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6 Art Studios in Singapore That Could Foster Your Child’s Inner Van Gogh

6 Art Studios in Singapore That Could Foster Your Child’s Inner Van Gogh

Do you find yourself nowadays scraping your child’s drawings off your walls and coffee tables? Why not direct his artistic tendencies towards something more practical? Singapore has lots of arts and crafts classes that can unleash his inner Van Gogh. Your child’s talent may be inborn, but you still need to enhance it with the help of teachers and other kids who share the same passion.

Aside from painting, there are classes in pottery, clay craft, calligraphy, and other creative courses. Check out these studios where you can sign up for your kid’s arts and crafts classes:

1. Abrakadoodle

Photo: @joanyp_ on Instagram

Abrakadoodle is an internationally established studio with four locations in Singapore alone. It’s also one of those rare art schools that accept toddlers from the age of 20 months. Indeed, it’s certainly never too early to hone your kid’s artistic talents. They also offer toddler, elementary, and preschool art classes.

Photo: @happylimeverafter on Instagram

The studio is primarily known for “process art”, where kids learn best when they can take creative exploration into their own hands and make their ideas come to life. They also advocate art safety and use only Crayola, a certified non-toxic art products brand, exclusively in their classes.


Price: From SGD 55 per class

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, JEM #03-19, Singapore 608549 (Map)

Address: 80 Marine Parade Road, #15-03 Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269 (Map)

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade #03-104 Great World City, Singapore 237994 (Map)

Address: 681 Punggol Drive, Oasis Terrace, #03-02/03/04, Singapore 820681 (Map)

Contact: +65 6440 9916


2. White Canvas Studio

Photo: @whitecanvastudio on Instagram

White Canvas Studio offers various lessons and workshops during the schools holidays in June and December, from painting on tote bags and making clay door tags to foam printing and do-it-yourself planter camp. Their diverse offerings ensure that your child will not run out of fun and creative things to do.

Photo: @whitecanvastudio on Instagram

Take advantage of one session or three-lesson trial package where your child can get a feel of the studio at little or no expense.

White Canvas Studio

Price: From SGD 35 per class

Address: 229A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574361

Contact: +65 6560 5021


3. Fun with Artz

Photo: @funwithartz on Instagram

The miniature food-making workshop is just one of the many fun classes you can sign up for at Fun with Artz, a studio specialising in Arts Education for people of all ages.

Photo: @funwithartz on Instagram

Experience creating realistic miniature food replicas using quality polymer clay with your child, and have a fantastic time learning and bonding together here. Other workshops have age requirements, such as being available only to kids who are at least eight to nine years old only, so check with the studio first before signing up.

Photo: @funwithartz on Instagram

More workshops offered by Fun with Artz include pencil case art, face mask making, and character clay modelling.

Fun With Artz Miniatures

Price: From SGD 35 per class

Address: 9 Canberra Drive, One Canberra, Singapore 768070 (Map)

Contact: +65 9769 5430


4. UniqArts

Photo: UniqArts and Technologies

Is your child into manga (Japanese-style comics)? Encourage his interests by signing up for courses at UniqArts. Their lessons include neat tricks on drawing large eyes, simplified facial features, and detailed background settings.

It’s also worth noting that UniqArts incorporates art therapy techniques in teaching self-esteem, self-expression, and self-confidence to young students.

Photo: UniqArts and Technologies

Other specialised art courses to try at UniqArts include caricature art, clay work, and Chinese brush painting.


Price: From SGD 80 per class

Address: 50 East Coast Road #02-32, Roxy Square Shopping Centre 1, Singapore 428769 (Map)

Contact: +65 8125 4923


5. Atas Workshops

Photo: @atasworkshops on Instagram

Art classes and workshops are not just for kids. Older children can also flex their creative chops at Atas Workshops. Located at The Promenade @ Pelikat shopping centre, the studio aims to teach arts and crafts to people from all walks of life, with equal emphasis on learning and fun.

Photo: @atasworkshops on Instagram

Classes available include embroidery, polymer clay earrings-making, resin jewellery-making, and terrarium-making. Atas Workshops even sells some of these creations on their website.

Atas Workshops

Price: From SGD 39 per class

Address: 183 Jalan Pelikat, #01-71, The Promenade@Pelikat, Singapore 537643 (Map)

Contact: +65 9770 0808


6. Brave New Worlds

Photo: @bravenewworldssg on Instagram

brave new worlds classes explore important themes such as self-identity, culture and history, natural environment, and social environment.

Photo: @bravenewworldssg on Instagram

This studio’s art classes will also hone students’ abilities to discuss world issues and their roles in society. What’s more, brave new worlds encourages their young charges to get a feel of the local arts scene by making use of artist visits and excursions.

Photo: @bravenewworldssg on Instagram

The school has two home studios and conducts a series of art camps during school holidays. You can sign up for a trial class and decide if you want to continue with the five to ten-week extended art modules.

Brave New Worlds

Price: From SGD 25 per class

Address: 12 Holland Avenue, Singapore 272012 (Map)

Contact: +65 8486 6758


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