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Give Us Something New: 19 Unique Themed Restaurants In Singapore To Try In 2021

Give Us Something New: 19 Unique Themed Restaurants In Singapore To Try In 2021

After the recent Covid experience and having been home-bound for awhile, every opportunity to socialise can be a fun experience.

Why choose boring/usual dining spots when you could spend the afternoon pretending you’re in a scene from Alice in Wonderland, or eating sushi out of an aircraft?

Can’t travel? No problem. Transport yourself to different countries, cultures and experiences at any of these unique restaurants around the city!

1. “We’re all mad here”: Wonderland Savour

Photos: @audreydiamond, @riiranju, @amy.foodblog, @maycaranto on Instagram.


Whether it’s your personal favourite rendition of the famous Alice in Wonderland films, or you simply adore the old-time favourite of Lewis Caroll, get lost in this inspired space. 

Sticking to theme, expect colourful desserts and plates of food, done up in a mix of fusion flavours such as their Dashi Risotto

From the checkered floors to movie scenes hanging from the walls, you might forget reality for a while too.

Wonderland Savour

Price: From SGD 16

Address: 435 Orchard Rd, #02-08 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877 (Map)

Contact: +65 6369 1357

Opening hours:  Daily from 10 AM to 10 PM


2. For fans of the theatrics: Andsoforth

Photos: @neonavocodo, @joannaslifevibes on Instagram


If you’re hunting down something truly unique, immerse yourself in an evening of theatre, drama and fun at this interactive Supper Theatre. 

Being a pop-up, the location is revealed 24 hours before your experience, always at a different location. The theme of the show changes every six months (Around the World in 80 days is the current one) and the menu suits the storyline. 

Find different characters (actors) all around you, and there are different rooms that take you through the story, each with activities to do such as cocktail-making.


Price: From SGD 133  (Prices vary per date. No under 18s allowed)

Address: Address changes with every show as they are a pop-up restaurant. Address released 24 hours before the show.

Contact: +65 9129 7845

Opening hours:  Shows run from Thursday to Saturday 6 – 9:30 PM and last 2.5 hours (Closed on Sunday to Wednesday)


3. Step into this hidden Chinatown, gambling den themed bar/restaurant!: The Dragon Chamber


You won’t find any refreshments behind this fridge door at your local street vendor. Instead, once you take a step inside the fridge door, you’ll discover a super funky Speakeasy bar made to replicate the streets of downtown Chinatown, gambling den and all.  

Serving cuisine with a twist, it’s their aim to showcase old-school Chinese dishes that maybe never got the limelight they deserved, as well as many other unconventional dishes – so don’t expect traditional fare on this menu.

The Dragon Chamber

Price: From SGD 16

Address: 2 Circular Rd, Singapore 049358 (Map)

Contact: +65 6805 8181

Opening hours:  Tuesday to Sunday from 11-3 PM (lunch); 5-10:30 PM (dinner) (Closed on Mondays)


4. Welcome Mamma Africa: Kafe UTU

Photos: @ppppaaaauuuullll, @ana_vvt on Instagram


For a truly authentic, modern take on African cuisine, join the groovy beats, decor and delicious food at this afro lounge – all three floors of it! 

Not only are the vibrant and natural interiors inspired by Africa, but the same goes for the food, serving up traditional fare with contemporary flair and flavours. 

Fun Fact: Afro Lounge is a popular type of music found in countries such as South Africa.

Kafe UTU

Price: From SGD 18

Address: 12 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore (Map)

Contact: +65 6996 3937

Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 10-5 PM and from 6-10:30 PM; Saturday and Sunday from 9-5 PM and from 6-10:30 PM (Closed on Monday and Tuesdays) (No reservations)


5. The next best thing to Business Class: Sushi Airways

Photos: @dustyxbones, @littlepurpleseeds on Instagram


Whilst limitations may still prevent real-time travel, get the on-board experience from the moment you board the plane, guided by your air hostess, I mean, waitress. 

Inspired by a 1980s aircraft, they’ve aptly designed this airplane to give off all the retro feels. 

Serving modern Japanese cuisine with a strong focus on sushi, sit back and enjoy your in-flight experience, without leaving the ground.

Sushi Airways

Price: Set menus from SGD 26; Al a carte menu from SGD 8

Address: 20a Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659 (Map)

Contact: +65 6291 1151

Opening hours: Daily from 11:45 AM to 2:45 PM (lunch); 6:45 – 9:45 PM (dinner)


6. Jump into 1939, the Joseon Era in Korea: Hanjip

Photos: @jayjunjie_ , @vivienneeluv, @shennyyang on Instagram


If you’re looking for your typical Korean hang out spot, things are done slightly differently here. Inspired by the Joseon Era in Korea, the longest ruling Confucian dynasty founded in 1939, you can feel the drama and old worldly-ness the moment you enter the room. 

They serve a contemporary take on Korean BBQ using premium cuts of meat, including Australian wagyu and USDA prime beef. 

You’ll find seven private rooms available, each with their own design and theme, adding to the experience.


Price: From SGD 20

Address: 3C River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay Blk C #01-11 The Cannery, Singapore 179022 (Map)

Contact: +65 8882 9011

Opening hours: Daily from 5 – 11 PM


7. Get lost among the greenery: The Secret Garden by Zeekri

Photos: @nasquared, @somenomz, @dorimingo813 on Instagram


Walking along the street, you might mistake this for a très chic Parisian cafe, flower boutique included, and you’re close, but not quite! 

It’s in fact a two-storey botanical themed cafe, and you got one thing right, it boasts all things French. Around the cafe, get lost in its colourful garden walls of outdoor scenes and floral paintings. 

From pastries to patissiers, main courses or appetisers, delight your palate in an array of classical French flavours and dishes.

The Secret Garden by Zeekri

Price: From SGD 4

Address: 19 Baghdad Street Singapore, Singapore 199658 (Map)

Contact: +65 9189 5663

Opening hours: Daily from 11:30 AM to 10 PM


8. Ever eaten…blindfolded?: Nox – Dine in the Dark

Photos: @chengchomps, @sheeatsshecooks, @amelia_dsw on Instagram


If you’re looking for a completely new dining experience, you’ve got to try Nox’s dining in the dark evening. This is where you’ll rely purely on every other sense but your sight.

As you arrive, your fancy guide (who is visually impaired) will assist you through to a dark room, where you will be blindfolded and served dinner, followed by dessert and drinks. 

This is a fantastic date-night option or even for a group of friends looking for a bit of Friday evening fun. 

Nox – Dine in the Dark

Price: SGD 88 (Includes a 3-course meal)

Address: 269, Beach Road Singapore, 199546 (Map)

Contact: +65 6298 0708

Opening hours:  Tuesday to Sunday from 6 – 10 PM (for Group Lunch Booking, please contact directly to organise) (Closed on Mondays)


9. “Let’s meet downstairs”: Downstairs

Photos: @thehungertrack, @foodiejerm, @eileenleeck, @jul1anler on Instagram


If you’ve grown up in Singapore, you’ll be no stranger to void deck spaces under public housing flats (known as HDBs) where locals gather around distinctly designed tables and chairs and hand out.

Adopting the same theme, pull up a stool around blue checkered tables (actually inspired by a chess board), and pick from an array of local classic dishes done with a slight twist.


Price: From SGD 1.50

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-132 Singapore, Singapore 038983 (Map)

Contact: +65 6877 8911, +65 6877 8912

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM


10. First aquarium dining experience in Singapore: Ocean Restaurant

Photos: @ll_serene_ll, @zacherieeee, @dvd_798, @avchiang on Instagram


Ever dined with a ginormous stingray just swimming straight past your face? 

Unless you’ve visited something similar, this is one unique dining experience, and this restaurant is quite literally built around a huge aquarium, where diners sit and enjoy their meal. 

With such an exquisite backdrop, they’ve made sure the food is on par. The menu changes weekly, focusing on a few items on the menu to make it a gastronomic affair.

Ocean Restaurant

Price: From SGD 48

Address: Equarius Hotel, 22 Sentosa Gateway, B1M, #B1-455 & 456, Singapore 098136 (Map)

Contact: +65 6577 6869, +65 6577 6688

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday, Friday to Sunday for lunch from 11:30 AM (first seating), 1:30 PM (2nd seating); Dinner from 6 PM (first seating) and 8:30 PM (2nd seating) (Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays)


11. Feel like a kid again: Eat 3 Bowls


This is one classroom where you won’t have to worry about being on your best behaviour… Super duper cute and themed like a Taiwanese classroom from the 90s, they serve some seriously authentic cuisine that shows off the flavours of Taiwan.

Pull up a wooden classroom chair, grab a bowl of deliciousness and let all the nostalgia make you feel like a kid again. And don’t leave without trying their ‘Lu Rou Fan’, or commonly known as Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice – which they also sell as a set.

Eat 3 Bowls

Price: SGD 5

Address: 462 Crawford Lane, #01-61, Singapore, 190462 (Map)

Contact: +65 91548191

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM (Closed on Mondays)


12. Feels like a diner that belonged in the Dirty Dancing era: Cherry Diner & Cherry Supper Club

Photos: @karenthefoodexplorer, @srihermia, @ellenayoungxy on Instagram


Keeping it retro, the decor here is everything and you’ll feel as if you’ve transported yourself back to the 80s, neon lights and pinball machines included! 

On the food front, they’ve gone for the all-American diner vibes with small hints of Asian touches here and there. Try their BBQ Chicken Weiner with sprinkles of fried wonton skin or the Okonimiyaki Fries. 

Come weekends after hours, it transforms into the Cherry Supper Club serving you mocktails and naughty desserts.

Cherry Diner & Cherry Supper Club

Price: From SGD 14

Address: 133 Cecil St, Singapore 069535 (Map)

Contact: +65 9826 5055

Opening hours: Daily from 6pm to late; Cherry Supper Club opens Friday and Saturday from 10:30pm till late (open for reservations)


13.  The perfect picnic setup for the times: Dome Dining @ The Lawns, CHIJMES

Photos: @thais_setemilkm, @bryanahuang, @mrshadikusuma on Instagram


Still feeling a bit worried about personal space? Not to worry, this dome dining setup has got you covered – excuse the pun! 

If you’re grabbing food at CHJIMES, they’ve now added ten transparent domes to The Lawns’ area, and each one is different in interiors and design. 

Here you’re able to sit and chow down, and best part, they’re free. It is however based on a first come first serve basis.

Dome Dining @ The Lawns, CHIJMES

Price: First-come-first-serve basis. Domes are free with any purchase of food and drinks from CHIJMES restaurants)

Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996 (Map)

Contact: +65 6332 6277

Opening hours: Daily from 12:30 – 10:30 PM (2 hour slots)


14. Travel the 18th century world within a book: Set of Six


Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s book, A Set of Six, this 18th century colonial style bar is aimed at transporting you around the world, reminiscent of the author’s global trip. 

Giant feathers here and mid-century furniture there, the interiors ooze of a time before, with a touch of modern here and there – cue the neon lighting. 

And get this, all of their cocktails and main course items are inspired by the different countries in Conrad’s book.

Set of Six

Price: From SGD 18

Address: 20 Craig Rd, #01-01, Singapore 089692 (Map)

Contact: +65 8181 1829

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 4 – 10:30pm (Closed on Mondays)


15.  Desperate to escape the heat?: Cafe Kreams


For a city that sometimes feels like summer never ends, this autumn-themed cafe might at least make you feel as if winter is coming. 

Colourful leaves in all the shades of red and orange hanging from the ceiling and walls and wooden furnishings truly make you feel as if you’re taking a stroll through an autumn dream. 

They also happen to serve some seriously good coffee, including Hand-Drips, Cold Brews and Craft coffees topped with their signature homemade honeycomb. Yum!

Cafe Kreams

Price: From SGD 5

Address: 32 Maxwell Road #01-07 Maxwell Chambers Singapore 069115 (Map)

Contact: +6562262369

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 10:30 PM; Sundays from 9a AM to 6 PM


16.  You’ll get lost in their eclectic design: Brunches Cafe


Calling lovers of all things vintage, take an awe-inspiring look at the past through the eyes of those behind Brunches Cafe. 

This bistro-style restaurant celebrates all things retro, and you can expect to find classical favourites on these menu pages, but done with a slightly modernised twist, as well as slight fusion of flavours. 

Try their Golden Risotto Ball with red wine Beef Stew or the Bangers & Mash with Curry Ketchup.

Brunches Café

Price: From SGD 8.90

Address: 96 Rangoon Road, Singapore 2183813 (Map)

Contact: +65 8685 8488

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday to Friday from 11 AM to 10PM, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)


17.  Always dreamt of the American Dream?: OverEasy

Photos: @yi_ting0309, @adeline_nustar on Instagram


Located on the waterfront, OverEasy looks like a diner straight out of the streets of downtown New York. If you find yourself with a craving for something sweet, head to OverEasy and try one of their famous milkshakes or soda floats. 

Going the full nine yards, their menu offers all sorts of classic diner favourites, from burgers to lobster mac n cheese, homemade waffles and hot fudge doughnuts. Somebody take our orders already!


Price: From SGD 12

Address: 1 Fullerton Road #01-06 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213 (Map)

Contact: +65 9129 8484

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12 – 3 PM, 5 – 10:30 PM (Closed on Mondays)


18.  For the best views of the city: Destination-Themed Cable Car Sky Dining

Photos: @nicolechong1311, @ww__wj on Instagram


An epic concept to begin with, enjoy dinner in the sky all while taking in breathtaking panoramic, aerial views of Singapore’s stunning cityscape.

Take to the clouds and enjoy dinner in one of these themed cabins taking inspiration from different countries around the world. One moment you could be in Singapore, the next perhaps Italy or Greece. 

Each cabin is suited for two guests in which you’ll enjoy a four-course meal, which also sticks to theme and celebrates the said country’s cuisine.

Themed Cable Car Sky Dining

Price: From SGD 50.70 (Per person, price increases per package/cabin)

Address: Level 2 Faber Peak Singapore, 109 Mount Faber Rd, Singapore 099203 (Map)

Contact: +65 6377 9688

Opening hours: Daily from 5:30 – 8 PM (Last boarding at 6:30PM)


19.  Always wanted to join a biker gang?: Handle Bar

Photos: @xiaoa15, @lihehehee, @serawong, @kezzendraquek on Instagram


For all our biker gals and boys, put on your leather boots! Started by two bikers that met on a trip to Malaysia, if you’re part of the biker culture, or are curious to get a taste of it, head on down to this authentic joint. 

Oozing all things cool, and metal, this menu doesn’t just offer your typical bar-time snacks. Order the Fried Softshell Crabs & Prawns for starters, moving onto mains – Silence of The Lamb anyone? 

Keeping with the true aesthetics of biking culture, this ain’t for the faint hearted or those looking for pastel floral interiors.

Handle Bar

Price: From SGD 12

Address: 10 Lock Road Singapore, Singapore 108938 (Map)

Contact: +65 6268 5550

Opening hours: Daily from 12 – 11 PM


From the theatre to around the world, dining among sea creatures or crazy characters, this city certainly has its fair share of uniquely themed restaurants. 

Download SmooveX app today and stay up to date with more unique dining spots as they open!

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