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4 Travel Challenges You Might Face During a Holiday (And How SmooveX App Can Help You Overcome Them)

4 Travel Challenges You Might Face During a Holiday (And How SmooveX App Can Help You Overcome Them)

When it comes to planning a trip, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it because it depends on the type of trip and the personal preferences of the traveller. But even the most meticulously planned trips can go wrong since things can happen that are beyond your control. Whatever style of travel planning is involved, a traveller may face glitches related to comfort, safety, and convenience. 

When these hassles happen, it’s important to know how to deal with them so that your entire vacation won’t be ruined. So take note of the common challenges that you might encounter during your holiday so you can prepare well for them.

Challenge #1: Get overwhelmed on where to go and what to do


A sensible traveller always has a general idea of where he wants to go and what he wants to do. This prevents him from potentially missing out on something that could make the holiday even better. 

But creating a seamless itinerary does take time and effort. Normally, it involves poring over travel guides and articles, going from one website to another, in order to narrow down the seemingly endless options. 

This is why you may be tempted to just nix the planning and just do whatever, but really, you don’t want to do this because you will end up wasting precious hours and days figuring out what to do and discover later on that you have missed a lot of sights and activities. 

Fortunately, itinerary planning can be a breeze with the help of an all-in-one app that can assist you with practically all aspects of your holiday, from booking flights and hotel rooms to deciding where to eat and shop while you’re at your dream destination.

Challenge #2: Go way beyond your budget


Budgeting is a formidable challenge especially if you’re a first-time traveller or if you’ve never been to your intended destination. It means price-checking everything that you will be spending on your holiday – from flights to those drinks at the beach. 

Unless money is not an issue, you must create a reasonable budget and prevent your funds from running out while in the middle of your holiday (trust us, you will definitely regret swiping that credit card indiscriminately later on).

Again, the internet comes to your rescue since there’s an abundance of blogs and articles that will give you an idea of how much to shell out for a particular expense, whether it’s a grand suite for two or a package rate for an afternoon of bungee jumping.

Challenge #3: Your hotel room sucks


Whether you’re looking for a fancy room with a gorgeous view or a capsule bed accommodation that covers just the basics, there’s always the right booking for your budget. But as any seasoned traveller will tell you, sometimes things are not what they seem, especially when it comes to accommodations. You don’t want to discover that the room you’re so excited about actually has stained carpets, grime in the bathroom, and cockroaches crawling around.

Having an app that gives you lots of accommodation options – and most importantly, real customer reviews – will definitely make booking a less stressful experience. Aside from the rates, you will also get to know whether your accommodation comes with free breakfast, if there’s free WiFi, or how close it is to the places you plan to visit.

Challenge #4: Lose your passport and other headache-inducing emergencies


Losing your passport and other valuables such as a camera, phone, or your entire luggage will definitely spoil even the most wonderful trips. Getting sick while in a foreign country can also become a scary prospect, especially if there’s a language barrier. 

For these instances, it’s crucial to know essential tourist resources where you can get emergency contact numbers and other information that can salvage the trip or perhaps even save your life. 

These hassles can be avoided with the help of a user-friendly app such as SmooveX, an all-in-one app designed to provide you with all the essential tools you will need to plan memorable holidays abroad smoothly and securely. 

With SmooveX, you get access to everything you need, from travel guides to itinerary planners to flights, hotels, and attraction deals, and more. Your dream holiday is essentially just a few taps away.


Download the SmooveX app now and spend your vacation where you want it, how you want it.

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