5 Essential Accessories to Cop for a Smooth Business Trip
Ara Luna

Ara Luna

January 19, 2022
Imagine being all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an important sales pitch when you fire up your tablet in front of your client, but the mobile device refuses to turn on. Alas, your trusty portable device’s battery juice is dried up, and you recall in sheer mortification that you forgot to charge it the night before. The day could’ve been saved if you only remembered to throw in the power bank before heading out of your hotel.

Indeed, it takes a simple oversight in preparing your business travel essentials to throw a monkey wrench into your plans for the day. So, the next time you’re loading up your carry-on before your flight, pack these über-useful accessories to ensure a smooth-sailing business trip no matter how long or short it is.

Powerstrip cube

Amazon Singapore

Have all your devices charging in one place minus the gnarly tangled cords with a nifty powerstrip cube that is perfect for rooms that are short on space. This compact extension box also typically comes with three outlets and four USB ports that allow you to juice up seven devices at the same time. Talk about efficiency in a cutesy block!

Cop it: BESTEK Vertical Cube Power Strip with Mountable Detachable Base; SGD 30.91

Portable Wi-Fi


It goes without saying that a secure and reliable Internet connection is an essential commodity for business travel – which makes mobile Wi-Fi routers great companions, especially on international trips. How it works: A portable Wi-Fi device connects to the web via a mobile network and broadcasts the signal to allow all your devices to stay wired wherever you go. Laggy online Zoom meetings are sure to be a thing of the past.

Cop it: Yogofi by Travelwifi; starts at 50GB for SGD 10/month

Document organiser

Amazon Singapore

Lest we forget about the basics, using a multifunctional document organiser to store precious documents tidy and safe is a must in our book for obvious reasons. Keep your passport, visas, flight and hotel reservations, and health insurance not only close to you but in a compartmentalised manner. In that way, they’re easier to access and would give you peace of mind whenever you’re on the go.

Cop it: Longjet Portable Multifunctional Travel Document Organizer Folder; SGD 13.43

Privacy screen protector


You’ll never know who takes a peep on your laptop or tablet screen while you tap away inside a dim aeroplane, so a quick fix to this unseeming dilemma is to cover it with a privacy screen filter. This simple yet powerful laminated sticker sheet ensures that the images and text on your computer screen remain hidden. Now you can type your login details and other sensitive information with confidence even when you’re in an open and public area.

Cop it: Win-Pro Removable Laptop Privacy Filter; starts at SGD 47.66

Noise-cancelling headphones

Sony Singapore

Lightbulb moments sometimes strike in the most uncommon times and places. Think: busy airport lounges and buzzing coffee shops. With noise-cancelling headphones, zoning out in your little quiet bubble amid the hubbub lets you focus on cultivating that genius idea you’ve been working on for the longest time. Truly, don’t we all just need to plug in and listen to the sound of clarity?

Cop it: Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones; SGD 349

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