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9 Fan-Favourite Products to Get From OsakaKuma’s Flagship Store at PLQ Mall

9 Fan-Favourite Products to Get From OsakaKuma’s Flagship Store at PLQ Mall

You can now shop easier for authentic Japanese beauty and personal care products in Singapore with the opening of OsakaKuma at PLQ Mall in Paya Lebar. OsakaKuma has become famous for its wide variety of Japanese goods at reasonable prices. There’s something for everyone here at OsakaKuma; products range from affordable to top-tier, and a lot of them can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

Despite the humble space, the flagship store boasts more than 1,000 products, ranging from personal care to mother-and-baby items. Don’t know which ones to put in your basket? Check out OsakaKuma’s most popular products:

1. The Ginza

Photo: @theginza_official on Instagram

The Ginza is a Japanese luxury brand Shiseido’s most premium range. Its popular range of skincare products includes the Basic Skincare line (cleansing foam, energising lotion, and moisturising emulsion); the Hybrid Day Protector; and the Hybrid Gel Oil. Ginza also has its Cosmetic Cotton, a lovely pale pink hue and uses carefully selected natural cotton.

2. Cocochi AG Ultimate Sleeping Packs

Photo: @cocochicosme.tw Instagram

This is undeniably one of OsakaKuma’s most sought-after products – fans swear by the masks’ hydrating powers. The Cocochi AG Ultimate Sleeping Packs come in several variants, which include Ultimate Brightening & Anti-Aging Sleeping Mask, Ultimate Powerful Hydration Mask, Ultimate Whitening Facial Mask, Ultimate Comprehensive Repair Facial Mask, and Ultimate Botanical Stem Cell Moisture Facial Mask, which is Japan’s first facial essence mask with stem cell-derived ingredient care cream.

3. Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack

Photo: @pdc_jp on Instagram

Another face pack that had garnered a cult following, Wafood Made Sake Kasu Pack shot to infamy when Chinese star Fan Bingbing gave her a seal of approval. The sheets contain rice liquor and sake kasu, which makes sheet-masking a pampering experience. You can smell the sweetness of the sake and feel the paste-like texture of the sake kasu on your skin as you put the mask on.

4. POLA’s Beauty Supplements

Photo: @polahk on Instagram

The POLA brand, one of Japan’s biggest cosmetics companies, is initially known for its Wrinkle Shot serum. Their high-quality beauty supplements have become superstar products, as well. There’s a supplement for every skin need, including anti-ageing, skin whitening, and weight loss.

Photo: @polahk on Instagram

Look for The Tablet, which is made for anti-ageing with its YAC extract, and the White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS, POLA’s line of whitening products which includes a supplement, sheet masks, serum, and gel.

5. FANCL Skincare Line

Photo: @fancl_official on Instagram

FANCL prides itself on being the most extensive preservative-free skincare and nutritional supplements brand in Japan. Their best-sellers include the Mild Cleansing Old, the Enrich Lotion II, the Enrich Emulsion II, and the Facial Cleansing Powder. These are all about cleaning and gentle skin treatment, as FANCL believes that friction causes skincare problems.

6. Bourbon Soy Milk Wafer Biscuits

Photo: @bourbon_jp on Instagram

Yes, OsakaKuma sells food, too! One of their must-try snacks is the Bourbon Soy Milk Wafer Biscuits, a staple in Japan’s convenience stores and supermarkets. These light and crispy wafer biscuits have the perfect combination of crunch and smoothness and do not contain additives and preservatives. It’s low-calorie and has moderate sweetness, so you can go ahead and snack without the guilt.

7. Baby & Kids Madonna Natural Horse Oil Baby Cream

Photo: @babymadonnahk on Instagram

Horse oil has been known to have numerous benefits, which makes it an excellent ingredient for natural baby products. Madonna’s Horse Oil Baby Cream contains alpha-linolenic acid extracted from horse oil and pure botanical oil extracted from organic palmarosa. It’s also gentle enough for newborns and can be used in breast skincare for mothers. The cream is completely hypo-allergenic, with no fragrance, colourings, and preservatives.

8. Matsuyama M-Mark Yuzu Body Lotion

Photo: @matsuyama_official on Instagram

If a simple lotion that does the job well is what you’re looking for, then stock up on Matsuyama M-Mark Yuzu Body Lotion. Matsuyama’s M-Mark product series is made for everyone in the family regardless of age and gender, making the Yuzu Body Lotion a practical buy. It contains glycerin, shea butter, and carnauba wax. The milky texture is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it moisturised without the sticky feeling.

9. Doraemon Electromagnetic Wave Guard

Photo: @osakakuma on Instagram

Who doesn’t want a little Doraemon in their lives, especially if it comes in the form of a product that keeps you safe from gadget radiation? If you can’t put your phone down, at least keep yourself protected from its supposedly harmful rays by using this guard. The item has an antenna that receives radio and electromagnetic waves of mobile phones and other electrical products and then generates zero magnetic fields to shield you from radiation.

OsakaKuma guarantees the lowest prices in the market and they will give you a refund if you find a lower price somewhere else. Refunds are eligible within seven days of purchase and applicable only to retail prices and physical store purchases.

Visit OsakaKuma’s PLQ Mall and Bugis stores to get your fill of authentic Japanese goods.


Price: From SGD 11.99

Address: #02-22, 10 Paya Lebar Road, PLQ Mall, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057 (Map)

Contact: +65 9666 7850

Opening Hours: Daily from 10am to 10pm


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