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3 Networking Events in Singapore Entrepreneurs Need to Anticipate This May 2021

3 Networking Events in Singapore Entrepreneurs Need to Anticipate This May 2021

Businesses are steadily coming back to Singapore. Networking events are popping up left and right, all wanting to capture the people’s renewed sense of vigour in working on their skills and connections.

May is slated to become a busy month indeed, with on-person and virtual events all lined up. Here are the networking events coming up this May that corporate folks could sign up for:

1. Singapore Big Business, Tech & Entrepreneur Professional Networking Soiree

Photo: @esg.life on Instagram

Described as the largest networking event for entrepreneurs, startups, and business professionals, this soiree encourages practically everyone. From tech thinkers to artists, this is a night of creativity, inspiration, and passionate conversations. 

The Berlin Entrepreneur and Startup Network will host this event, and admission is free. Participants are required to dress in business casual attire and to bring enough business cards. Alcoholic drinks will be served at the venue, so all attendees must be 21 years old and above.

Event Details

When: 24 May 2021; 6.30pm to 9pm

Where: Midpoint Orchard, 5 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229289 (Map)

Contact: forwardyourcareer@gmail.com


2. BeYourOwnBoss (BYOB) Business Opportunity Sharing

Photo: @yolo.ambassadors on Instagram

This event calls for those who are passionate about learning while earning, and at the same time, aiming to become a better presenter, communicator, and influencer. BeYourOwnBoss promotes an ongoing self-development program that claims to elevate your personal and professional mastery through a steep learning curve that will give you real-life practical skill sets.

Participants of this face-to-face consultation should be between 18 to 45 years old.

Event Details

When: 20 May 2021

Address: Bugis Junction Towers, 230 Victoria Street, Singapore 188024 (Map)


3. World Finance Forum

Photo: @wfinanceforum on Instagram

Join a lineup of world-class speakers and attendees courtesy of the World Finance Forum, Asia’s premier finance conference. The event is tailored to educate people on critical skills required to drive their business through the year ahead. In addition, it will be a day of content sharing, learning, and networking, which is designed in partnership with chief financial officers and financial directors from the world’s most innovative companies.

Event Details

When: From SGD 419 per night

Where: Virtual

Contact: info@globalgrowthbusiness.com


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