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All Aboard: 4 Reasons Why You Should Catch Rails on Your Next Night Out to Singapore

All Aboard: 4 Reasons Why You Should Catch Rails on Your Next Night Out to Singapore

Rails at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road is proof that clubbing is more than just excellent drinks and delicious chow. Its steampunk-themed bar and lounge, which is designed to evoke an old underground railway feel, is proof that ambience is half of what makes a great club experience. Here are a couple of reasons why Rails can fulfil your ultimate steampunk enclave fantasy.

1. Unapologetically fashionable aesthetics

If you’re the type who likes to flex your nights out on the ‘gram, Rails provides just the perfect backdrop. A Phat Cat Collective, the team behind Pinball Wizard and NINETEEN80, made sure that entering Rails is just like being transported into a Victorian-era underground railway. 

After you walk through a vintage elevator-inspired entrance, you will come face to face with dimly-lit interiors fashioned after the famous Platform 9 ¾ of the Harry Potter series. Accents include distressed trussers, repurposed wood planks, and deconstructed gears and cogwheels.

2. Cocktails for the brave

The motif extends to its menu, which is adorned with old passport stamps. The selection of drinks will surely please even the most discriminating of steampunk die-hards.

Just take a look at the names: Murder On The Orient Express (above; a dark concoction of absinthe, coffee liqueur, activated charcoal, pear, pineapple juice, orange juice), Steamed & Hammered (a heady mixture of sweet vermouth, molasses rum, Umami bitters, and Elderflower liqueur), and Apothecary (a powerful potion of cognac, amaro, and Chinese herbal syrup pi pa gao).

3. Sinfully gratifying bites

Rails teamed up with Chix Hot Chicken, the popular restaurant from Jalan Pisang, which guarantees that you will be feasting on tons of comfort food while you’re on board. 

Top choices on the menu include the Soul Slider (above; boneless chicken thighs drenched in tempura batter, smoky paprika, and mayo sauce, and then served with coriander slaw), Pepperjack (slathered with Monterey Jack cheese and yuzu sauce), and the Nashville hot chicken – a classic staple from the Jalan Pisang joint.

4. Blissful house and disco experience

Expect nothing less from the Phat Cat Collective when it comes to music. With a repertoire curated by some of Singapore’s top DJs, the music at Rails serves as the ultimate soundtrack for your night of debauchery. 

The club’s House and Disco music is served hot by the likes of Joshua P, who is hailed as one of the country’s electronic music veterans, and Brendon P, a pioneer whose career has spanned four decades since the early 80s.

Reservations are recommended. Want to find more unique bars in Singapore? Download the SmooveX app today!

Rails Bar & Lounge

Average Spend: SGD 28

Address: 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-02, Singapore 088444

Contact: +65 8725 6789

Opening Hours: 5 PM to 10:30 PM


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