…: Chye Heng Orchid Garden


If you’re a lover of the majestic flower, these guys specialise in orchids and that means you’ll be able to shop for many different species and breeds of the floral.

Apart from Orchids you can also buy indoor plants whilst you’re at it, along with different produce and fresh herb seeds and garden tools and equipment such as pruning sheers.

Speciality: Orchids

If your green fingers weren’t itching before, they’ve surely got to be dancing by now, so what are you waiting for, get plant shopping!

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