16 Local Singapore Board and Card Games to Buy and Play With Friends
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

No matter what age you are, everybody can enjoy a great game, that’s why they’ve been around for ages! Traditionally, before technology, card and board games were there, but even with new gadgets and devices they’ve stood the test of time.

There are some EPIC games out there these days…and now is also the ideal time to get playing if you’ve got some spare lockdown time on your hands. But we’ve specially selected this lot to make things extra fun and in fact, every single game was created right here in Singapore! Not just that, there are even games that are locally themed! Pretend like you’re a hawker for the day or test your citizen skills!

Card Games – Played for more than hundreds of years, card games never get old. They’re fun and a great way to use some brain power! Have fun exploring these locally produced card games, some even Singaporean themed…let’s see how well you know your country!

Calling all foodies: Say What? Singapore’s Shiok Food


Manufactured by local brand ‘Say What’, they’ve created a card game deck that’s all about Singaporean food.

How it works? There’s 54 cards in total, 50 of which are different local dishes and pictures illustrate this. Players need to guess the exact correct name of each plate of food. The person with the most correct guesses at the end is the winner. It’s a fun game for all ages, or especially if you have friends visiting from overseas…or even an epic souvenir/gift about Singapore!

P.s. Check out some of their other decks, like the Singlish version!

Do you think you could manage traveling throughout the city with such ease if the MRT didn’t exist?: Off Track


Think about how many times you use the public transport system in just one day…Now it’s your turn to recreate your own MRT system in order for you to reach your destination with this card game that’s all about strategy and some clever planning.

The idea of the game is to build your own MRT tracks in order to reach a destination. Each player is given a character, example, office worker or school boy, and a specific destination. Starting at home you need to build your tracks to reach your destination and the first player to do so is the winner. HOWEVER, along the way other places can derail you and interrupt your journey! So it’s all about smart thinking here…

Packs come equipped with 9 x Character Cards, 4 x Destination Cards, 4 x Home Cards, 67 x Track Cards & 48 x Action Cards.

Did you know there are around 114 hawker centres/markets in Singapore?!: Hawker Life


Hawker stalls are a pretty prominent feature of Singaporean culture, located in beloved hawker centres and markets across the country…Plus, half the fun is visiting the actual stalls which always seem to be busy and bustling.

Just as the name states, with this card game get to pretend like you’re a hawker for a day with your very own stall! The aim of the game is to own the most successful hawker stall in the end, and as you draw cards, you slowly begin to build up your business. These cards are items that you need to start your stall, like ingredients, or ones that help you upgrade into a franchise once fully set-up. At the end of the day, the greatest hawker stall amongst players wins the game.

How well do you know your family and friends?: Smol Tok


This next game is a great way to play when that lockdown boredom hits, amongst friends or even just with your partner, and here, everyone’s a winner, or should we rather say, there are no winners!

Basically, players start the game by picking a card from the deck which holds a question. The player will then need to answer the question they pulled truthfully, and then its’ the next person’s turn to repeat the action, and so on.

There’s a few different decks to choose from when first buying the game, so you can decide. There’s a Basic Deck dealing with friends and family, Dun Tok Chok enquires about Singaporean life, Pillok Tok dives into the intimate side of things and Breadcrumbs is about faith-related questions.

Ever wanted to open up a coffee shop?: Kopi King


If you LOVE fast-paced games and you LOVE your coffee, this epic family game is all about who can create the three fastest kopitiam drinks first!

Let’s dive straight in; 104 Ingredient Cards are shuffled into a messy pile in the middle and then amongst 33 Order Cards, 3 are given to each player. Each order card will contain a different kopitiam drink from teh-c to kopi, milo dinosaur and all the other usuals.

Then one by one, you will flip over a card from the ingredients pile and see if it matches what you need to make your drink. Whenever a player completes an order you shout the name of the drink, remove it and then take another order. The person who earns the most from the drinks they’ve made at the end is the winner.

How sneaky are you?: Chope! The Card Game


You know in Singapore we love our food, so it makes sense to find another card game based around local Singaporean street foods and dishes.

The game is all about speed and the aim is to reserve, or chope, as many tables as possible to fit the plates of food that you hold in your hand, i.e. your cards, and that you can afford to buy. The more tables you have, the more space you have. But it’s not that simple…you’ll have to be on the lookout for other players who try to steal your tables, or those pesky mynahs on the hunt for any scraps of food they can find too!

Do you consider yourself a model Singaporean citizen?: The Singaporean Dream


Put your skills to the test in this hilarious, interactive card game where players can complain, steal, pay or sabo your friends in your aim to become the best Singaporean version of yourself!

It all begins with drawing a character card, or Singaporean personality which each player must do. You’ll know from here if you’re a Child Prodigy or an Ah Beng for the round from here. The aim is to collect as many Dream Cards as possible which you can do by either buying with cash cards or playing action cards which you will draw. The player with the most dreams at the end is crowned the Model Singaporean Citizen.

Turn a horrible experience into a lighthearted one: Broken Hearts


Inspired by the creator’s own personal failed love endeavours, this quirky card game is all about relationships! Let’s see how well you can maintain yours, or how easy it is for you to break up others – but hey, it’s all in the name of the game.

The cards are made up of action cards, special cards and heart cards (there are five different heart characters in total). The aim is to link up your five heart cards with another person’s heart cards and the first person to link all five is the winner. But to do so requires some effort.

When trying to link cards, you will need to say what the character is, for example, the I like You card, followed by the action it says, like blowing the person a kiss to complete the link, or rather seal the deal.

The silly things we say…this one will leave you in stitches!: Limpeh Says


This card game is a great one to whip out at night amongst friends, especially if you’ve had a glass of wine or two to ease things – teehee.

Designed for players over 18 just FYI, it’s pretty straight forward but bucket loads of fun and it’ll have the lot of you in hysterics! Based on the ideas of Singaporeans being ‘morally wrong but politically right’, each round a player will take a turn to draw a red card which holds an incomplete sentence, example, ‘10% of Singaporeans admit to having an addiction to___’.

The rest of the players use their funniest white card to complete it, with answers like ‘doing pushups on top of your ahma, or ‘my kuku bird’

Educational AND fun: Bye Bye Virus


Perhaps say two years ago this game wouldn’t have touched sides with many audiences, but with the recent change of events, the creators found a perfect time in the market to come up with this fun and educational card game at the end of 2020.

Teaching both kids and adults the importance of hygiene safety, as well as how to stay sane during the time of a crazy virus, the game is based on real life scenarios too and it all starts with a virus outbreak. To stay safe and healthy, players need to collect items to protect themselves and follow socially responsible rules along the way. The first person to gather five protection guards wins the game!

This one is for our furrball friends: Purrballs: Catventure Card Game

Purrballs Catventure Card Game

Calling all cat lovers, get ready to create your own Catventure as you battle a world of fantasy creatures that await you in the dungeon.

So what’s the aim of the game? You start by creating your own gang of catventurers that each have their own special ability. You then need to work your way to fight off monsters with other players, collecting Loot cards along the way which individually hold their own value. Once all the loot cards have been depleted, the game is over. The player with the highest value score from their loot cards is ultimately the winner and hero!

Board Games – Some love their cards, whilst other more avid gamers might want to opt for an epic board game instead, requiring a good few hours to play. Developed by locals, these table toppers aren’t just taking Singapore by storm but the world too!

Count how many streets you really know, it’s the classic version Singapore-style: Monopoly: Singapore Edition


We’ve all played, or at least heard of, Monopoly at least once in our lifetimes, after all, it’s been around since 1935, and so it doesn’t need much explanation.

But instead of playing the round for a foreign state, why not buy the Singapore version instead where all of the roads and areas to buy have been swapped for local addresses, for example, the orange properties include Colombo Court and St Andrew’s Road whereas the beloved and sought-after expensive dark blue properties are Scotts and Orchard Road.

They’ve also introduced three new character tokens; the rubber ducky, T-Rex and penguin!

Created by one of Singapore’s leading gaming designers, this tabletop game is making waves not just locally, but around the world too! Arcadia Quest by CMON


If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons, it’s sort of similar, just without the role-play vibes, and players join together on a quest to fight off monster invasions! But in this game, ultimately your goal as a player is to become the richest in all of the land!

To begin, players select a campaign they wish to undertake for that round of questing and then each player chooses a Guild (character) that they’re in charge of. As you go through each scenario of the campaign, you need to battle off monsters that appear as well as other heroes (players) and every time you defeat either, your character becomes stronger.

P.s. There are also core sets and expansion sets and figurines can buy

This is a fantastic game for playing solo or with other players: Endogenesis


Get ready to let your imagination run completely wild!

The game centres around a made-up alien universe and the guardians of this realm have now turned against one another leaving things in utter chaos. Everyone is fighting to become the most powerful and ultimate god of them all! You will be given a character, or cosmic spirit, that’s part of this realm and you need to work your way through defeating your enemies and other forces!

There are over 40 skill cards to collect along the way to strengthen your powers and potential too.

Some have said it’s like a mix between lego and Star Wars as a board game: Avertigos


Before you even begin to play the game, you’ll probably spend a good hour or so just ogling the incredible board sets, its cards and mechanical figurines it comes equipped with!

But back to the game, here you’ll enter a parallel universe if you would, or the creator’s version of a different history in an alternative world where there are flying ships and traders are at war with one another…they’ve dubbed it the South China Sky!

There’s another realm set to buy, as well as extra figurine ships and different playing mats!

How good are your survival skills?: INSURED: The Survival Based Board Game


Put your survival skills to the test and players need to strategise their way around staying alive!

To begin you will choose a character that each has its own special abilities. Next you will need to add some protective armour by loaning shieldstones (the coins). You’ll pick an event card, thereafter a fate card. If the fate card you pull is ‘affected’ you’ll feel the effects from the event card…Ultimately the winner is the first player to collect 20 coins OR if you’re the last person still alive!

With enough games to choose from we’re certain you’ll be kept busy for at least an hour or two, not to mention, these are TONS of fun to play!

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