11 Pottery Classes in Singapore from SGD 35 Per Session
Shannon Osztonits

Shannon Osztonits

January 20, 2022

If you’ve recently been itching to start something new or take up an interesting hobby, have you ever considered trying your hand at pottery? It’s not just a trend that seems to be taking the world by storm of late – anyone seen how many ceramic cafes have popped up on social media feeds where you can dine and create at the same time?! – but it’s also insanely therapeutic.

If you didn’t know prior, there are two ways of doing pottery, including Handbuilding (manually crafting a piece using clay, some tools and your hands) or Wheel Throwing where you’ll learn how to operate a kiln which spins and throws your clay which you then maneuver and shape with your hands.

Here in Singapore both are available at the studios around town.These are once off classes so if you find it’s not for you, you can move along…so why not give it a bash?

Wheel Throwing for beginners and pros: Urth & Phire


Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or are just beginning to learn your way around pottering, you won’t need to feel intimidated when booking one of their classes as they cater for all needs.

Start off with a trial workshop to see if you actually enjoy the art, which are guided by their teachers, or if you know what you are doing they also offer unguided sessions where you can use the space and equipment without guidance.

Look out for monthly themed spiritual pottery retreats: Studio Asobi


Started by husband and wife duo, we absolutely love the contrasts of masculine and feminine seen in their works of displays, and teaching styles. The word asobi in Japanese translates to ‘fun’ and this is reflected in the warm and intimate studio atmosphere.

Their pottery classes let you have time both on the wheel and moulding and sculpting by hand and they even offer an entire one-day workshop if you take your hobby super seriously.

P.s. Proceeds from class fees go towards helping migrant workers in Singapore.

Lessons from seasoned Professionals in the industry: The Potter’s Guilt


There are a few different class options to choose from, where you can choose if you’d prefer to start out learning the basics using your hands (Handbuilding) or head straight to the wheel instead with their Pottery on the Wheel Experience trying your hand on the traditional kiln.

Or if you were hoping to try both, no worries, book their Pottery Do-It-All 3 hour class instead. There’s also private teambuilding and kids classes available.

FYI, if you’re an alumni student of The Potter’s Guilt, join their Open Studio (OTOT) programme which gives you unlimited access to the artist’s studio at any time, letting you freely do your thing and create magic.

If you’re just starting out, you won’t feel shy here at all: School of Clay Arts


Beginners, this contemporary studio may be an excellent one to start with as they place a heavy focus on offering pottery classes just for beginners, and they’re all about sharing their passions with their students, making the artform an easy one to understand and master.

Check out their once-off class, Intro to pottery, and if you find this studio is the one for you and you too have fallen in love with clay, why not book yourself into their Beginners 4-Week Course? Some of their other epic workshops include Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding and Wheel Throwing Foundations.

For an extensive range of different classes: Goodman Ceramic Studio


If you’re here with your girlfriends, the family, for the kids or as a corporate group activity, you’ll be spoilt for choice as they cater specifically for varying visiting groups.

There’s an extensive range of pottery programmes that are individually picked for such. For example, adults can choose from Wheel Throwing to Specialty Classes and the kids can try Pottery for Kids, Pottery Painting or create their own ‘My First Mug’. As a family, check out their Family Clay Fun workshop or Family Clay Bootcamp.

When busy creating, are you the type of person that prefers to be left alone to your own imagination?: Padme Hum Studio


If you answered yes, you may want to consider checking out this studio! These guys believe in letting their students be the artists they envision for themselves, creating whatever their hearts desire – or fingers can create shall we say.

When booking their 2.5 hour Pottery Class you’ll be given everything you need, all inclusive from your tools to glazing and firing your two pottery pieces. During the lesson you’ll learn about both hand-building and wheel throwing, and other useful techniques like how to make patterns, shapes and different designs in clay.



Owned by a trained teacher in ceramics who has been creating and sharing her love for clay since 1999, Euphoramics offers two different types of classes, one that shows learners how to use clay simply to create many different forms (Pottery Workshop), or you can try one of their ceramics workshops where you will have a more in-depth look at clay and using it to create different ceramics, like plates or bowls.

Their Pottery Workshops run for around three hours and they are able to customise them if there’s anything specific you’re keen on learning.

A studio for the people: Arudio Studio


When Poh Sin Yong first founded his art studio, his hope was to bring together people through art, and the trained ceramic artist actually based the studio’s name on the Chinese character “rén (人)”, meaning people.

Choose between taking a trial Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing Class, both lasting three hours. With the handbuilding class you’ll create one ceramic, whereas wheel throwing lets you create two.

FYI. They now also sell Stay Home Kits with all materials and tools needed for handbuilding ceramics, and they complete the firing, glazing, etc in the studio.

For both adults and kids: Boon’s Pottery


Not just a studio but a gallery house too, this potteryhouse takes their ceramics super seriously with its beginnings all the way back in 1998.

Learn from experienced artists and pottery instructors this fine art, and they offer both Wheel Throwing and HandBuilding classes as a once-off trial class. The Hand Building workshop lets you choose between learning how to do pinch pottery, coil building, or slab building. If you find yourself hooked, you can then book a 4 Lesson Workshop, which they also specialise in for kids.

Ever seen a traditional dragon’s kiln? : Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle


This third-generation, family run business has been operating since 1965, and whilst many modern studios now operate things electrically, you’ll find that this old-school pottery house still fires up their kilns using wood and fire.

There’s much to do here, from guided tours of where the magic happens, to workshops and various pottery classes – there’s even the option of bringing your best fur-friend along and paw-stamping their prints onto ceramics. And do check out their gorgeous in-house shop before leaving!

A great option if you’re wanting to plan something special for you and friends: Ceramic House


This small and intimate workshop feels like you’re stepping right into the world of crafts, with shelves laden with tools, and nooks and crannies filled with equipment, clay, ceramics and work spaces.

Choose between beginning your clay journey with Handbuilding or Wheel Throwing and they offer the option of having classes taught to you in either English, Chinese or Japanese! Children’s sessions are available too and they’ve also created a special Bonding Class where you can set up a personalised lesson for you and a friend/s (max group size for these is five people).

Ready, set, GO POTTERS! We personally love to get our hands down and dirty with some clay, how about you? If you’ve never tried pottery before, now’s an excellent time to pick up a new hobby!

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