16 Places in Singapore for Organic Foods, Imported Goods, Kitchen Staples, and More
Justine Mondonedo

Justine Mondonedo

January 20, 2022

Things certainly aren’t quite what they used to be, and that includes our shopping habits which over the past year and a bit, have heavily relied on online platforms. If you’re part of the shift and aren’t keen on leaving the house that often at the moment, or unless necessary for health reasons, here’s a list of convenient online grocery stores in Singapore.

But don’t go expecting the average, it’s a city known for its food after all, enjoy the fresh food shopping!

Organic food from around the world: Open Taste


Sourcing fresh and organic ingredients from more than 200 farms across six different countries, including many imported beloved brands from the likes of France and the USA, all that fit the profile. Whilst shopping for any items on-site, they make a point of listing each item’s country of origin too.

Shop your groceries by category, including bulk fresh and household grocery items, produce, meat and seafood and even a bakery selection.

If you’re looking for special Chinese ingredients: Purely Fresh


When purchasing anything online you run the risk of not getting your money’s worth, and it’s really reassuring to know that when buying any groceries from this supermarket that if you aren’t satisfied with their product, you’ll get a full refund, money-back guarantee!

Shop for fresh veggies and fruits, seafood, meat as well as yong tau foo, and they seem to cater specifically for Chinese cuisine. Not only specialising in just this, they offer an awesome customised service whereby you can specify how you’d like your meats and seafoods to be cut, for example, do you want your fresh fish sliced for you prior?

With weekly deals starting from $1: Tada Fresh


One of the reasons why local markets are so popular is because they offer affordability, and at Tada you can actually shop for wet market stall items, sourced directly from wet markets around Singapore, and sold for the same affordable rates!

They offer an extensive range of groceries to shop from, including all the fresh produce, meats and seafoods, as well as frozen foods, cooking essentials (with sauces and spices from other countries like Thailand), Yong Tau Food and steamboat ingredients, fresh noodles, and so much more!

You could do your monthly online shop here: Sheng Siong


Known as a popular grocery store in Singapore that’s open 24/7 and sells all your basic household items and groceries, this chain is so big that they actually have their own brand, and list of sub-branded products which they sell in-stores covering all categories.

Shop for all the usual fresh staples, as well as dried foods and baking items, baby and kids products, house and kitchen cleaning aids, and even health and wellness foods. They also stock and sell other brands online, not just their own.

Shop their preservative-free foods like free-range meats, and organic fruit and vegetables: Ryan’s Grocery


Are you pretty pedantic about knowing exactly where your foods come from? In today’s age, it’s not uncommon practise, hence organic foods have become all the rage.

The owner actually started the shop when he battled to find high-quality organic goods in Singapore to suit his kids intolerance to certain ingredients, hence the store was born. You’ll only find top class products, much of which is sourced from small producers in Western Australia.

For the true farm-to-table experience: Little Farm


This next grocer is one for our foodies, and you’ll fall in love scrolling through their online store filled with specialised farm fresh produce, which they import from across Australia and Europe.

Pick from baby broccolinis and Spanish blueberries, grass-fed steaks and free-range pork medallions, you also have the option of shopping by diet for special requirements like gluten-free and only organic.

On the hunt for plant based alternatives – talking both meats and milks?: Sasha’s Fine Foods


Shop for gluten-free vegan patties or opt for a ready made meal instead like their plant-based hotdog, stock up on your almond milk, or even oaty chocolate milk!

However this store isn’t just limited to vegetarian foods and you can shop for many other gourmet ingredients, sourced from countries such as the USA, Australia, Turkey and the UK. If you’re not up for cooking that week, do also check out their Deli which stocks fresh pasta, ready-made foods, pies and other savouries.

Shop locally for the freshest, unique produce: – GreenCircle


Ditch the middle man completely next time you’re shopping for your fruit and vegetables and instead source and buy your fresh produce directly from the supplier, and in this case, direct from the farmers who grow your greens!

This eco, organic farm is found in the Northwest part of Singapore and their shop is broken into five categories: vegetables, fruits, herbs, condiments and others where they do stock some imported goods. But don’t go expecting the ordinary, you can buy the likes of edible Butterfly Pea flowers or Mugwort, fresh whole coconuts, curry leaves, and much more!

*** Minimum spending fee of SGD $30 applicable

Producing only organic fruit, vegetables and herbs since 1999: Quanfa Organic


These farmers certainly know what they’re doing and since their earliest founding days, their cultivation methods go to lengths to ensure growing environments are completely free from pesticides and other harmful fertilizers.

Their produce is so good that today they actually supply many major supermarkets and restaurants within Singapore. Shop their leafy greens, sprouts, herbs and spices, fruits, and mushrooms.

All about sustainability: Shiok Farm


This vegan-friendly brand is big on the eco-friendly practises front, and they’ve gone to lengths to make your shopping experience reflects this, down to the last bit of plastic-free packaging.

Here they actually put together fruit and veg bags, which you have the option of topping up with any extra produce you may be needing. For example, the 7kg Indian Cuisine Weekly Organic Bag is filled with everything needed for an Indian feast, or try the Paleo bag mixed with things like kale, avos, rainbow chard, raspberries, grapefruit, and other yummy goods!

If you’re a mega-seafood fan: Tankfully Fresh


As you may have guessed by the name, if you’re looking for oceanic produce from fish to shellfish, you might want to trust this family-run business, who grew up in the same industry in which they remain today.

Choose between fresh or frozen, you’ll be heavily impressed by their variety of fish, from Seven Star Grouper to Salmon Trout, Chinese Pomfret, and Yellow Croaker, there are pages to shop. They also stock other product ranges for ingredients you might need whilst cooking up a seafood storm, including sauces, noodles, veggies and meat.

For an extensive selection of both meat and seafood: 24 Fresh Market


Don’t wait longer than 24 hours for your poultry or fish and when ordering from 24 Fresh Market you can be guaranteed that your goods will arrive within one day – which is kind of a necessity when it comes to meat and seafood.

Dreaming of a meat cut? Chances are they’ve got it selling pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, fish, prawns, squid, shellfish, Wild Alaskan Salmon and a few other meaty snacks like meatballs and shabu, you’re in for a treat when it comes to shopping for your fresh produce.

*** Minimum spending fee of SGD $45 applicable

One for our foodies: Classic Deli


Looking for high-end, top-quality grade meat and seafood, including the types and different cuts available? Delight in their gourmet selection of produce, much of which you’ll find is used in fine-dining restaurants (actually, they’re suppliers of many of these types of establishments in Singapore!).

Instead of spending a fancy fortune, buy direct from the suppliers and enjoy fine meats available fresh, frozen or preserved, seafood as well as a listing of fresh dairy products, fruit and veggies, and other treats like truffle oil!

Shipping in goods straight from Japan’s Toyosu Market: Zairyo


This gourmet Japanese grocer stocks and sells a variety of freshly imported foods, such as seafood, premium meats, seasonal vegetables and fruits, seasonings, condiments and snacks, which are brought in four times a week into Singapore directly from Japan.

Buy air-flown only Omakase Uni from their seafood department or opt for Wagyu instead, they’ve made sure to cover pretty much every category that you’d look for in a physical grocery store, from canned food to hotpot staples.

Now’s the time to sharpen/master your cooking skills: Mogu Shope


Have you been craving food from your favourite local Japanese restaurant but lockdown has you restricted? Learn to make an authentic-tasting meal at home, and a big part of that is using ingredients to match!

Shop for seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables, straight from Japan, plus there are many Japanese snacks, drinks, and condiments to choose from. Their website also provides guides on how to make or prepare some classic Japanese dishes using their ingredients.

Craving Korean chicken? Make your own: Harin Mart


Another popular cuisine in Singapore city is Korean food, so naturally you’d expect to find at least one or two around in the city and you’ll find a list of authentic ingredients at this Korean grocery store.

Search their ramen selection, premium rices, dried goods like kelp, special frutis such as Korean Yellow Melon, special soups, frozen goods and special Korean Ginseng, all imported directly from Korea.

With produce and products like these, who needs take-out? Shop for the fresh foods, and stock up on everything you need for a cupboard replenish – without having to leave the house!

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