All Shapes and Sizes: 6 Places to Go Crystal Shopping in Singapore
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022


Have you sworn by crystals for years? Or perhaps you’re new to the whole natural, holistic side of things and have recently learnt about the power that stones potentially hold? – They are after all, natural, organic matter and they carry vibrational energies with them.


There are in fact hundreds of different types of crystals categorised by their individual (healing) properties and colour and did you know, even the shape of a particular stone has a unique meaning, and power (if you truly believe in them, which I for one, most certainly do). Known to be easily found in countries like India or South Africa, where to find crystals in Singapore? Check it out…

Categorised by colour and variety: Harmony Gem Crystals

Harmony Gem Crystals

If you’re new to the crystal game, this well organised store might be the first place you want to hit up where you’ll find an overload of variety, and all gems, stones and crystals are colour coordinated into baskets

Crystals are sold in all shapes and forms too, including raw, polished or faceted and just as an FYI, they sell sage bundles as well for cleansing.

The crystal and holistic one-stop shop: Crystals Qi New Age Healing


Filled with all things holistic and related to the spiritual world, such as tarot cards, incense, chakra tapestries and much more, and if you’re like-minded you’ll be in here for more than just a few minutes guaranteed.

You’ll find a variety of crystals shaped big and small, including everything from clusters to tumbled stones, those shaped like crescent moons, as well as rare crystals like Aegirine with Smoky Quartz and Feldspar in its makeup!

This place for raw crystals and specialised, rare varieties!: TAMZA


If you’re already an avid collector and you’re hunting done stunning stand out pieces, and clusters and geodes that are sizley, you’ll find jaw-dropping crystals and stones here, all elegantly displayed in cabinet cases in the showroom.

If you really know your stuff, Tamza specialise in rare black-tip & white-tip Auralite Amethyst and we’ve gotta mention their Selenite lamps! They also stock other accessories such as singing bowls, and smudge sticks including a Dragon’s Blood Sage one, and ornamental crystal displays.

Promoting physical, mental, emotion and spiritual happiness: Life By Design


Crystals, essential oils, incense accessories, tarot, taoism novels…pretty much anything related to the world of metaphysics you’ll be able to spot in this store, and don’t let it’s small, compact size fool you, there are shelves of crystals, stones and other trinkets to discover.

Treasure hunters can also delight in their rare collections which they feature on their FB page, including pieces like Pink Porphyry Stone, as well as many encased stones that have been owned by monks, or gurus in the past.

Pendulums, spheres, freeform, crystal chips and even customised orders: Secret Crystals


There’s something just so divine, and calming about the smell of paulo santo….Apart from the bark which they sell as wood chips and sticks for aromatic burning and cleansing, there are tons of stones and gems for you to choose from.

We love that they offer an array of crystals, so there’s something suitable for all budgets, from Natural Congo African Citrine clusters to Serpentine palm stones, raw Peacock Ore (aka Chalcopyrite), pendants, and more!

Buying crystals with someone who knows how to work with them and their energies is actually very important: Love for Crystals


Founded by Audrey Agcaoili, an angel and energy worker, you can simply sense that the stones and crystals featured in these collections hold a lot of strength, and the stones that you’ll spot have all under-gone cleansing themselves before put on shelves (done so with incense, are charged with a quartz cluster and undergo crystal bowl sound cleaning) – so you don’t carry any past negativities and energies which have come into contact with the stone prior.

All of their minerals are sourced from Brazil, South Africa, Pakistan, India, New York, Arizona, Texas and the UK.

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